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Ketu in Virgo

What’s beneath the earth has always been a mystery. Virgo is an earthy sign, known for their deep observation. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which shares an average relationship with Ketu. When Ketu is placed in the earthy sign of Virgo, it gives a lot of mystery and secrecy to the native. Such a person has deep thoughts and analysis. Ketu in Virgo also makes the person talkative. It gives a stable temperament and mind to the native as it shares a better relationship with Mercury, unlike Sun and Moon.

Having said that, people born with Ketu in Virgo also tend to waste a lot of time. They face problems related to legs or stomach area. Digestion issues also persist for these natives. There is a strong desire to achieve something in life. They are in fact quite intelligent minded too. They do well in business because of their intellectual capabilities. These natives are very clever and know how to use others and get things done. Ketu in Virgo also makes the person spiritual.

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