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Queen Elizabeth Asrtological Analysis

Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning monarch in the current times. At 94, she still rules her country with élan and poise. We are all curious to know about her horoscope and read about her extraordinary life. We present to you an accurate astrological analysis of her life. Read more…

Queen Elizabeth Asrtological Analysis


Queen Elizabeth II biography-

Queen Elizabeth [Elizabeth Alexandra Mary], who was born on 21 April 1926, is the longest living and reigning British monarch, as well as the longest serving female head of the United Kingdom. When her father passed away in the year 1952, she became the head of the Common Wealth and the reigning Queen for the several independent commonwealth countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Ceylon. During her reign, she experienced the devolution of her reigning realms of all the common wealth countries between the years 1956 to 1992.

All her realms gained independence and became territories or republics. The most significant events of her life are her Coronation [Crowning Ceremony] in the year 1953 and the celebrations of her longest reign of Silver, Golden, and Diamond Jubilees in the year 1977, 2002 and 2012, respectively. She is the first British monarch to reach her Sapphire Jubilee and she has been the consistent monarch who has seen many contradictions of sentiments, in relation to her Royal Family, but her public support still is strong and her personal popularity remains consistently high.

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband expired recently on 9th April, 2021 at age of 99. Buckingham Palace announced his demise through the tolling of church tenor bells at Westminster Abbey, every 60 seconds for 99 times, to honour every living year of his life, as a tribute to the late Duke. The Duke of Edinburgh was the longest serving Royal Consort in the British history, and was with the Queen for her support, for more than six decades of her reign.


Name – Queen Elizabeth II
Date of Birth – 19th April 1957
Time – 19:53
Place of Birth – United Kingdom

Astrological Significance-

Queen Elizabeth II has Sagittarius ascendant and Cancer Moon sign. Jupiter is her personal planet, which is the lord of the 4th house of stability that gives her all the materialistic assets and very good and harmonious domestic life which she shared with her husband - Duke of Edinburgh, who supported her with confidence, for more than six decades.

The horoscope of Queen Elizabeth is exceptional in its own way. It is indicated in the birth chart of the Queen, where the 5th house lord Mars, is exalted in the 2nd house of wealth in the Capricorn sign, along with the ascendant lord Jupiter. This makes her rich in materialistic assets and wealth retention in the family tree. In her horoscope, the ascendant lord [Jupiter] and the 2nd house lord of the wealth [Saturn] is in a Parivartan Raj Yoga with the 4th house of stability and 5th house lord [Mars] of power, which is a very beneficial yoga for wealth.

  • Venus the 3rd house lord of the initiative and courage and lord of gains will bring the inertia to play diplomatic games for name fame and good social recognition.
  • Sun, the lord of the 9th house of fortune, is posited in the 5th house of ministership is in its exalted sign of Mars. It reveals her long reign of ruling the country. The placement of Jupiter, in its debilitation sign, cancels out the effect of exalted Mars in the 2nd house of wealth in Capricorn sign.

It is placed in the auspicious house from Moon, where Jupiter becomes strong in ascendant by the Neechabhang Raj yoga.

Moon is the lord of inheritance and is placed in the 8th house, clearly indicates her inheritance of British monarchy and strong wealth status. The Queen has Vargottam Ascendant [the planet is placed in the same sign in birth chart and in Navamsa chart] which will yeild very good Raj Yogas in her horoscope. The Ascendant lord Jupiter is with 5th lord Mars in the Navamsa chart, making a good Raj Yoga.

Some interesting Astrological facts about the Queen, which takes her personality and persona to dynamic heights:

  • Saturn and Jupiter are her dominant planets. Jupiter gives her an austere appearance, with modesty and reserve. Saturn lines her up with honesty, straightforwardness, reliability, and deep mental process, which makes her a successful ruling monarch and very deep integrated personality.
  • She often portrays the reserved and unemotional side, as is observed by some people by her exterior display of character. But, she possesses sturdy qualities like she is very strong willed and tough and has a long term vision, a sense of duty and ambition. These are not affected by any contradictory dialogue or situations, which give her the natural edge over any human being.
  • So, we can conclude that planets like Saturn and Jupiter will endow her with golden heart with caring sentiments for everyone under her tough and austere appearance.
  • Moon has blessed her with clear long-term vision essential for her and her country’s progress, with the aura of well-established beauty with strength, which makes her almost an immortal living being.
  • Mars, the planet of strong will, is in its exalted sign of Saturn. It will induce her with energy and strength to execute her plans with dynamic resolution. She will be able to catch all her dreams in her stride with power of Sun against whom everything seems to lose its strength and luster.