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Narendra Modi’s Birthday – How will his Political Stint be in the Coming Years?

Narendra Modi’s Birthday – How will his Political Stint be in the Coming Years?

The dynamic and current Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Damodar Modi was born and brought up to the family which belonged to the backward class oil presser community called Modh-Ghanchi-Teli. As a child, he used to help his father in selling tea and after a long trail of efforts and struggle, combined with his will power and intelligence, he went on to become the Prime Minister of India.




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  • The ascendant of Mr. Modi is Scorpio and his Moon sign also belongs to Scorpio sign which makes him bold and courageous in all his political matters related to the country. Ascendant lord Mars is posited in the ascendant in conjunction with the 9th house lord Moon, giving rise to auspicious Yogas called Richika Maha Purusha Yoga and Chandra Mangala yoga which indicates that Mr. Modi will have strong leadership qualities along with his daring acts. He will be able to handle extreme adversities with intellect and dialect.
  • Jupiter being the lord of 2nd [wealth] and 5th [creativity] house and posited in the 4th house of stability forms GAJKESARI YOGA from both ascendant and Moon, due to which Mr. Modi will be very honest, sincere and dedicate his life towards the prosperity of India. He will be honoured with name and fame for his dedication towards India but as the 5th house is occupied by Rahu, he will sometimes may make hasty decisions.
  • Sun is the lord of the 10th house of career which has Saturn and Venus posited in the 10th house in conjunction indicates disharmony in personal life from his ascendant and Moon.

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  • Saturn the lord of the 4th house of stability is very well placed with the 7th house lord Venus in the highly auspicious 10th house of profession, giving rise to another Raj Yoga making him a very hard working person whose work will yield excellent results.
  • The 11th house of fulfillment of desires is occupied by Sun, Mercury and Ketu forming a Budha Adhitya Yoga. Because of this yoga, Modi entered politics at a very young age.
  • The authenticity of Mr. Modi’s horoscope is that the ascendant and moon sign are identical which indicates that the events in one’s life will happen with twice the intensity than the normal.

What is the future of Mr. Modi post 2021-2024, astrologically?

Mr. Modi is under the Main period of Mars from May 2021 till May 2028.

Mars is posited in its own sign in the natal chart but in Navamsa chart, Mars occupies its debilitated position. During this period, Mr. Modi will get mixed results. Till 2nd October, 2021, Mr. Modi should be very careful about his health as too much stress and hectic work schedule with more of work and less of rest over a long period of time, may give him success in his political career but health factors will have to be scrutinized. The end of this year will be beneficial in regard to the rise of the economy as the pandemic will start coming under control due to the proper vaccination drive and due to the strong placement of Mercury, Sun and Moon in his horoscope in transit.

Year 2022-23

The coming years will be very beneficial for the political career of Mr. Modi as he will be under the sub-period of Rahu and Jupiter which will prove a boon, as Rahu in the 7th house of public relations will act as a healing catalyst which will give the ladder of speedy recovery by the installation of Modi’s policies in India, which will enter a “phase of economic revival” in the year 2022. Jupiter in the 5th house of Modi’s transit horoscope will give him innovative ideas which will be wise and positive result oriented, leaving a landmark of Mr. Modi’s political policies during the year 2023.

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Year 2024

This period will mark the stardom year of Narendra Modi’s career. He, along with his allies will perform very well in his political arena along with strengthening of the economic and health sectors of the country, thereby creating modes for him to make winning steps in the 2024 elections.

Mars Main period will be followed by the main period of Rahu after May 2028 and it is during this duration Mr. Modi will make a mature decision to step back in his career willingly and may give self-vacated chances for a younger colleague. He may renounce and take ‘Sanyas’ from active politics and assume the role of an advisor and will resign from the world of politics.