Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone - the Queen of hearts! Read how her horoscope supports her luck.

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone is the Indian Actress who is currently ruling the zenith of Bollywood with many successful hit movies to her credit. Not only has she established herself as the top heroine but she is also quite popular as a sought-after model actress. She is currently endorsing many brands and appears in many advertisements across all media. All this has given her the status of a big league celebrity.

Deepika celebrates her birthday on January 5. Astrologically it would be interesting to see the static features in her horoscope which have made her so unique and also what promises and problems (if any) the year holds for her.

Film-Acting Career

Born on January 5, 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Deepika Padukone is the daughter of a famous sportsperson - Prakash Padukone.

Deepika Padukone is enters her 30th year of life on January 5, 2015. The available information tells us that she had acted in commercial of ‘Liril’ – the famous soap brand and then entered the world of Fashion and Modelling. She started her acting career in 2006 in ‘Aishwarya’- a Kannada film. Her first Hindi film was Om Shanti Om in 2007 against Shah Rukh Khan. She played a dual role in the film and since then she has come a long way with about 20 Hindi Films to her credit. Some of the better known films of Deepika Padukone are Bachna Ae Haseeno, Love Aaj Kal, Cocktail, Finding Fanny and Happy New Year. Her forthcoming film to which people are looking forward to is Bajirao Mastani - to be released in 2015.

Deepika Padukone’s Horoscope

Her horoscope tells us the following about the position of planets:

Observation of the Astrological Facts in her Horoscope

  • She has a very powerful Gaja Kesari Yoga present.

  • This is capable of making her illustrious, overpowering, virtuous, wealthy, intelligent and a scholarly person. The native is of royal bearing and enjoys lasting fame.

  • Sunapha Yoga

  • This makes the person adept in work, skilful in earning wealth, yet having numerous drawbacks. 

  • Amala-Kirti Yoga

  • The presence of natural benefic Jupiter in her 10th house makes her blessed with physical features, of a charitable disposition, likeable, helpful and enjoying lasting fame. 

  • Several Raj Yogas

  • This elevates the status of the individual in terms of success, recognition and status.

  • Dhan Yogas

  • This makes the person wealthy.

  • Debilitated Jupiter

  • This is likely to give her a lot of challenges in career from time to time and also make her lacking in self confidence at those times. The aspects of Saturn run a potential danger for her getting into low mood / depression during the adverse period which could be during the not so favourable dasa and / transit.

    The readers may ask that why despite this negative feature is she doing so well in her career. Well the answer would be the aspect of great benefic planet Mars. Mars is aspecting Jupiter as well as the 10th house. Secondly, Saturn is aspecting its own house. Thirdly, the results of debilitated Jupiter fructify only during the dasa and the sub dasa of the planet.

  • The combination of Sun and Mercury

  • This is a Budh-Aditya yoga giving her many benefits and it is further enhanced by the fact that Jupiter is in its own sign and Sun is in the friendly sign.

    This combination (though quite common) confers upon the native intelligence, skillfulness in all works with a good reputation. The person is sweet tongued, clever, scholarly and has good learning. The native is blessed with wealth, self-control, earns wealth by serving others.

  • Placement of Mars

  • Her Mars is aspecting its own sign – Aries. This is good, as it is also the Lagna (Ascendant). Also when seen from the Sun sign, Aries is the representative of intelligence and emotions.

    This shows that she will be of strong emotions and sometimes can be very aggressively crashing the competition which is so very important in highly competitive film industry of India.

    The presence of Mars in seventh house can also indicate problems / wounds in the areas below the navel. Also one should be careful on account of blood disorders such as blood pressure etc.

    This position of Mars also gives her the Manglik combination which is considered quite unfavourable in the matters of marriage – causing delay timing / not letting the native have the benefits of a blissful marital life.

    At the same time, the aspect of Mars on the second house of wealth and saving shows that she will be keeping her money safe. At the same time she would invest her money wisely.

    The placement of Ketu in the same sign gives Mars more strength and makes all these interpretations rather sure as it makes.

  • Placement of 3 planets in the ninth house
  • In Vedic Astrology, kendras and trines are auspicious houses. Deepika Padukone’s 3 planets – Sun, Mercury and Venus are in this Dharam Sthanam.

    In her horoscope Sun represents another trine and also emotional intelligence. This gets combined with Mercury which is the lord of house of courage and efforts. This confirms her efforts and intelligence combined will be approved by the public (which is why she is such a popular heroine of the celebrity statue).

    The combination with the third planet Venus confirms her interest (or rather passion) in performing arts / profession connected with beauty (like cinema, fashion).

    Since Venus is the lord of second and seventh houses in her natal chart, it gives the indication that the native shall make a living out of these areas too.

  • Role of Saturn

  • The first look at her horoscope does not please the astrologer, as far as the position of Saturn is concerned because 8th house is not the place to be for an important planet like Saturn. This is so because Saturn, in her horoscope is not only representing the career but also the gains from it.

    However, on a closer look, Saturn is aspecting its own house, second house and 5th house. This would make her a determined person – almost to the extent of being very rigid and unshakable in her thoughts. She would also have sudden windfalls.

    Astrological forecast for next 12 months

    Dasha System

    Deepika is passing through the maha dasa of Saturn and from April 8, 2015 it would be the sub dasha of Mercury.

    Transit of planets

    Currently Jupiter is in the Cancer Sign (its sign of exaltation) and shall move over to after July 150, 2015. Jupiter being her ninth lord and twelfth lord respectively, while Rahu and Ketu are in Virgo and Pisces respectively. Similarly, Saturn is in Scorpio, which tells us that she is in the second phase of Sade Sati.

    It is foreseen as follows:

    • Career
      • Her nature will become more sober, she may choose more serious and challenging roles. Such roles could be quite different from the roles of a young bubbly, glamorous and modern girl which she has played in quite a few films.
      • Vast improvement in her acting skills.
      • Also she will be blessed with better and deep thinking. Therefore, she is likely to be more selective in her forth coming projects. At the same time she would like to go in for bigger banners and big budget films.
      • She may launch her own business / production house – either independently or in collaboration.
      • The enemy / competitors / ill wishers are likely to do their best in foiling the right steps taken by her to make further progress in life.
      • At work, success will be achieved through competition.

    • Money and Finances

      • She will need to guard against possible losses while shooting abroad.

      • There could be problems with finances. The resources will fall short of the needs and it would be difficult to get financial help.
    • Self

      • Tremendous need for more self confidence

      • She will take a break for a few weeks and would stay away from public life.

      • There will be an inclination towards luxuries and amusement.

      • Fame and regard will increase

      • Not much scope for announcing her marriage

    • Health

      • July 2015 onwards she may have some health challenges.

      • There may be blood related disorders, anemia and irregular blood pressure, Wounds etc. Which may affect the physical strength sometimes.

      • Anger should be controlled.

     Overall she is going to remain quite busy, and act in more movies for which she may also earn accolades during the period of next year or so.

    We wish her a lot of success and a great year ahead.