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Ketu in Leo

The ruling planet of Leo is Sun, which is a staunch enemy of Ketu. Sun gives aggression and ambition to Leo natives since it’s fire. When Ketu is placed in the fiery sign of Leo, it makes the person impulsive. Due to the confusion and impulse imposed by Ketu, the native often gets angry without any reasons or due to misunderstandings. Ketu in Leo gives a confusing personality to the native. Such people feel a lot of uncertainty before venturing into anything new. Lack of confidence persists. They tend to have a lot of questions and doubts in mind about everything.

These natives tend to develop fear of poison and snakes. Ketu in Sun also makes the person prone to stomach related issues. Such natives tend to know many languages. While they are talkative, they do not get involved in society much. They can be quite impatient at times. Their interests lie in artistic pursuits. They are also good artists themselves at times. These people also attain success in politics. They are self-dependent and have strong management and administrative skills.

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