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Zodiac Signs That Have Great Sixth Sense

We are all aware of the five basic senses. But, the sixth sense is the intuitive power that one may possess. Some Zodiac Signs may have a great sixth sense, whereas the other signs may not. Read ahead to know more.

Zodiac Signs That Have Great Sixth Sense
SIXTH SENSE is the ability of the human being to perceive something without its real presence. It is a strong feeling of the happening of an unidentified event before it actually occurs or when your dream comes true in reality. The sixth sense justifies that the universe has its base in our mind which guides and gives direction to our extraordinary power and physical ability.

We all are aware about the five basic senses which all human beings possess-sight, taste, hear, smell and touch. However, only few of us our endowed with the connection that is even more divine than what our physical senses are able to perceive. These abilities of our sixth sense are more powerful than our basic five senses, and can often be lost when it goes undetected by the human mind. On the contrary it is the sixth sense that gives the strength of access to intuition and physical abilities that make us feel strange things we are not aware of but unconsciously our mind wants to explore the unidentified realms of life that exists beyond our naked eye.

Astrology is a deep study that can predict if you are blessed with the instinct and intuitiveness that is essential for the ability to understand anything with instinct and without conscious reasoning. Sankaracharya- a vedic scholar and teacher had tremendous intuition powers as many of his fore said predictions came true. His horoscope reveals that-

  • The ascendant lord Sun [power], fifth house lord Jupiter [wisdom], 11th house lord Mercury [intelligence] are combined in the 11th house of gains and aspect the 5th house of intelligence, and good deeds from his previous birth, gave him a strong sixth sense.
  • Moon, the significator of mind, placed in its own sign-Cancer making any kind of astrological association with 5th or 9th house gives strong intuitive ability or sixth sense.
  • 12th house represents secret and a well placed 12th house gives the ability to understand secrets with good intuitive ability.
  • Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and the strong placement in the 5th and 9th house gives good sixth sense.
  • Ketu is a very important planet that gives good intuitive ability when well placed in the 12th or 9th house.

Let’s see how your mind works and whether your Zodiac Sign has a great sixth sense or not.


Cancer is the fourth sign of the natural zodiac that represents mother, mind and emotions with Moon as its lord. It is one of the most nurturing, emotional sign of the zodiacs, so their fine sixth sense can detect the slightest change in the feelings ranging from their loved ones to complete strangers. Cancer natives are good home makers with Read More


Scorpio is the eighth sign of the natural zodiac that represents impulsive, emotional and intense nature with Mars as its lord. Scorpios are famous for being mysterious and secretive about their own life but doubting everyone is one of the salient features of Scorpios, since they do not trust everyone very quickly. This attribute has made them tap their sixth sense deeply. Scorpios are masters at sensing others deep secrets, so they may Read More


Libra is the seventh sign of the natural zodiac that represents balance, fairness and equilibrium in all its affairs. Libras are very sensitive and even notice a slightest change in their physical and emotional environment. This fact activates their sixth sense to play detective by watching over others. Libras have the ability to notice everything in minute details and there is no Read More


Pisces is the twelfth sign of the natural zodiac that represents generous, compassionate nature with Jupiter as its lord. They hate any kind of conflict but love to live in peace and harmony, with more of giving and less expectations of receiving. Their sixth sense goes in partnership with creativity. Pisces have a strong Read More


Gemini is third sign of the natural zodiac that represents all about thinking fast, clear communication and full of ideas with Mercury as its lord. This one of the bubbling air sign that is emotionally active and intelligent, have the ability to understand the true colours of people, like an open book. Gemini is one of the most socialising sign with Read More


Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the natural zodiac with adventurous streak; love for travel, philosophic bent of mind with their endless spirit of inquiry makes them hungry for immense wisdom and good knowledge. Jupiter is the lord of wisdom for this sign which gives them the wisdom to understand the basic strategy of any given situation. They have an inbuilt sixth sense that enables them to Read More

Is your Zodiac Sign not mentioned above?

All zodiac signs have some degree of sixth sense in varied proportion depending on their connectivity with the inner world. The foremost need to develop a sound sixth sense is to listen to your pure inner intuitions by spending time with yourself with peace and harmony in your emotional world and that will strengthen your sixth sense. Read More