Virgo 2017 Love and Marriage Horoscope

You would draw great distinction between 2016 and the last two years as this year comparatively will be much easier to handle. Beyond the battling mind, unrealistic expectations and discontentment in marriage and love matters lays the road to clarity and peacefulness. Compared to last year, you would not be judgmental in 2016 and would exercise objectivity. The year however, is to begin with mental distance and certain issues on the love front. These hurdles could lead to aloofness on a mental and physical level with partner until early August 2016. Afterwards, the clutter in mind will clear up to a great extent.  Focus and energy level will rise, and partner will also rely more on you for comfort and contentment. The period before August will still however see unnecessary disagreements with spouse to make a point, negative thinking, and an over-active imagination.

These moments of aggression and discords could have a long-term negative impact on your relationship, thus exercise caution. Moreover, spouse’s temperament would remain unpredictable from January 7 to May 9, 2016. Unnecessary ego clashes and issues could come up during the period between March 14 and April 14, 2016. You need to be humble, understanding, compromising and flexible to keep things calm between you two. The period between February 12 and March 7, 2016 will be very interesting though, with significant rise in sex appeal. Positive energy and focus will reign over your mind, with possibilities of love. The phase from August 25 to September 19, 2016 will also observe flow of positivity in love matters. You may step up the ladder to commitment in an enduring relationship while sex appeal and social image will be tremendously high too. This Virgo Love Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign. Are you a Virgo Moon Sign? Find it out instantly. Moon Sign is a very significant Astrological Mark to know your future!

Nearing the end of year, the period from December 2 to December 29, 2016 would be quite the same. These three periods given above will bring in the most possibilities of growth and contentment in love relationships. Further, level of aggression will rise in love life between November 1 and December 12, 2016. You should keep anger and unnecessary arguments at bay. Watch your language when speaking to spouse between March 19 and April 3, 2016, as possibilities of discords are exceptionally high during this period. Overall, this year is much better compared to the last two, with improvement in your mental makeup &behavior and an inflow of positivity & energy in relationships bringing happiness. You may also like Love Cartography Report to find out the power location where you will find love. What will my life partner be like is another intuitive reading to know the physical and psychological description of your spouse or love partner.

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