Saturn-Ketu Conjunction in Sagittarius

  • Feb 26, 2019
  • Pt. Punarvasu

What’s making the Saturn-Ketu conjunction 2019 so important?

Saturn is the planet of discipline, law & order and all things as per the dharma. Saturn teaches you life lessons, but they come to you hard ways. It tests your mettle first and then hands you over the verdict, either rewarding you for your upright efforts or punishes you for taking shortcuts and getting off the track. Saturn, that way is a hard task master, it lets you fail, doesn’t forewarn. There is no learning whatsoever. That way it causes delays in your life.

Ketu, the lunar node on the other hand just doesn’t care about the dogmatic ways of life. It implores you to look within and find your answers. It doesn’t accept things on as-is-where is basis, instead it pushes you to break away from the norms. Ketu makes you go in a denial mode and the area of your horoscope signified by Ketu is suggestive of the transformations you would undergo by adopting Ketu’s ways of doing things – by self awakening.

2019 transit of Saturn & Ketu in Sagittarius

These two opposing forces of Saturn & Ketu are meeting in the sign of Sagittarius, synonymous with dogmatic thinking and life philosophy that is the basis of set patterns in thinking. This is indicative of a break in the age old patterns and new philosophy and a new world order is likely to emerge from here. This conjunction of Ketu with Saturn had last occurred eleven years back in 2007-08 when Lehman Brother’s crisis had gripped the world and triggered the recessionary trends in the world economy. The established norms have been broken every time these two planets have come together. You can recall from your own life, the changes it underwent during that time and how it impacted your life ahead. 

Saturn & Ketu conjunction marks the two clashing energies which denotes the conundrum of ‘delay’ & ‘denial’ in your life. Ketu creates war hysteria pushing nations to the edge of brinkmanship. Indo-China war of 1962 was fought when Ketu was conjunct Saturn. Ketu is known to disrupt and dissipate energy, creating an 'illusion' of invincibility,tempting to take decisions which generally tend to go against the common wisdom.

What does Saturn-Ketu conjunction mean for you?

Wherever in your horoscope, this conjunction is taking place, it depicts the area of your life that is going to undergo a change in the norms. Ketu with Saturn is known to create situations of inconstancy and instability. It pushes the fear and insecurity and tempts you to get out of the situation. For instance if this conjunction occurs in the sign of partnership and union, there would be a strong urge to forgo your relationship or even re define the relationship equation. Which is what the effect of Ketu with Saturn will push you into. But you must let go off this temptation. The area where this conjunction occurs in your chart would reel under the effects pushing you into changes which you must not get into and should 'resist'. The miscalculated moves and decisions during the tricky transit period often cost one dearly.   

Pt. Punarvasu


syed moheed
Mar 16, 2019 03:59 pm

Lovely and your phylogeny is deeply analyzed Keep it up

Nand Lal Sharma
Aug 22, 2019 06:41 pm

Amazing accuracy in interpretation of horoscope. sTILL UNDERSTATEMENTS COULD BE MORE DIRECT AND SHARP LIKE DARTING ARROWS OF ASTROLOGY.. Excellent study.

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