Astrological Analysis of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is still regarded as one of the forerunners of beauty and sex symbol. What an extraordinary life she led, claiming to fame from abandoned foster homes. We have attempted an astrological analysis of the greatest pop culture icons and bring to you all that you need to know about this enigmatic star. Find here…

Astrological Analysis of Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe [NORMA JEANE MORTENSON] was born on 1st June 1926 and left this mortal world for heavenly abode on the 4th August 1962. She was an American actress, model and a singer, famous for her comic characters and precisely known as the Blonde Bombshell. She became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s and early 1960s. She was a fine actress of her time, being the top earning female of her decade. Even a long time after her death, she was one of the most popular icon of the Pop culture. In the year 1999, The American Film Institute awarded her the sixth rank on the list of the greatest female legends from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Marilyn Monroe was born and brought up in Los Angles and spent a large part of her childhood in foster homes and orphanages, as it is revealed that both her mother and grandmother suffered from mental illness. She married at an early age of 16 years, to the retired baseball star Joe Di Maggio and to play writer Arthur Miller caught lots of publicity and attention but both marriages faced a disastrous end of divorce.

By the year 1953, Monroe was one of the highest paid Hollywood stars and began a successful modeling career, which led to short-lived film agreements with 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures. Till the year 1961, she progressed with her career with lots of positive and negative turbulence. She had a troubled personal life and this fact received a lot of attention by the public. She had a major setback with her mental health, as she struggled a lot with her addiction and mood disorders.

She died at a young age of 36 years due to the overdose of Barbiturates [a drug] at her home in Los Angeles. However, there are several contradictions about the reason being proposed behind her death, even after so many decades.



Date of Birth – 1ST  JUNE, 1926

Time – 09:30AM


Astrological Analysis:

Marilyn Monroe had Cancer ascendant and her Moon sign is Capricorn. Moon is her personal planet and is posited in the 7th house of public image, which indicates that she was a beautiful personality with her own version of perfection. The personality photograph mirrors her wet eyes with beautiful curved bow, charming, attractive face and body figure with intellectual strength, which is very appropriate for a creative career of a dancer, model and film star. You can also get your detailed life reading here.

On the other hand Cancer ascendant is ruled by strong emotions, which is clearly visible, such that her personal life was not prosperous but very clearly it caught public attention. Saturn the lord of the 7th house of partnership and marriage and being posited in the 4th house of stability in its exalted sign of Venus, gave her a lot of public attention and materialistic assets and wealth but deprived her of marital bliss. This is due to the reason that the 7th house lord Saturn was aspected by the 12th house placement Rahu. Venus, the significator of love and marriage was also afflicted by Saturn and Rahu which gave problems in the married life and led to divorce in the year 1946. Find out about your own love story through our marriage astrology report.

We can see in her horoscope that Saturn in the 4th house of stability and Moon in the 7th house of public image and Venus in the 10th house of career indicates that she attatained heights of career in the year 1949 when she made a nude calendar and grabbed publicity. Venus made the connection with glamour, show business and beauty whereas Moon posited in 7th house, gave her this mountain of publicity and she was happy with her achievement of success. Saturn aspecting the 7th house placement and Venus in the career house and Moon placed in the Capricorn sign in the 7th house of public image, gave blemishes on her character but she claimed her happiness with fame due to her boldness.

We would like you to travel into the astrological corridors of Marilyn Monroe’s horoscope, which depicted its tales of fame and doom by its silent tread that has its impact even today.

  • Saturn posited in the 4th house and Moon posited in the 7th house with Venus in the 10th house gives the Cancer ascendants creative talents but a disturbed childhood. They are hyper sensitive natives that reveal two phases of their behavior - one of which is highly intellectual and the second that is emotionally intense with strong expressions. This gives the native the urge of inclination towards addiction of alcohol or drugs.
  • Mars the lord of 5th house of creativity, talent and love is posited in the 8th house of obstacles. It indicates that this is not a beneficial placement of planets for one’s life as it spoils the healthy sexual orientation and it gives fatal [affairs] attraction which are short lived and are mostly followed by disappointments both on physical and mental level.
  • Jupiter the lord of the 6th house [enemies, debt and disease] and placed in the 8th house of sexual orientation reveals the fact that the Monroe was over indulgent in sexual activities. So the combination of Monroe’s Cancer ascendant with Jupiter, Mars and Ketu led her to numerous sexual involvements and nude calendar scandal which gave her fame but she lost her peace.
  • Moon is her ascendant lord and the placement of Moon in the 7th house of marriage gave birth to high sensitivity towards her partners and multiple marriages with both opposite poles of pain and pleasure by opposite gender. Marilyn had three marriages in her life and none of them were not successful.
  • Jupiter and Mars is posited in the 8th house and gave her name, fame and wealth but it was not benefic for her personal life and was a strong hazard to her public life.
  • Sun and Mercury in the 11th house of gains were not strong enough to give her a clean name and gains as they gave her overall average impact.
  • 12th house Rahu gave her disappointed bed pleasures and she was never happy in her married life paving her way to divorce.

So we can sum up this story of the beautiful and most photographed woman of the world, who lived her life with pleasure and pain in the same cradle. The critics could never understand the beauty and flair of this talented actress with glamorous personality and sense of pathos around her.

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