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Ketu in Pisces

Pisces is a water sign ruled by benevolent Jupiter. Pisces is a sign of intuition and imagination. And when mysterious Ketu in placed in it, the native has a tendency to get lost in the dream world. Ketu doesn’t have a mind of its own since it is the Dragon’s tail. In Pisces, it makes the native irresolute and double minded. This is however, a good position concerning spiritual development. Such people tend to be quite meditative and spiritually inclined. This is also a good placement for religious and foreign travels.

People with Ketu in Pisces tend to have a dreamy disposition. These people often suffer from problems related to eyes and ears. They are fond of travelling and are quite interested in religion and occult subjects. They have a strong desire to achieve respect and a good position in society. They are quite humble and helpful in nature. Disciplined and humane, these natives tend to respect their elders and beliefs. They are in fact quite knowledgeable too. Ketu in Pisces also affords the native with a lot of wealth.

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