The Coming Year (Sep 2022 to Sep 2023) for PM Modi: An Analysis

Prime Minister Modi is all set to celebrate his 72nd birthday on 17 Sep 2022. How will the coming year turn out for him? Read our article for predictions.

The Coming Year (Sep 2022 to Sep 2023) for PM Modi: An Analysis


With the blessings of the masses, Shri Narendra Modi would have many happy moments during 2022-2023, both personally and professionally. However, this period would also be a mix of some grim situations and demanding times that may call for a very diligent, well planned and well thought course of action to be adopted.

Astrological analysis of PM Modi’s horoscope

Shri Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 at Vadnagar, Mehsana district, Gujarat. His ascendant (Lagna) as per the birth chart is Scorpio. His birth chart has both Moon and Mars in the first house. This combination has made him a very courageous and confident person. He carries a good image in the public because of this combination, which also makes him proficient and dedicated to his work, with the capability for immense hard work - which will further lead to a rise in his career.

The 10th house of career in his horoscope has Saturn and Venus in Leo. This conjunction has made him intelligent and rational; his way of handling matters logical and straightforward. He is more inclined towards fulfilling the requirement set by his profession and has an inner feeling to do his best since he is committed towards his duties and responsibilities with utmost dedication and in a manner that brings him inner satisfaction. This conjunction, however, causes him some issues with regard to relationships.

His 11th house has a combination of Sun, Mercury and Ketu in Virgo. This combination gives him an inclination towards gaining deep information about everything that he may come across. His decisions will reflect his wisdom and knowledge about various aspects; he may be an expert in many fields since the information and learning that he acquires about various things is an aspect of his innermost nature. This combination would also bless him with the highest authoritative position in the government and would bring about fulfillment of desires in a most rewarding manner since Sun would be powerful in this conjunction.

Sep 2022 to Sep 2023 for PM Modi: An analysis

PM Modi was born during the main period of Saturn, which continued till 30 Nov 1961. Presently he is under the influence of the main period of Mars since 30 Nov 2021 and this would continue through Sep 2023 till the end of Nov 2028.

During the period under consideration, there may be some health-related issues that need to be taken care of. There may also be some challenges that would lead to stress in his professional life. Therefore, there is a need to be prepared to face such testing times.

Shri Modi is popular among the masses not only in India but also globally, which is quite visible when we see the amount of fan following and the huge crowds that he draws at any event. This also has a flip side as there would be people who may not feel comfortable with his aura and fame. In view of this, the period may also have an essence of some other challenges and issues that would require a reconciliation of his well-being and the security that has been provided to him, as has been reflected by the planetary transit taking place in the period.

The period till end of January 2023 may bring him more fame and recognition on the global front and he would be considered as a key personality in terms of globally acclaimed issues. His thoughts and views over global issues would be admired and taken positively by other world leaders. His way of handling the situations may bring fame worldwide. On the global forum, his words would carry a great meaning and would also lead to drawing good name for the country. His logical approach and wisdom would motivate him to adopt the most favourable and correct course of action while resolving global disputes.

The period beyond January may be on a slight lower note as compared to the earlier period, though this may not bring about any blockages and holding back of the steps taken to fulfill the vision of future for the nation. The trends of safe and comfortable ride may continue up till the end of March 2023, however, the period beyond this may need extra care, caution and efforts. There will be ups and downs in professional life and this may bring some pressure unnecessarily. He would, however, sail past smoothly and drive the nation to prosperity through his determined and focused approach. He would overcome any hurdle enroute and would move ahead with his brave and bold moves and wise decisions.

This period may even see some minor health related issues till August 2023 that may need his extra care and caution, though there is not much to worry about since he is already focused on his fitness and well-being. This is also evident in his concern towards fitness policies that he has tried his best to implement and has been successful in instituting sports and fitness related programmes like ‘Khelo India’ and ‘International Yoga Day’. He needs to boost his immunity further and take adequate rest during this period to avoid any stress.

During the last phase of this period, good trends in profession and his health may continue and he would progress further, implementing his policies and vision towards building India into a great nation. This period may also bring about an inclination towards spirituality and related aspects. This may prove to be a welcome turn since he does need to get the energies from all possible sources towards fulfilling his dreams for the nation.


The period under consideration would be a mix of some grim situations and demanding times for PM Modi, which may call for a very diligent, well-planned and well-thought course of action to be adopted. Along with professional vagaries and challenges, he may also remain in the grip of some minor health-related issues that may need care and caution. Therefore, this would be a very crucial period that may require a well-prepared approach. Nonetheless, blessings of masses would bring happy moments in his life for sure.