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Know your Enemy Zodiac Sign

Some people we dislike at the first go, others we take time to dissect and understand, what about them bugs us the most. Sometimes it is just the play of the stars that doles out the answer to this question. Find out here, who could be your enemy zodiac sign and why.

All mortals on this earth are connected to each other by the threads of personal necessities. The idea of everyone getting along well with each other seem like a story out of the book. However, in the real-world people exhibit expressions of love, hate, dislike etc. Some even acquire some mortal enemies.

Enmity is born due to mutual actions and words. Major portion can be attributed to the inborn personality traits inherited by our zodiac sign or the star sign under which we are born.

In Vedic Astrology we analyze how to know your enemy –

  • The sixth house lord and planets posited in the sixth house in any horoscope reveal a lot about our enemy.
  • The third and eleventh house plays the role of determining the enemy.

There are lots of incompatible pairs within the zodiac signs in the Astro world. You can determine your enemies by your zodiac sign.

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Zodiac Sign and Their Enemies:

Ever analyzed and found why certain zodiac signs make a negative impact on you always? Even unknowingly, you tend to dislike them right off the bat. Astrology has all the answers to questions pertaining to your dire enemy. So, without further ado, read ahead and match your analysis with ours.

  1. Aries

Enemy sign - Cancer

Aries is a fire sign and does not coordinate well with the Cancer the Water sign. Aries need their independence and feel suffocated when paired with Cancer. Cancer natives tends to cling to Aries with their over sensitivity. It brings out the battling attributes of both signs which can be contradictory in their overall compatibility.

  1. Taurus

Enemy sign- Aries

Taurus and Aries sign have similar traits that act like the positive sides of two magnets thus repelling each other. Both the signs are stubborn in nature which creates arguments that are never resolved. Both prefer to lock their horns of egoistic behaviour, which stops them from admitting fault and forgiving each other. The conflicting attitude engraves the incompatibility of both signs of getting along well with each other.

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  1. Gemini

Enemy sign- Virgo

Gemini and Virgo both have Mercury as their personal planet. Mercury has a strong dominance over communication, but they stand apart in a lot of attributes. Gemini are quick witted and free willed with childlike spontaneity and crave for change. On the other hand, Virgos are more settled and enjoy a scheduled routine. They are often critical and demanding over simple matters. Both signs stay restricted in sharing their feelings and emotions. As a result of which, there are unresolved communicative arguments and incompatibility between these signs.

  1. Cancer

Enemy sign- Sagittarius

Cancer is a very sensitive and devoted sign. The overly honest and blunt readings of Sagittarius sign can hurt the Cancer native intensely without considering the feelings. The mutual communication gap often leads to conflicting emotions for each other. Both the signs prefer not to comprise. This means that the Sagittarius native will move to another dimension without any further thought. And at the same time, Cancer sign will keep holding grudge hoping for recognition of bitterness by the Sagittarius, which will never occur.

  1. Leo

Enemy sign- Pisces

Leo and Pisces sign are the contradictory example of vast difference in personality traits. Leo has the ability to hurt the emotional caliber of Pisces with ease. As a fire sign, Leo enjoys being the center of spotlight in any group. They are vibrant, have high energy levels and are prompt in action. On the other hand, Pisces, a water sign, are passive, sensitive and tends to avoid attention. They love to work at their own pace and ideology. This difference of pace and outlook creates a discrepancy of compatibility between both signs.

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  1. Virgo

Enemy sign-Aquarius

Virgos are intelligent, observant, and analytical. They have the ability to think with a practical and logical mind. Their rationality is not governed by their emotional thoughts. Aquarius sign is ruled by an air element. Their intelligence quotient is ruled more by heart which makes them unrealistic and irresponsible according to the Virgo natives. This difference of thought process in both signs does not attract any compatibility with each other.

  1. Libra

Enemy sign-Scorpio

Libra is an Air sign. These natives are very social and has the ability to ability to form good relationship with everyone without any inhibitions. They have the ability of being diplomatic and adjusting with others. On the other hand, Scorpios are water signs. They can exhibit a platter of problematic expressions of anger and frustration. If they doubt any secrecy or any important quotients missing in relationship, it will propose incompatibility to seep in both the signs.

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  1. Scorpio

Enemy sign-Leo

Water and Fire signs neither gel nor blend well. Same is the case with Scorpio and Leo sign. Both signs initially feel attracted and bond with each other. This is due to their similarities of being strong willed. However, the dual inflexibility of both these signs can lead to heated arguments. The intense Scorpio can harbor hard feelings for the Leo sign. At this juncture, neither is willing to compromise for the prosperity of the relationship. This will result in the strong incompatibility of both signs.

  1. Sagittarius

Enemy sign- Taurus

A Sagittarius sign craves freedom more than anything in this world. They are not very comfortable with any situation or relationship which tries to bind them with any kind of restrictions. On the other hand, Taurus being an earthy sign craves for stability in any relationship. They may become possessive in their expressions with the Sagittarius natives. The Sagittarius archer may perceive Taurus' need of consistency in any relationship as an emotional trap. These brings in the incompatibility of these two signs on the surface.

  1. Capricorn

Enemy sign- Libra

Capricorn natives are goal and career-oriented people. They keep themselves motivated in career advancements. On the other hand, Libra sign are very strong social beings, more concerned and occupied with scheduling their social calendar of outings and parties. Capricorns seem to perceive Libras as immature and scorn them with irritation. However, on the contrary, Libra sign resent the calculated and non-emotional Capricorn. The limited approach towards emotional expression of Capricorn is the reason for this relationship incompatibility.

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  1. Aquarius

Enemy sign-Capricorn

Capricorn and Aquarius have Saturn as their personal planet. However, both signs have different and contrasting opinions about many similar aspects. Aquarius are extensive and good money spenders whereas Capricorn are good money savers from the financial aspect. Capricorns are more stable than Aquarius in maturity level. Capricorns are less emotionally attached. Aquarius natives react with resentment and jealousy when emotions are not reciprocated their way. These differences in similar aspects create incompatibility in these two signs.

  1. Pisces

Enemy sign-Gemini

Pisces are too sensitive, benevolent, and passive in energy for the vibrant and outspoken Gemini. Pisces try to avoid any kind of interaction with Gemini in the fear of incapability of matching the straight forwardness of a Gemini's speech. Gemini makes an attempt to bring the shy Pisces in the limelight and out of their shell. However, Pisces considers this well-meaning gesture as an antagonistic attempt. These bring down the incompatibility of these two opposite nature signs.

Overall, we can see that all the signs have their inherent qualities with their personal strengths and weakness and the compatibility of any two signs is affected by the matching of these personal strengths and weakness of each sign.


Know your Enemy Zodiac Sign

Some people we dislike at the first go, others we take time to dissect and understand, what about them bugs us the most. Sometimes it is just the play of the stars that doles out the answer to this question. Find out here, who could be your enemy zodiac sign and why.

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