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Jupiter Retrogression in Pisces (29 July – 24 November 2022)

When the benefic planet Jupiter retrogrades, it is time to stand back and review all areas of your life - personal, professional, health, financial, etc. What does this retrogression have in store for you? Read this article for guidance.

Jupiter Retrogression in Pisces
The retrogression of Jupiter in Pisces will take place on 29 July 2022 and end on 24 November 2022.

A planet is in ‘retrogression’ when it appears to move backwards in the sky. The speed of the planet’s revolution changes with respect to the speed of the earth’s revolution, creating the optical illusion of the planet moving backwards while it is still moving forward in the zodiac.

Jupiter, when in retrogression, can make you less concerned about physical and materialistic happenings in the world and more interested in an evaluation of the soul, in self-reflection, especially related to those aspects of the astrological house through which Jupiter is moving in your birth chart.

Effects of Jupiter Retrogression on all Zodiac Signs


With Jupiter transiting the 12th house of expenses, losses, foreign travels and physical desires, the retrogression would bring the need or opportunity to increase your expenses to a critical point. Since Jupiter here brings useful expenses rather than wasteful ones, there are good chances of investment in a home or Read More


Wit Jupiter transiting the 11th house of income, social gathering and fulfillment of desires, the retrogression will make your approach a little imperfect, but you will succeed despite misunderstandings and disappointments. There are chances of financial windfall even though your professional progress will be Read More


With Jupiter transiting the 10th house of career and status, opportunities will be restricted for your progress in career; there will be minimum job satisfaction. The retrogression will make others fearful, but it will naturally inspire you to hold your current ideas of work for a while. Professionally, your efforts will Read More


With Jupiter transiting the 9th house of fortune and long travel, the retrogression will have its unusual ways of blessing you with good luck. All your astrological cards are packed with increment in career, bonding in relationship and long travels. This transit will favor both salaried and independent entrepreneurs with Read More


With Jupiter transiting the 8th house of hurdles and sudden gains, it will affect your creativity and approach. The retrogression will be challenging for you with obstacles, but accepting and adopting new ways and moving forward with restrictions will be your cup of tea during this period. The professional front may Read More


With Jupiter transiting the 7th house of marriage, partnership and associations, the retrogression will slow your progress. You will have to initiate strong efforts towards your work as well as personal relationships for progress to happen. Your professional front will give you good and favorable results if you are able to identify Read More


Jupiter will be transiting the 6th house of health, debt, disease, and rivals. The retrogression will bring a fluctuation in your nature; you will toy with your own decisions, which may postpone progress but will not stop it. On the professional front, you may be challenged and struggle to submit your commitments on Read More


Jupiter will be transiting the 5th house of love, children and entertainment. The retrogression will be the right time to reveal your secrets and adopt a straight manner of approach in work and relationships as Jupiter inspires you to become upfront in your expressions. Your professional front will see a mix of Read More


With Jupiter transiting the 4th house of domestic peace, prosperity and stability, the retrogression will affect your work and hinder harmony in personal relationships. This will be very annoying, so take your time to bring your life on your track. Your professional front will demand more efforts and attention as the work Read More


Jupiter will be transiting the 3rd house of initiative, siblings and short travels. This retrogression will bring its own set of challenges to you by posing instant change of plans. However, your zodiac sign makes you naturally organized. This period will see you negotiate a balance between impulse and habit. Your professional life will be marked with Read More


With Jupiter transiting the 2nd house of family and finances, this retrogression will not grant you the contentment to live your life in your own terms. Gear up for changes that Jupiter has in store for you in your current plans. On the professional front, this will be a period with moderate results with respect to all your ventures. You will not be able to Read More


Jupiter will be transiting the 1st house or ascendant house of self, personality and nature. This retrogression will tone down your adventurous nature and let your events flow naturally. It will also bless you with progress, but with a slow and steady pace. However, at your professional front, you will not be able to Read More


Jupiter’s retrogression will have different effects on different people, but the following remedies will work for everyone irrespective of their zodiac signs.
  • Donate food to any Brahmin or spiritual teacher, especially on a Thursday.
  • Wearing yellow clothes, adorning yellow flowers, wearing a yellow topaz ring or pendant can enhance your Jupiter.
  • Applying a dot of saffron or turmeric on the forehead can help relieve routine stress in daily life.