Horoscope Analysis of Salman Khan

(Moon Sign Based)

The success story of stars and super stars like Salman Khan can be attributed to some excellent Yogas found in their horoscopes. Read on to find which planets are the reasons behind Salman Khan's fortune & fame.

Horoscope Analysis of Salman Khan


Superstar Salman Khan needs no introduction. The reigning action hero of Bollywood has been stealing our hearts since his debut in circa 1988. Since then, he has played many roles and gained various titles. From the chocolate boy of silver screen in Maine Pyaar Kiya to the lethal action hero in Ek Tha Tiger, Salman Khan has been delivering Bollywood blockbusters one after the other.

Apart from being a film actor, Salman Khan, popularly known as ‘Bhai’ among his millions of fans, is also a philanthropic and a charitable person. Known as the big Bollywood Daddy, Salman has mentored and coached several new generation actors. His role as the anchor of Big Boss has been the reason for the show’s popularity.

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His unstoppable and fiery nature has made him a man of steely determination and hard work. Let us read more about the horoscope of Salman to see how different planetary combinations aided him in becoming the beloved superstar that he is today.

Astrological Analysis of Salman Khan


Astrological Analysis

He is born in Aries ascendant and is ruled by the planet Mars. Aries natives are filled with enthusiasm, and are outspoken, quick to act and speak. Mars being the lord, gives them aggression and a strong will power to lead into action. Aries is a fire element which highlights their ego with readiness for action. They are poor followers and not good listeners.

Salman Khan is born on a Monday which is the day of the Moon. It adds on prosperity, love, and affection from mother. Moon indicates our mind and emotions. Here, Moon being the 4th lord placed in the 11th house conjoins with Saturn giving him erratic behaviour and effects as per moon’s lunar phases.

His Janama Nakshatra is Dhanishta, and it is ruled by Mars, the Lagna lord which makes him super powerful and a renowned public figure. For Dhanishta nakshatra, the deity is Ashtavasu - the god of materialisation. All these indicates that he will be blessed with all kinds of prosperity and abundance.

Play of planets and houses in Salman’s horoscope:

  • Lagna Lord Mars is placed in his 10th house and is conjoint with Venus, which gives him shine and glamour in his profession. Exalted Mars makes him a strong personality in his professional journey.
  • Exalted Rahu in Taurus sign and Ketu in Scorpio will make his speech manipulative with a tinge of venom at times.
  • He could appear cunning to his enemies and helpful to his friends. His thinking process will be different from others which may sometimes invite trouble for himself.
  • He will be having multiple sources of income through different means.
  • Jupiter being the lord of the 9th and 12th house becomes yoga karaka for Aries ascendant and here it is placed in the 3rd house of Gemini.
  • It pushes you towards deep thinking and gives you a different belief system. It makes the native to learn from their own experiences and reactions to themselves and from others.
  • Mercury in Scorpio sign conjuncts with Ketu which makes him vulnerable and secretive. It plunges into depths when it enters passionate and the private Scorpio.
  • It makes you become a torchbearer of the society, like the way he helps people and created the brand Being Human, which is a way of shining light on all the darkness.
  • Sun in the 5th house is placed in the 9th house, which gives him long journey, closeness with his father, good fortune, exuberant love, and romantic life.
  • The lord of the 9th house is Jupiter which is retrograded and sets in the 3rd house and aspects the 11th houses where Saturn and Moon is placed.
  • This combination makes him to get into many relationships both serious and otherwise.
  • Venus, the lord of 2nd and 7th house placed in the 10th house conjunct with Lagna lord Mars.
  • This makes him materialistic, flaunting his achievements and wealth. It also increases the expectations for romance to a sky-high level and hooking up with anyone and everyone.
  • It gives him good and smart looks. The 7th lord Venus is positioned in the professional house leading to ambitious nature and getting limelight in life.
  • This also enhance his financial gains.
  • Saturn in its own sign gives a quest for deeper meaning towards life, endless desires and wishes with a huge fan following. Saturn gives the detachment from the society and group.
  • It will make him work hard to achieve his big dreams and high hopes. He easily become bored of socialising and might prefer to stay alone at times.
  • A feeling of loneliness and separateness from their closed ones may give him anxiety and fear. Saturn will indulge him in illegal activities and create emotional problems as well.

Other positive features of his horoscope which set him apart from the rest:

In his chart, he has got one of the five most desirable yoga (combination) and it is called Ruchak Yoga. This Raj Yoga occurs when Mars is strongly placed in Kendra/trine house of a chart.

Ruchak Yoga

As per the classics, this yoga bestows upon the native – “This person is good looking and handsome, with a prominent face, beautiful eyebrows, dark hair and clear, somewhat darkish complexion. The waist is slim and so are the lower limbs. The person is bold and courageous, full of strength and vigor, and eager to pursue adventurous activities wherefrom name and fame is gained. The person is, of royal bearing and ever intent on combat, the commander of an army.”

This single combination is enough to ensure his phenomenal success in life against all odds. The undesired side effect of this yoga is that it makes the native short-tempered and aggressive.

Raja Yoga

The lord of his 5th house Sun (a trikona) has gone to a very auspicious house – 9th (fortune) and not only that, but there is also mutual aspect between Jupiter (lord of 9th house) and Sun. This great combination ensures that whatever the situation be – he will always be lucky and will always have the support of the masses with him.

Other Yogas in his horoscope - Dhana Yogas, Bhagya Yoga and Sankhya Pasha Yoga.

All these combine to give him wealth, money, and comforts of life.

Future Predictions for 2022:

Current Mahadasha for Salman Khan is Mercury. The lord of the 3rd and 6th house placed in the 8th house might give health problems and other issues. He might work out and struggle to manage family property. He might become more philanthropic and get involved in social activities as well.

However, he should avoid stretching his luck too far. His money can get locked, and he may end up in financial trouble. This is a period which can create trouble or messy situations due to his carelessness or negligence. His opponents will do planning and plotting against him. A tendency of taking risk should be restricted as this will not be a harmonious period. Love life will not be as expected. So, it will be best to not get involved in new relationships at this time.


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