Ketu Sign

Ketu is the South node of the Moon, the reference point where Sun’s path intersects with that of the Moon. In mythology, it is referred to as the tail of the dragon. It works pretty much like Mars. Ketu is a headless smoky planet associated with illusion, mystery, detachment, liberation, secrets etc. Ketu is malefic in nature. It takes away what Rahu gives. However, its ultimate aim is Moksha or spiritual liberation, and while driving you towards it, it might take away what Rahu gives like material possessions and money. Rahu is the head of the dragon while Ketu is the lower half, none is complete without the other. In a way, both these planets represent unquenchable desires. Ketu is the maker of psychopaths and serial killers but it is also the maker of world famous magicians and investigators. The sign where Ketu is placed at the time of birth is called Ketu sign.

Ketu doesn’t have a mind of its own. It is the Dragon’s tail so gives constant movement and itchy feet. When in Aries, it gives a tendency to wander aimlessly, while in Gemini, it causes frequent short travels. When in Sagittarius, it would increase interest in spiritual travels while in Pisces, you may be fond of foreign travels. Ketu in Pisces also gives inclination towards Moksha or spiritual liberation.

Ketu also relates to communication & languages and the sign where it is placed governs your linguistic variation and abilities. Ketu in Taurus, Sagittarius and Pisces gives knowledge of foreign languages but how these signs articulate this knowledge differs a lot. Someone with Ketu in Taurus would have a polite and soft-spoken speech while someone with Ketu in Sagittarius would be very influential and assertive. The words of Pisces would work like magic and have a dreamy quality and with Ketu in Gemini, the person may have the ability to mimic voices like of birds etc.

Your fears, phobias and insecurities also depend upon your Ketu sign. For example, when Ketu is in Cancer, you would always remain worried about family while with Ketu in Libra, you would have a fear of losing your partner. With Ketu in Taurus, you would remain concerned about your material security while someone with Ketu in Scorpio would have fear of heights, poison and enemies. Someone with Ketu in Cancer would have a fear of crowded places while someone with Ketu in Sagittarius would have a fear of confined places.

Ketu is also the karaka of confusion. What you feel confused about in life is also governed by the sign in which Ketu is placed. If you have Ketu in Sagittarius, you might remain highly confused concerning studies. If you have Ketu in Libra, you daily struggle to decide upon what to wear today as dressing sense is your biggest source of confusion. Someone with Ketu in Capricorn would always remain confused about their social status while those with Ketu in Pisces remain confused regarding their spiritual beliefs.

Ketu also gives misunderstanding aligned with the sign where it is placed. When Ketu is in Libra, you are likely to misunderstand your partner while with Ketu in Aries; you would mostly misunderstand your own emotions. Those with Ketu in Cancer lack mental peace while Ketu in Leo on the other hand get carried away and trust others easily.

What you prefer to be mysterious about is also governed by the sign where Ketu in placed. With Ketu in Capricorn, you always keep your business plans under wraps while with Ketu in Scorpio, you always keep your research work garbed and nobody knows what you are up to. With Ketu in Aries, you would have a strange and mysterious personality, very difficult to understand while Ketu in Gemini gives a double-faced, identity confusion. Ketu in Cancer on the other hand do not like to talk about their domestic life and possessions.

Rahu in Scorpio

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Rahu or Dragon’s head is a shadowy planet that represents worldly desire, materialistic possessions, illusions and rebellion and chaos whereas Scorpio is the sign that indicates depth, transformations and secrecy. When Rahu resides in Scorpio it tends to make you focused, determined and you possess a deep thirst for understanding life and its hidden meanings which leads to your interest in occult sciences, secrets and the truth about the unknown.

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Rahu in Sagittarius

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Rahu or Dragon’s head is a shadowy planet that represents desire, and ambition. It is associated with sudden and unexpected changes in any individual’s life, whereas Sagittarius sign is known for freedom and philosophical approach with optimistic outlook towards life. Rahu in Sagittarius indicates the connection of desire and wisdom, and you are a seeker who loves to explore the reality and truth about life.

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