Virgo Love Horoscope - Marriage

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and it is an earth sign. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury. Mercury indicates communication, intelligence, and networking. In Virgo, the Mercurian qualities get a serious outlook.

Mercury is no more like a playful Gemini. They are known as the perfectionists of the zodiac.  What entices them is logic and practicality coupled with perfection. If you want to date a Virgo, then get ready to be perfect. Otherwise, they may not let you be with them. They don’t like the silly attitude, if they see it, they will criticize you.

Let's look at the positive traits of a Virgo

Virgos are generally picky and have high standards, so love can be a bit of a challenge. They will set this standard in every relation. They don’t hesitate to demand it. The symbol of Virgo is a Virgin which wants to nourish others. They want to grow more, that’s why they keep these standards and they want others also to grow. So, if you are a futuristic person, then the relationship with Virgo will be a valuable addition to you.

Virgos may act tough and wild, but when it comes to love they are very traditional. They like traditional values. If you are a party person like an Aquarius and Leo, then Virgo may not like your outgoing nature. Their highly technical nature may not go well with Libra as well. Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus goes very weak in Virgo.

It is not easy to capture the heart of a Virgo as they are the analysts of the universe. They will analyze you and you have to pass all those complex tests.

They can be slightly introverts, but they are great learners. Mercury is the planet for short matters, so long lasting love relations can be a big challenge for a Virgo. If they get a person who has a zeal for growth and perfection, then there will be a soulful relationship.

Virgos are very caring and alert and this is a very great quality of a Virgo. They are very good at keeping a track of everything. They will remind you if you forget something and this can be seen as a positive as well as a negative trait. This alert nature may be a lifesaver for their spouse. In every situation a Virgo wants others to grow. They like the detailed descriptions of daily routine. They will also give a detailed description. You need to be a good listen just because of this when you date a Virgo.

Virgo is a homely and family person. Male or female, they will take you to the family. They want you to accept the family and they will also accept yours. Since they are earth sign, they get full satisfaction when they are with a homely person. For a Virgo, the family equation is very important. In order to get your Virgo attracted towards you, you must the risk of loving their family as well.

There is nothing wrong in being emotional or sentimental, but if you date a Virgo, try to be practical. They don’t like long term emotional dramas. They don’t like to argue on emotional matters. When they say yes, it means yes and no means a sure no. It is very difficult for a Virgo to change their mind.   

They are very much independent. They don’t like to depend upon someone as well as someone to nag them. They like their spouse to make independent moves, but they also like getting inputs. This is where their spouse may get confused. You can take solo moves, but after taking inputs from your Virgo spouse.

They are reliable, if you ask for an input they will give the best as they think. They will always there to support you with their analytical skills.

Towards the negative side, they are highly critical. It may give a feeling that they are not interested in the spouse. Here comes the importance of taking inputs. If your Virgo spouse sees you failing in an attempt, then they can criticize you left and right. This criticism can be very complicated and the impacts can be long-lasting.

They are naturally very detail oriented so, it can make them very fussy. An Aries can find it difficult to get along with Virgo because Aries is a pioneer and they are not detail oriented. They are there to start something, not to finish it properly. Virgo will try to see every minute possibility and this can be a big issue for an Aries spouse.

They don’t like flattery, and they will clearly say what they have seen in you.  This can be an issue for all the signs including another Virgo. Noone likes blunt communication, so the relationship with Virgo can be challenging for all.

The life with Virgo may not be a great romantic journey, but those who want to grow and develop, for them Virgo spouse will be a crown.

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