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Ketu in Libra

Libra is a sign of balance. It is ruled by Venus, which shares a good relationship with Ketu. Moreover, both these planets are airy. When Ketu is placed in the sign ruled by Venus, it increases one’s management abilities. Such people know how to keep things balanced. Ketu, the Dragon’s tail gives a tendency of movement to the native since Libra is also a movable sign. People with this placement of Ketu in their horoscope have a strong need for change and activity. Ketu here also causes a lot of travels. Such people like to wander, move from one place to another sign.

This placement of Ketu also boosts aggressive instincts in the native. Such people tend to be hard working and clever. They are very talkative and good with public dealing. They know how to react in front of others. Media turns out to be a lucrative field for these people. Ketu in Libra also gives short-temperedness to natives. These people tend to be stubborn and dominating. While they are spiritually inclined, they can turn dishonest at times. Ketu in Libra also makes the native dependent upon family at times. Moreover, skin problems are also common with this placement.

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