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Horoscope Analysis of Salman Khan: His Fate for next 7 years!

Probably we live in a once in a lifetime opportunity of witnessing the three Khans ruling the Bollywood like never before. Not only are they shining now but these superstars – Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have been around for more than two decades now. They are only getting busier with every passing year and perhaps it is the man with the ‘golden heart’ who has the reputation of getting into the trouble.

Yes you guessed it right – it is Salman Khan. He is also known as ‘Sallu’, ‘Bhaijaan’, ‘Dabangg Khan’, ‘Tiger Khan’, ‘Tiger Salman’, ‘Muscle Khan’, ‘Controversial Khan’ etc. There are quite a few other things which are associated with his image. Such as his penchant for body building. Not only does he own a great body which is sculpted like a Greek God but he also deserves a credit for popularizing gyming as a culture among the youth in India. Another interesting aspect about Salman Khan is the fact that though he has been romantically linked to a number of his leading ladies in the movies but he still remains unmarried. Amongst them, his affairs with Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif are still fresh in public memory.

Salman Khan has been involved in infamous court cases. In 1998 he was arrested for killing protected wild animals and spent about a week behind the bars. Again in September 2002, Salman Khan was in the headlines for crashing his Land Cruiser near the American Express bakery in Bandra, killing one man and injuring others.

No discussion about Salman Khan can be complete without mentioning his humanitarian aspect and concern for the underprivileged and his charity acts for worthy causes. He has started an NGO called ‘Being Human’ too.

Astrological Analysis

Ascendant and the basic nature

With so many interesting attributes and unnoticeable characteristics, it is but natural that the study of his horoscope will be a matter of interest to almost all having interest in Astrology. Also there will be some curiosity about his future amongst lakhs of his fans.

He is born with an Aries ascendant. The Lagna lord is Mars, which is posted in his 10th house of profession with Venus. Another noteworthy feature is that Mars is exalted.

In simpler terms, he is a true Martian and no wonder that he is physically very fit and is passionately into fitness. He is an enthusiastic body builder for a very long time now. Mars is expected to bestow these qualities on the native, especially when it is exalted. In his chart, Mars aspects its own house which is also the Lagna - both in D-1 as well as in Navamansha. These Martian characteristics also give him the strength and courage besides occasional violent moods. Such a person can strike his enemies very hard.

Mars being the commander in chief of the celestial army, such persons like to be independent. They can lead but will not be subservient to anybody. Therefore, it is very difficult to keep such a person under control. He is known to strike his enemies hard.

Also there is always an infinite supply of energy to go out and get things done. Undoubtedly, Salman Khan is known for all these qualities.

In this context, there are two more related features in his horoscope – one, Mars also aspects his 5th house of thinking which makes his behavior, which are converted into actions. Secondly, the planet of expansion - Jupiter is in his third house of courage. So he has enough guts to do whatever he wants to do.

Such a placement of these two planets gives the native good relations with brother and sisters – once again a well known fact.


His Moon is in Aquarius. This makes his Nakshatra Dhanishta. Dhanista the zenith of Martian energy (it’s lord too is Mars), translates into – “the wealthiest”. Another Sanskrit name for this constellation when translated means “the most heard of” or “the most famous”. Anybody who knows Salman Khan will agree that these attributes apply better to Salman Khan than anyone else.

Those born under Dhanishta Nakshatra are supposed to be carrying a rich, radiant expression on their faces and have a great smile. Such a person exudes confidence and have a unique capability to be a great conversationalist who can always put the other person at ease.

This constellation blesses the native with a good sense of rhythm and he enjoys music and dance. It is very easy for such a person to excel in these fields if he works on it.

An interesting thing about people born with their Moon in Dhanishta Nakshatra is that they tend to go for mates or partners who are very different in personality and outlook to them. It is therefore, but natural that this would lead to conflict of interests and clash of values. Once again, I need not refresh the memory of the readers about

Salman Khan’s famous love affairs which could not culminate into a marriage.
Again music, performing arts, dancers are amongst the list of possible professions which the people born under this Nakshatra choose to make their career in.

Other positive features of his horoscope which set him apart from the rest

  • In his chart, he has got one of the five most desirable yoga (combination) and it is called Ruchak Yoga. This Raj Yoga occurs when Mars is strongly placed in Kendra / trine house of a chart.

    As per the classics, this yoga bestows upon the native – “This person is good looking and handsome, with a prominent face, beautiful eyebrows, dark hair and clear, somewhat darkish complexion. The waist is slim and so are the lower limbs.  The person is bold and courageous, full of strength and vigor, and eager to pursue adventurous activities wherefrom name and fame is gained. The person is, of royal bearing and ever intent on combat, the commander of an army.”

    This single combination is enough to ensure his phenomenal success in life against all odds.  Yes, the undesired side effect of this yoga is that it makes the native short-tempered and aggressive.

  • Raja Yoga

  • The lord of his 5th house Sun (a trikona) has gone to a very auspicious house – 9th (fortune) and not only that there is mutual aspect between Jupiter ( lord of 9th house) and Sun. This great combination ensures that whatever the situation be – he will always be lucky and will always have the support of the masses with him.

  • Dhana Yogas, Bhagya Yoga and Sankhya Pasha Yoga

All these combine to give him wealth, money and comforts of life.

Explaining negative traits of his personality

Now, the negative traits of his personality, which have caused him and his family members a lot of pain and anguish. 

In Vedic Astrology Moon signifies the mind / feelings / thoughts. In his case Moon is also the  lord of the fourth house which signifies domestic life. In his natal chart, Moon is placed in the eleventh house along with the most dreaded planet - Saturn.  This combination dilutes if not kills the good aspects of the life of a person. The kind of negative effects possible are:

  • Making the person hyper-sensitive and causes Sadistic approach
  • Makes the person very moody
  • Spoiling the domestic life.
  • Makes the person stubborn

Perhaps this explains his nature to love or hate a person to the extremes.

The current dasha and the Transit of Planets

Salman is having the maha dasha of SATURN since September 2002 and the sub dasha of Moon since 8th August 2013. SATURN being the lord of the house of profession and gains, he is likely to be busy and involved in taking his career to still greater heights till September 2021 at least (when the new maha dasha of Mercury starts). Period starting with Maha Dasha of Mercury from 2021 may be the time of most difficulity for him & for his fans! He would face a real time tough time with his ‘Health & suffer many a hardships’ in 2021.  From career and earnings point of view, his SATURN is not only well placed but is also very strong in shad bala (1.40).

The current sub dasha of MOON is also beneficial as he will get a lot of support from his family to further his career. But as explained earlier, he may not find full internal peace. During this period he will also ponder and deliberate over various subject matters considerably. There will always be a possibility of cunning and shrewd people taking advantage of his simplicity and hurting him in return. So he needs to take care on this aspect very seriously.

Also the period till 9th March 2015 is likely to give him many challenges and surprises.
After this he will enter the sub dasha of Mars till 17th April 2016. It will be very interesting to watch him during this period as he will pull out many new and wonderful surprises relating to his talent and abilities making him to go still higher level than now.

Of course, this period will also make him professionally very ambitious and also capable of achieving his goals – even the most difficult ones.

A note of caution for him during the sub dasha of Mars: he has to keep his aggression and anger under control. It would be better if he channelizes his enormous energy towards creativity and pursuing the professional excellence.

I wish him all the best and we hope to see the great actor Salman Khan shining still brighter in the years to come.