Virgo Moon Sign

Virgo Moon sign feels more serene and focused on an organized space. You will be a cleanliness freak and might feel impurities more acutely. You should take care of others, however, would not allow others to manipulate you. You are at your best when you feel people need you and feel comfortable when you utilize your skills. Virgos are usually content with simple living and don’t have high ambition, you appreciate simplicity which might lead to low confidence. Brilliant organizer and planner, diligent and hard worker, result oriented, balance both materialistic and spiritual needs. You are good at solving problems.

Virgo Moon Sign


You feel secure when you are organized in life and feel kind of relaxed when things are under your control, else you will panic and end up being anxious. You will feel content when you have planned your days in a detailed way, else would start nagging and complaining. You are at your best when you feel people need you and feel comfortable when you utilize your skills. You are always ready to help others and would jump up to finish the task.

Many Virgos are content with simple living and don’t have high ambition, you appreciate simplicity which might lead to low confidence. You might feel stressed out when you know your thinking limits. You easily get overwhelmed by mental pressure and when you have too much to think about.

You feel satisfied in a routine job rather than exploring an adventurous one. You like your daily space and planning in detail. You become fussy and irritated when you don’t follow plans and daily routine.

You express your emotions in a practical way, and you have your own limitations in displaying love and affection. You take time to open with new people but then you become friends for lifetime. You are reliable, practical, and trustworthy, others seek help and advice from you. However, your advice can make others feel unsympathetic.

You are mostly an early riser and mostly you have the zeal to work during the daytime. You keep yourself busy engaging with multiple skills.

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Some Notable Houses Placement

Virgo Moon in the 1st House:

You will be critical; cleanliness freak and this placement will give health and psychological ailments. You will be in search of pointing out wrongness in everybody’s work which might intimidate others.

Virgo Moon in the 2nd House:

You will have a pleasant voice and will indulge in the communication field. You will have financial abundance and might become a successful businessperson. You will have problems with your family members. The relationship area will be a challenge for you.

Virgo Moon in the 3rd House:

You have a pleasant way of communicating your expression to others. You will be emotionally attached to your siblings and however this position can give health issues to your loved ones.

Virgo Moon in the 4th House:

You will possess wealth from your mother and will accumulate financial abundance. This position might make you a successful businessperson or someone who works from home rather than going to the office.

Virgo Moon in the 5th House:

You will have an analytical practical mind, which can be used in gaining profits from speculative business. You will be a highly creative person and will be involved in many creative works.

Virgo Moon in the 6th House:

You would always be under pressure to fulfill your family expectations. As your parents will be demanding, who would always look for perfectionism. Stress can give you psychological and physical ailments.

Virgo Moon in the 7th House:

You are emotionally extremely attached to your partner and would always be criticizing your spouse to become a perfectionist. You will always have different points of view but will maintain a special bond with each other.

Virgo Moon in the 8th House:

You can be in the medical field and would do research-based work on scientific subjects. You would have ego problems in maintaining relationships with your in-laws.

Virgo Moon in the 9th House:

You will follow ethics and religious rules. For you religion and philosophical matters are very important. You will have passion for travelling abroad. You will obey your parents.

Virgo Moon in the 10th House:

You will be in medical, analytical, mathematical and finance-related jobs. You will be caring and extremely helpful in your professional upfront and at the same time will be fussy about the pattern of work.

Virgo Moon in the 11th House:

You would always be worried about doing work in perfect manner. You might have difficulty in fulfilling your hopes and desires. You would take interest in multiple creative businesses.

Virgo Moon in the 12th House:

You would settle abroad and would accumulate financial abundance. You would love travelling and spending money on your hobbies. You will have difficulty in saving money for future aspects of life.


Virgo Moon Sign has major research prowess and excels in careers where they can put your brilliant minds at work. You will reach a high position in the field of research based and where you can use analytical and logical mind. You are good at handling analytic data, managerial positions, journalism, editing, medical and science related work, professions which need intricate and creative work.

In leadership positions you will find your seniors supporting your cause and helping you out with your hurdles. However, in business you will face a lot of hurdles and experience a bumpy ride with ups and downs as you would be critical about doing things at perfectionism.

You might not be able to close the business deals without proper planning and preparing impressive presentations. You will be smart at calculation and to get good returns on both short- and long-term investments. You become judgmental if others do not live up to your expectations.

Partners for Marriage

Virgo moon signs are good at analyzing and understanding their emotions. But their fussy and judgmental attitude at times gives problems in maintaining warmth in a relationship. You are compatible with Taurus, Gemini, and Scorpio Moon sign. Taurus and Virgo Moon signs both love to follow their daily routine in a monotonous way.

You both will give space to each other which will give room for improvement and self-introspection. You both will not take hasty decisions; you will plan and schedule your work. The Virgo and Gemini Moon sign would trust each other as the lord of the sign is same Mercury. Both signs would be compatible to each other and would hold hands in the journey of companionship.

Gemini Moon sign would make you laugh and would advise you to go easy with certain things. Virgo and Scorpio sign both are good at solving problems and taboos together which will create a good bond. Plus, you are good at solving problems and getting solutions.

Family & Relationship

Your expectations from your family members might increase and can create some misunderstandings and conflicts. But then you are good at understanding the situation in a practical way rather than judging it in an emotional way. You would always relate to your family and for your relationships comes first. You will be a tough parent for your child but will be extremely attached to your children. At times you may feel no one obeys you and do not understand your viewpoint.


Your hard work will be recognized and appreciated immediately. You will give time and be determined towards your work to get profitable results. You will be smart at quick calculation and analyzing the market will give you positive energy to work hard with full determination to achieve success in business and earn financial gains. Your scheduling nature will give you high financial rise and good network connections. You will get references and would love to work on your social network to make financial growth.


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