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Aquarius - What does your Destiny hold for you?

Aquarius zodiac sign comes in the eleventh place in the zodiac plane, and is known for the ability to give gains. The Destiny of Aquarius will be ruled by the two planets, one is known as the giver of hard work and persistence in destiny, known as Saturn. And other one is the shadow planet Rahu, known as the expert to acquire material gains in life.

Destiny and Luck will always be with you if you are born as an Aquarius with a simple formula of Saturn and Rahu. That would be to have a plan for what you want to get from your destiny, and second is to have the map to move with an intelligent approach to acquire what you would like from your luck.

The one mistake you can do for being an Aquarius, is being incredibly independent, which can give the burden of work on others. If you are an Aquarius, then you need to understand that the big plan and great destiny will come to those person who takes the whole mass as their own and believe in teamwork.

Your personalized horoscope and zodiac signs will tell you how the other planets

except for Saturn and Rahu and another nakshatra will also help you to avail the luck and destiny in your life.   

Following are the 6 amazing tips to be with your destiny and luck in your life.

  • Children can shape your Destiny.

    Children are the manifestations of inner desires to live life again, and the fifth house in your horoscope will show you the time period when you will get the fortune to have your children.

    Aquarius will get the blessings of children from the planet Mercury, which rules the fifth house of Aquarius. The time period of Mercury as per your personalized horoscope will give you the blessings of children in your life. There will be a sudden rise in your luck after having children.
  • Royal Destiny for Aquarius in Business.

    Saturn rules over your zodiac sign, but the Sun has command over your business life. Sun is the planet which can give you successful business in the field of spirituality, astrology, or in cosmic healing.

    Placement of Sun in your horoscope will decide the destination where and when you will start your business. Exalted Sun will give you good results from writing or book printing business. Debilitation of Sun signifies agents, and the will of your father in your business, and this will not give you the favor of good luck in your life.

  • Learn the particle approach from your sibling and win over your destiny.

    Being an Aquarius, you will be ruled by the planet Saturn, which makes them believe in hard work in their life, but the inner desire to make the thing done with less effort will get manifested through the planet Mars in your life.

    Your siblings will come into your life with the blessing of Mars, the planet which will decide how your relationship with your siblings will be. The placement of Mars plays a major role in the good and bad relationship with your siblings.

    Exalted Mars in your horoscope will give you the help to settle down in a foreign place. With the guidance of siblings, you will be able to attain success in your career.

    The destiny of Aquarius will be very beautiful with their siblings if they are aligned with the cosmic energy of Mars in their life. Mars plays the role of commander-in-chief among the nine planets, so it’s good to always be in touch with your siblings, so that that the auspicious result will come to you from the planet Mars in your life.

  • The destiny of career for Aquarius.

    Mars is the ruler of your career with the energy of Scorpio zodiac sign in your horoscope. The placement of Mars and the time period of Mars will give you the chance to make things happen in your career. You should implement the research ability and work like as a Scorpio personality at your workplace who believes into the depth of information, masters, and Ph.D. will help you a lot to get the desired result in your career.

    Exaltation of Mars will give a career in a foreign land, or you will become very famous in the field of spirituality in your life. Debilitation of Mars signifies implementing the diplomatic idea to get success in your career.

  • Aquarius will have a royal spouse as their partner.

    Sun is the planet which will give you the company of your life partner with the energy of Leo in your seventh house of marriage. Exaltation of Sun will give you good communication with your life partner. The luck and destiny of Aquarius will rise after their marriage.

    Debilitation of Sun signifies that you do not try to do argue with your partner. Transit of Sun and the time period of Sun will tell you how and when you are going to meet with your better-half.

  • Have faith on your ruler Saturn and Rahu.

    Aquarius is the zodiac sign which is ruled by the Rahu and Saturn both. Rahu, is the shadow planet which rules over the gains in your life, and Saturn rules over work with persistence in your life.

    The placement of these planets will decide when and where your destiny will manifest in your life. Exaltation of Saturn will give blessings and favor of luck, and the exaltation of Rahu will give the sharp intelligence to reach the destiny you want in your life, as an Aquarius.

Do not get puzzled with the exaltation and debilitation, because there are many more Aquarians like you, but what makes your destiny lucky with your personalized horoscope, is important. Click here  to know how your personalized destiny would turn out to be.