Swearing in of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India

Swearing in of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India


In the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, the Bhartia Janta Party has been awarded with the unprecedented victory by the people of India. Mr. Narendra Modi and his team worked the wonders. Perhaps the victory was expected but winning 336 seats out of a total of 543 - such a big majority must have taken many by surprise.

This shows that the people of India wanted a change and if the majority voted in favor of one party which had projected Mr. Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate, it is natural that the expectations level is very high. Therefore, we apply the well proven principles of Astrology to analyze the future of Mr. Modi’s government. There may be thousands of questions in the minds of people – “will it deliver?”; “will there be smooth functioning”; “how will be center state relationships”; “how will be India’s relations with its neighbors”; “how effective will be India’s foreign policy” and so on.

Understanding the Astrological Chart at the time of oath taking:

Mr. Modi took oath of office as the 15th Prime Minister of India at 6.11 pm at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The chart is as follows:

Positive Features of This Chart:

  • Exalted and retro Saturn with Rahu posited in the Lagna - ascendant.
  • Lagna is aspected by own lord, Venus and another benefic planet Jupiter.
  • 9th lord Mercury in own house.
  • There are many benefic yoga and Rajayogas formed which we shall elaborate upon.
  • Auspicious Day: Soma Pradosham
  • Choghadiya: Labh
  • Nakshatra: Bharani

A quick look clearly suggests that Mr. Modi’s government is a blessed on by divinity and masses of India. While continuous struggles and sincere efforts shall have to be a part and parcel of the working of the ministries, the results will be quite positive for the country.


Negative Features of This Chart:

  • Movable Lagna (ascendant)
  • Placement of malefic planets in Lagna.
  • 7th lord Mars in 12th house.
  • 11th lord Sun in the 8th house
  • 2, 12, 6, 8 houses has malefic influences.


Interpretation of the important features of this chart:

  • The exalted Saturn in the Ascendant represents the common man which is supreme at this moment as it is the masses which has voted BJP into the power. A strong Saturn also indicates that the Govt. will rule with firmness and shall be strong in its policies and rules. Saturn is a hard task master, which indicates that to come up to the expectations of the people, the Government machinery shall have to work very hard with all honesty and sincerity during its tenure.
  • The presence of Rahu in the first house is a bit of worrying factor. As it is capable of giving many worries, headaches and confusions to the rulers and administrators. This is likely to weaken the executive and governance capabilities.
  • However, Rahu is also capable of lending the quality of shrewdness. Thus it is no surprise that the new government and the key people will often have to use high intelligence and astuteness to deal with crafty people or their evil designs.
  • Mercury depicts the Ministry of Law and the subjects such as Courts, Judgment, Judiciary etc. Thus it is hoped that there shall be a rule of law and also there shall be improvement and refinement of our Legal system.
  • Mercury is the lord of 9th house which also denotes the religious places and communal relations. While it is certainly expected that religion related issues shall come up from time to time but there shall be a better communal harmony in our country.
  • Saturn aspects the 10th house, which indicates the employment, ( the Ministry of Industry) The interpretation is that the industrial and service sector are going to improve – if they put in efforts. This will definitely give boost to India’s GDP.
  • As the 12th house indicates losses, expenditure, it is foreseen that the new government shall be able to exercise a better control over these matter through smart budgeting. Also the acts of terrorism, spies and scandals shall be under a better control. This is subject to the condition that our policies in dealing with terrorists are powerful and their implementation is effective.
  • The presence of Lagna lord Venus in the 7th house is an indicator that India’s external policy shall be pragmatic and outgoing. But the presence of Ketu also in the 7th house may not give full returns to the efforts of our Ministry of External Affairs. The threat of some kind of cold war or proxy war shall always be there to guard against. India’s foreign policies will have to be smart and relations with neighboring countries – especially with the inimical intentions shall be under pressure.
  • With the passage of time, some important allies or internal members of team may walk away or may be asked to leave. Most likely this shall be the result of some angry decisions or may be linked to some unpleasant situation.
  • The placement of 11th lord Sun in the 8th house is also another cause of worry. Our Ministry of Finance may be under constant pressure to reduce the size of deficit and yet mobilize enough financial resources to undertake the schemes for the welfare of poor, improvement of our Agricultural, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. It also indicates that the new government would take some tough decisions, introduce some changes in law and amendments in the constitutions which may change the political landscape of this country.
  • Efforts will have to be made to ensure that India’s earnings from Exports are not washed away by our imports. Thus the maintaining a positive balance of payments and balance of trade shall be a constant challenge for the Ministry of Commerce.

Presence of Benefic Yogas (combinations) and Raj Yogas

Without taking the readers into too much technicalities, it would be interesting to share the benefic combinations present in this chart.

Rajju Yoga

This makes the more ambitious. He has the ability to take quick decision and a greater adaptability. He travels a lot and is intellectually 'mobile' and has an open mind.

Sankhya Pasha Yoga

The person is adept in work.

Shasha Mahapurusha Yoga

It is one of the best yogas. As per the classics, person is a commander of an army or a leader of a group, village or a town.

Raja Yogas

a) Elevates the status of the individual in terms of success, recognition and status.
b) Raises the status of the individual in terms of success, recognition and status.
c) Leads to a high governmental status.

Chandr-Shukr Yoga

Makes the person clever


Although this Muhurat is not the best one as this will bring lots of challenges and struggle, but finally it will bring better days and usher in good conditions for India in the coming years.