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Venus - the planet of beauty and its implication in your horoscope

Venus is one of the most talked about planets and its association significance in Astrology cannot be debated! Venus stands for pleasures, especially the sensory pleasures or the pleasures shared
with others. Venus invites us to indulge in the sensory pleasures and  revel in the beauty of the world around us!
It may be pertinent to mention here that it is the sensual and not  necessarily the sexual pleasures which relate to Venus. In a  horoscope, this planet is studied for aspects such as love, romance and harmony in relationships / marriages. Venus is also studied to  check the life style of a person and the level of luxuries he or she  will enjoy during his / her life span such as vehicles, house,  holidays etc.
Mythological Perspective
Venus is known as Shukra in Hindu Mythology. Venus is said to have  enmity toward’s Jupiter. As a result, Venus is also known as the  teacher of the asuras (antigods) - thus known as Shukracharya. Venus  had learnt a science / process whereby Shukracharya could bring them  back to life even after they were killed in battle. Shukra in Sanskrit means semen.
Astrological Perspective
Venus is the ruler of the 2nd and 7th house. In Astrological terms,  Venus is assigned the lordship of two zodiac signs - Taurus and Libra.  Further, it may be of interest to note that Venus is the second  brightest object in the night sky. Venus takes 225 days to complete  its orbit of the zodiac (it is termed as the fast moving planet) and  it is never more than 47 degrees from the Sun. Its element is Air.
 For systematic understanding, the influences of Venus can be  categorized as follows:
Personality Traits
Graceful, refined, cultured, charming and well mannered are the gifts  of planet Venus whom she chooses to bless. It makes a person  compromise, make peace, loving, and act with taste.
Luxuries of life such as jewelry, paintings, expensive cars, good  food, expensive drinks, a beautiful home, fashionable clothes. In a  way, Venus makes us appreciate and enjoy the beauty and comfort we derive from the exquisite nature of our possessions.
Diamond and Silver. The study of money is also seen through Venus
Venus being the goddess of love, it is a feminine energy and beauty.  Attraction and love are strongly associated with Venus. In addition,  artists and all forms of arts such as music, dance, drama and literature which have a sense of aesthetics and beauty in it fall in  the realm of Venus.
Medical Related
Venus is associated with the lumbar region, semen, the veins, parathyroids, urinary system and kidneys. Venus is thought to be  moderately warm and moist and is associated with the phlegmatic humor.
Negative Aspects
Self-indulgent, self-centered, vain and superficial.
In general, below are some of the interesting combinations formed in  Astrology and their effects due to the positioning of Venus in the horoscope:
  • In the Aries sign, the native looks for the thrill of conquest.  It is like the deadly combination of fire and Ice and passion with  action.
  • Venus in the first house makes the person quite handsome (male)  & beautiful (female).
  • Venus in Taurus makes the person possessive in love and such a  person shall demand total loyalty from his / her partner.
  • Venus in Gemini sign makes the native woo his / her love with  witty conversation, trying to exhibit just how much he "knows,” and  demonstrating his comprehension for diverse subjects. Such persons do not demand loyalty from their partners. All they want is a playful,  comfortable and a mentally stimulating relationship.
  • A well placed and unaffiliated Venus in the 4th house gives the  indication that the native has a very beautiful house or has the  office in a very exclusive building / location or both.
  • Placement of a good Venus in the 5th house makes the person  interested in the opposite sex from a young age.
  • An unblemished Venus in the 9th house indicates that the native  is fond of travelling, while the person may enjoy his / her day to day  routine if the Venus occupies the 6th house in the natal chart.
  • If Venus is in the zodiac sign Libra, then the Astrologer can  get a lead that there will be enjoyment, give and take of love in the  relationship.
  • A good connection of strong and well placed Mars and Venus can  make the person a passionate lover.
  • If Venus is positioned in the 7th house of the birth chart, one  may tend to socialize a lot and have excellent terms with his / her  spouse or business partner.
  • Venus in the 3rd house and connected with 10th and 11th house  strongly indicates that the person has interest in performing arts -  such as acting & singing and would have decided to make a career in that field only.
Can Venus give negative results too?
If Venus is debilitated or ill placed or afflicted then it is weak and  it will give problems related to relationship, potency in men, wealth  and neatness or beauty in life. The native will get deprived of money,  wealth and family comforts altogether.
Under such situations, the person might not be loved by his spouse or  appreciated by partner. This may cause arguments, rift and  disagreements. This may lead to separation too. Such a person may experience an emotional gap and / or cold war with his / her partner. Since Venus is also connected with the social circle, such a person may lack popularity in the social group / appreciation by friends.
 Also Venus is the karka (significator) of vision. The eyes / vision of  the native or native’s mother will be defective if Venus is afflicted
Other interesting aspects
The position of Venus in the horoscope and the combinations it forms  can give a good idea to the Astrologer about the following:

  • How does the native view the relationships
  • What does he / she want in a relationship
  • How does the native act in a relationship
  • Who is the native attracted to
  • Nature of emotional attachment to the opposite sex.