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Astrological Benefits of Diamond: How & When Should It be Worn?

Diamond is one of the nine gemstones that is recommended in Astrology for its benefits. However, not every sign can wear it as it can effect negative results. Read this article to learn if you should wear or avoid diamonds; how & when to wear it.

Astrological Benefits of Diamond
Gemstones are one of the best astrological solutions to overcome obstacles and problems in a person’s life. Astrology believes that any gemstone which is worn with the correct method and technique will always impact the person’s life in a positive and progressive manner. In astrology, people are advised to wear gemstones on the basis of planetary placements in their birth chart.

What are the qualities of Diamond?

Diamond is one of the nine gemstones that is recommended in astrology for its benefits. It is the gemstone of the planet Venus that is worn for good love relationship, marital bliss and compatibility among partners. Venus as a planet is the significator of human desires.

As we all know, diamond is every woman’s dream and passion – but, according to Vedic Astrology, every sign cannot wear diamonds!

Astrological advantages of wearing Diamond

  • Venus is the planet that rules over love and relationships, beauty, creativity and attraction towards the opposite-sex. When Venus is either debilitated or not well placed in the natal chart, diamond is recommended by astrologers to help the individual overcome the feeling of inferiority and boost their self-confidence.
  • Those who are in the creative fields - singers, artists and writers - often face a period of stagnation and are unable to express themselves efficiently through their respective mediums. They are sure to benefit if they wear diamond with the advice of astrologers.
  • There are also health benefits for a person if they wear a diamond.
  • Diamond worn as a ring or as pendent can block any negativity in life.
  • Those who have the tendency to overthink, are anxious or have a bad temper can find mental peace and tranquility by wearing diamonds.
  • Diamond is associated with materialistic comforts and luxury; and its association with the planet Venus can bless the person with abundance in materialistic comforts.

How and when should a Diamond be worn?

  • The first important fact to keep in mind is that it should be worn with appropriate Read More  
  • The diamond should be transparent or colorless without any surface crack or spots. The ideal weight of the diamond should vary from Read More  
  • The diamond can be placed in a ring made of silver, gold or platinum as per your convenience. Men can wear the ring in the Read More  
  • It is very important for the diamond ring to be energized before it is worn. You can energize it by chanting the Mantra Read More  

Zodiac Signs that can wear Diamonds and those that should avoid Diamonds

It is believed that diamond can either bless you with good luck or cause setbacks in your life, which is why it is essential for you to know whether you should wear a diamond or not. This is found out by looking at the astrological configuration of your horoscope, transits and your zodiac sign.

The zodiac signs that can wear diamonds with positive results are Virgo and Libra, they will be blessed with fortune and prosperity. On the other hand, zodiac signs like Aries, Pisces and Scorpio should avoid wearing diamonds as they can bring disharmony in all aspects of your life.

Here is a detailed section on zodiac signs that can wear diamonds and those that need to avoid diamonds, but can wear them under certain prescribed conditions:


If Venus is placed in the Taurus or Libra sign, then wearing of diamond can be Read More  


Taurus has Venus as its personal planet and Diamond is Read More


Venus is the lord of the 5th house (love) and 12th house (bed pleasures) and can bless you with confidence and intelligence. Wearing of diamond will be Read More  


If you have Venus poisted in the 4th house (happiness) and 11th house (fulfillment of desires) of your birth chart, then you must Read More  


If Venus resides in the 3rd house (initiative) and 10th house (career) of your natal horoscope, you should Read More  


Wearing of diamond can be beneficial for you if Venus is placed in the Read More  


Venus is the personal planet of Libra with diamond as its Read More   


You should avoid wearing diamond if Venus is placed in the Read More  


You should avoid wearing diamonds, but to be more precise, if Venus is placed in Read More  


When Venus is placed in the 5th house (creativity) and 9th house (luck) of your birth chart, then wearing of diamond can Read More  


The negative impacts of malefic planets like Rahu and Ketu can be Read More  


Pisces can wear diamond only if Venus is placed in the Read More