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Saturn in Scorpio

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which shares an inimical relationship with Saturn. Scorpio relates to 8th house in the horoscope. People having Saturn in Scorpio tend to be become researchers or archeologists. They have a tendency to get to the depth of things and think a lot. Scorpio is a sign that likes to contemplate and so does Saturn, which relates to reclusion and seriousness. People with this placement tend to be serious and reserved in nature but they are equally strong-willed too. They are curious beings and like to find out the logic behind everything. Saturn in Scorpio also gives a lot of aggression and dominating personality to the native.

People born with Saturn in Scorpio are adventurous and risk-taking. They have a lot of energy. However, at times they face health issues and are prone to aggression and feeling of superiority. They tend to struggle in remaining calm and reflective. They have a strong drive for success but are quite mysterious in their ways. They spend excessively at times. They are quite demanding in nature. They can also be harsh and violent. Poison poses danger to these natives so care should be taken in situations involving toxic materials.

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