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Saturn in Taurus

Saturn shares a friendly relationship with Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus. Saturn is the lord of karma. It represents perseverance and liberation from the mundane realm of material existence. Venus on the other hand is all about luxuries, material comforts, passion, sensuality and possessions. People born with Saturn in Taurus always find themselves torn between these two forces, spiritual liberation v/s material existence, or detachment v/s pleasure, also known as Yoga v/s Bhoga in Vedic Astrology. Saturn in Taurus also gives a strong need for emotional as well as financial security in order for the native to be happy and comfortable.

Saturn in Taurus makes the person overly cautious with money matters. Such people tend to be thrifty, and spend only on what they actually need. These people are disciplined and patient, have the ability to endure the harsh realities of life. They work hard for success. They are very clever and well suited for professions such as politics and business. This position of Taurus gives an inclination towards sensuality too. They can be quite tactful in love and go to great lengths to win the love of the person they want. This is because of the strong influence of Venus.

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