Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn also rules Aquarius so when it is placed in its own sign, the results are mostly positive. The mascot of Aquarius is a water bearer with a vessel. People born with Saturn in Aquarius are quite like a vessel. Just as it accommodates water, these natives accommodate a lot of emotions and secrets too. They are quite flexible and justice loving. They are compassionate too, and love to serve others. They have a good judgment of right and wrong. They also have a strong desire to lead. In fact, they tend to show the right path to others. Their social circle is quite varied and huge.

Saturn in Aquarius gives a strong power of concentration. These natives are democratic and believe in equality. Their approach in life is backed by practicality. They work hard, often towards betterment of themselves as well as others. They are impartial and observe both sides of the argument to reach a rational decision. These people are responsible beings and make a wonderful & loyal friend too. They are quite philosophical and intellectual. However, they are susceptible to self-pride, which makes them a social loner. Moreover, addiction to wine and women may also be present in these natives.

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