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Saturn in Pisces

Pisces is a dual water sign ruled by Jupiter. Both Saturn and Jupiter are neutral towards each other. People with Saturn in Pisces tend to be devoted to spirituality. Due to the association with 12th house, such natives tend to progress towards spiritual liberation. Pisces sign is represents by two fishes swimming in opposite direction. It is also associated with water. And when Saturn is placed in Pisces, the native becomes a deep thinker. Such a person studies every subject to the depth of it. Saturn helps these natives make better judgments but not like a teacher but more like a mentor. It works as their guiding spirit.

People born with Saturn in Pisces tend to be sacrificing in nature. They have a strong penchant for arts. These natives often play a chief role among their friends and relatives, probably because they are good at disciplining and making policies. These natives tend to be polite, wealthy, compassionate, sensitive and loyal. There is also a strong desire to earn more. Such people have a strong affinity to creative fields such as arts. They are in fact likely to make their career in the field of art or spirituality. These natives tend to be good learners and have a confident approach. They seek a bright future and also work towards it. These natives also like to indulge a lot.

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