Type of TV Shows based on your Zodiac sign

We all enjoy a good show. Some like a long drawn series that are complex and intense while others prefer a limited series that is fast paced and quick witted. At the end of the day, it all boils down to our personal choices shaped by our zodiac moon signs. If you are ever in a dilemma, which show to watch, find your answer here.

Type of TV Shows based on your Zodiac sign


With so much content available on TV and other OTT platforms, it often is tough to make decisions on what to watch and what to skip. Often, finding the right content which is suited to you becomes a challenge to find. So, if you are in a rut about what to watch and actually finish the show, be rest assured that we have done most of the legwork for you and compiled a list of shows, based on your zodiac moon signs.

No matter our zodiac sign, all of us love a good binge. The content of the shows may differ from zodiac to zodiac, depending on your likes and dislikes. Find out for yourself which TV shows your stars recommend for you and add them to your ‘watch next’ list.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign. If you are not aware of your Moon Sign, find out instantly for free by filling the data below:

Favourite TV Shows for your Zodiac:

Every single sign has their own characteristic and qualities. Therefore, it makes perfect sense you could easily match your personality to your choice of particular TV shows. Each zodiac sign finds comfort and entertainment in certain things based on their overall personality, hence we bring to you the different TV shows for each zodiac sign depending on what would suit each zodiac moon sign.

  1. Aries

You like life to be past paced and exciting. You prefer shows which are high on energy, drama and action. You are also strong, fierce and confident. You like a show which is a tad dark, full of suspense and thrill. A fast paced story line with knee jerking reactions and surprises is your favourite genre. However, you also do enjoy light hearted comedies, where you can identify yourself with the characters.

Favourite TV shows for Aries: Ozark, Grey’s Anatomy, Handmaid’s Tale, Homeland, This is Us, New Girl, House of Cards, The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, etc.

Sacred Games, Family Man, Made in Heaven, Bard of Blood, TVF Pitchers and MTV Roadies (Indian) etc.

  1. Taurus

You are a homebody and prefer comfort over anything else. You like TV shows that are warm and fuzzy. You have a special liking for comedies as well. You are quite serious, responsible and practical in your life and comedies are your way of rejuvenating yourself. You are sentimental and family oriented. You love drama and flair and at the same time have a much nuanced understanding of emotions. You also like political shows, packed with sensuality. You are patient and persistent and long TV series are your thing.

Favourite TV shows for Taurus: This is Us, Friends, Schitt’s Creek, Scandal, Euphoria, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Jane the Virgin, Blackish, America’s Next Top Model etc.

MTV Roadies, Delhi Crime, Pataal Lok, Panchayat, Mismatched, A Suitable Boy, Permanent Roommates, Little Things, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai (Indian)

  1. Gemini

You are impulsive and dramatic. You are always curious and inquisitive about new things. You like discovering new things. You are always high on energy and cannot afford to get bored for a minute. You are also an intellectual and sometimes look for show that will satiate or stimulate that intellectuality within you. You like a good plot and prefer to keep your knowledge vast and diverse.

Favourite TV Shows for Gemini: Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, How to get away with Murder, UnReal, Orphan Black, etc.

Comicstan, Mirzapur, Ghoul, Asur, Jamtara, Criminal Justice, Humorously Yours, What the Folks, BigBoss (Indian)

  1. Cancer

You are emotional and sensitive. You are extremely compassionate and are able to read between the lines. You like TV shows that has emotional overtures along with some element of unconventionality. You like your content to be dark, exploring a variety of sentiments and emotions and a wide range of character building, in your shows. You prefer strong characters and are especially intuitive.

Favourite TV shows for Gemini: 13 Reasons Why, End of the Fucking World, Dark, The Vampire Diaries, Friday Night Lights, Modern Family, The Mindy Project, Lost, etc.

Leila, Taj Mahal, A Suitable Boy, Aarya, Sacred Games, TVF Pitchers, Malgudi Days, etc. (Indian)

  1. Leo

You are a force to reckon with. You are bold, energetic and always keen on trying new things. You are the born leaders of the world. You crave authority and love being the centre of everyone’s attraction. You can be a little bossy but your heart is always in the right place. As for TV shows, you like ones which are contemporary, culturally significant and is light hearted.

Favourite TV shows for Leo: Blackish, The Good Place, Jane the Virgin, The Affair, High Fidelity, Quantico, Gossip Girl, Bridgerton, Game of Thrones etc.

Made in Heaven, Four More Shots Please, The Trip, Breathe, Tandav, Bombay Begums, Pushpavalli, Permanent Roommates, Indian Idol, etc. (Indian)

  1. Virgo

You are the serious sorts; mature, responsible and organized. You like things neat. You are detail oriented and love things which intellectually stimulate you. You love a good mystery, with magnetic plot twists and enrapturing drama. An unsolved mystery appeals the most to you. At the same time, you are tender and empathetic. You enjoy unravelling characters and their motives.

Favourite TV shows for Virgo: Riverdale, Big Little Lies, Broad City, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Scandal, Master of None, Arrow,

Tandav, Asur, Bard of Blood, Hostages, Breathe, Criminal Justice, Inside edge, Khatro ka Khiladi, etc. (Indian)

  1. Libra

Libra loves a little bit of drama in their lives as well as in their choice of TV series. You have a great sense of justice and harmony and you want to play out your life in the same essence. You enjoy your alone time, which is specifically for your own enjoyment and decompressing. You are romantics of the highest order and love everything beautiful and aesthetic.

Favourite TV shows for Libra: Modern Love, Friends, Schitt’s Creek, Modern Family, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, The Mentalist, Fleabag, etc.

Made in Heaven, Tripling, A Suitable Boy, Bombay Begums, Criminal Justice, Delhi Crime, Mismatched, Hostel Daze, Remix, etc. (Indian)

  1. Scorpio

You are intense and broody and not to mention dark. Even your choice of humour is dark. The choice of your TV series needs to be engrossing, intense and inspirational. You are passionate and often lustful. You love TV shows which has a great plot development, scheming and plotting and is entwined in darkness. You are very intense in every arena of your life and that shows in your choices as well.

TV shows for a Scorpio: The Crown, The Affair, Dark, Stranger Things, Ozark, Sherlock, Lucifer, Money Heist, Dr. Phil etc.

Sacred Games, Mirzapur, Jamtara, Breathe, Ghoul, Criminal Justice, The Family Man, CID, Splitzvilla etc (Indian).

  1. Sagittarius

You are fun, easy going and always on the move. You prefer something which is fast paced, shot mostly in the outdoors and involves a great deal of travel. You enjoy drama. You are also strong, optimistic and determined. You love new experiences and are open to trying and experimenting. You are as straightforward as it gets and hate too much complexity. While watching a show, you prefer something that catches your eye and at the same time is not too much load on your brain.

Favorite TV show for Sagittarius: Shameless, Sex and the City, The Good Place, Criminal Minds, This is US, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, etc.

The Trip, Little Things, Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, Bandish Bandits, Four More Shots Please, MTV Roadies etc. (Indian)

  1. Capricorn

You are serious and business-like. Watching TV show for you would be rather informative and knowledge based than a binge watch. You are the serious kinds and very tenacious. You never give up and are the problem solvers of the first order. You are determined and tough. However, you are also quite a traditionalist and rarely try new things. You like to stick to your favourite infotainment and seem to enjoy that.

Favourite shows for Capricorn: You, Law and Order: SUV, Black Mirror, Veep, The Queen’s Gambit, House of Cards, Suits, Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why etc.

Sacred Games, Breathe, Ghoul, Inside Edge, Scam 1992, Bard of Blood, Family Man etc. (Indian)

  1. Aquarius

You are very progressive in your thoughts and the way you live your life. You are non-conformist and not a traditionalist. You are logical yet eccentric at times. High on energy and entertaining, you have quite an obsession for futuristic series. You also enjoy the occasional light hearted comedies, especially the ones which has some sort of a social message attached.

Favourite TV shows for Aquarius: Dark, Black Mirror, Alternate Carbon, Money Heist, 13 Reasons Why, Westworld, Ozark, Behind her Eyes, Unbelievable etc.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Indian Idol, Pushpavalli, TVF Pitchers, What the Folks, Comicstaan, Betaal, Panchayat, Pataal Lok etc. (Indian)

  1. Pisces

Dreamy and intuitive, best defines Pisces natives. You are strong, compassionate, original and very nurturing. Your choice of TV shows reflect your inner characteristics. Artistic and creative, you like your shows open to interpretation. Also, at the same time you are quite sentimental and enjoy a show with advanced depiction of emotions. You often try to escape reality by binge watching these shows.

Favourite TV shows of Pisces: Stranger Things, 13 Reasons why, The Leftovers, Gilmore Girls, Outlander, Glee, Twin Peaks, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Friends, Euphoria, Fleabag etc.

Mismatched, Permanent Roommates, Mirzapur, Breathe, Bandish Bandits, Hostel Daze, Panchayat, Litte Things etc. (Indian)