Horoscope Analysis of Cristiano Ronaldo

What makes Cristiano Ronaldo one of the greatest footballers of all times? His horoscope analysis below provides the answer!

Horoscope Analysis of Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo (Born, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro) is a Portuguese professional footballer, who is considered as one of the best players in the world in the present times. He is also one of the most celebrated sports personalities across the globe. With countless achievements, records, titles under his belt, including the Portuguese title of Knighthood & Portuguese Order of Civic Merit, he is debatably the greatest player of all times.

Off the field, he is also an active philanthropist & was named the world's most charitable sportsperson in 2015. Indastro.com brings to you the detailed analysis of his birth chart to help understand what makes this prolific footballer the most important player of his team even at the age of 33.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Birth Chart:


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Personality:

Cristiano Ronaldo’s birth ascendant is Sagittarius, which is a fiery sign. Leo sign is in his 9th house i.e. the house of destiny. Leo brings creativity & artistic presentation. The fiery energy of Sagittarius & the creative ability bestowed upon him by Leo shape his life & career as a star player, making him the wonder boy of modern times.

Sun is placed in the 2nd house i.e. the house of acquired assets & dignity. Sun stands for leadership, royalty,& authority, and in his birth chart, is posited in the Nakshatra of Moon, another luminary. Combined effects of the two luminaries in the chart make for his bright fortune, while the Sun makes him the leader & authoritative figure that he is on the field.


The following planets have significantly shaped Ronaldo’s lifestyle & choices:


Apart from his flamboyant & graceful presence on field, Sun is also responsible for the splendid fortune that he enjoys & will continue to enjoy through his life. It plays a vital role in defining his inherited physical & mental capabilities that drive his destiny. Being posited in the 2nd house, Sun also makes him a giving person, which explains his cosmic contributions towards charities & life support services.

Combination of Mercury, Sun & Jupiter:

Mercury is the lord of 10th house, Sun is the lord of 9th house & Jupiter is the lord of Lagna. Together, the three planets are placed in the 2nd house of status. This acts as the strongest combination in his birth chart. Capricorn, the sign of karma is in the 2nd house. The 10th house lord Mercury is in the 10th sign along with the lord of destiny & lord of Lagna (mental development).

Future Predictions:

  • The year 2018 does not look too splendid for him. He may face some friction with his teammates & coworkers during the remaining part of the year.
  • His performance is likely to suffer & may remain consistent. Minor injuries or setbacks are also possible.
  • His form may take a dip now due to stress & he will possibly remain under pressure. Lack of focus can pull him down & some relief is likely only in 2019. However, his popularity is not likely to be affected by this.
  • May 2019 onwards, he is likely to observe a surge in luck, as his form will reach its peak & he will enjoy a successful run in all aspects of life. Inner strength gained from success so far will boost Cristiano Ronaldo’s confidence & again put him on the list of one the most wanted players in the world.
  • This sparkling period is expected to last through the whole of 2020. During this term, his finances, performance, & popularity may reach new heights & he is likely to fortify his position in the football world as a living legend.
  • Beyond this period & post March 2021, Ronaldo will realize & accept his declining energy levels, as he may decide to start moving away from his fierce image of a dependable pillar on the field. Lack of coordination with other players or shift of focus due to some personal issues may eventually force him to put his shoes to rest as a striker, & he may begin working on his dream to step up as a coach in his homeland, Portugal.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo has openly expressed his will to move back to his native country somewhere in the future. However, this is not likely to happen any time soon. Around 2027, he will enter Venus- Ketu period where Ketu will be aspecting the 3rd house (house of contract), 5th house (house of temperament & enjoyments) & 7th house (house of opposition). Ketu has a tendency to bring out sudden effects in the life of the native. As such, he is likely to take this decision unexpectedly & will eventually start his own football club cum training center in his homeland.

Cristiano Ronaldo's horoscope hints at a glorious period ahead of him, with his reputation & status to reach new milestones. Even past his glory days as a star player, he is bound to earn the respect of all his fans when he dons the cap of the coach. His later days are reflected in comfortable & respectable conditions, & should not make him miss his past limelight as a player much.