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Saturn in Cancer

Cancer is a sign ruled by Moon, which relates to mind and emotions. Saturn is inimical towards Moon so it gives some mental distress to the native having Saturn in Cancer. People with this placement have great depths of character. Their thoughts run deep. Saturn gives them a reflective mind but it fills the mind with negative and depressing thoughts. Such people expect a lot from others and get hurt quite easily when their expectations are not met. These natives majorly struggle to enjoy peace of mind. Quite often, people with Saturn in Cancer feel a sense of loneliness in their life.

Their exterior is calm and collected but they have a lot hidden, just like still waters run deep. With Saturn in Cancer, you have a strong fondness for children and friends but you do not like to show your love and emotions to them. You are very attached to your family, which comes as both a boon as a burden. While you love your near and dear ones, there is a lack of warmth among you all. Saturn in Cancer also gives a stubborn and slow-moving character. It makes the native prone to dental problems and selfishness too.

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