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Saturn in Virgo

The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, which also has Gemini as its own sign. While Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, Saturn’s placement in each of these signs brings different results due the difference in the temperament of the signs. Gemini is an air sign and when an airy planet like Saturn is placed in it, the native often develops a tendency to build castles in the air and is self-interested. When Saturn is placed in an earthy sign like Virgo, which is represented by the subtle and sober Virgin, the native is a lot more understanding. Such a person is stable, tries to understand the other person, and takes decisions after a lot of forethought.

Saturn in Virgo makes the person very crafty and creative. However, such a person struggles to be self-reliant and often relies on others’ advices. Such natives tend to be very helpful. They have fewer friends but are quite loyal. They can however be rude, quarrelsome and narrow-minded at times. These people nonetheless are very cautious and methodical. Their success is often the product of cautious investments and strategic planning. They don’t worry about the little problems and hiccups in life and work hard towards success. Health however suffers at times.

Vedic Wisdom & Readings

Ancient Vedic techniques can decode challenges in relationships, profession & finances. Remedies, Vedic Mantras & Muhurthas can help alleviate the doshas, or the deficiencies found in your horoscope.  

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Transit of Planets

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