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All those Venusian Secrets

All those Venusian Secrets

Who doesn’t love this planet represents white, love, beauty, luxury, and marriage? The name itself is very sweet and more than any planet, this planet has the highest amount of fan following. It indicates love, which everyone in the world wants. Are love and luxury the only indicators of Venus? Let’s look deeply on what Venus truly indicates.

Venus in Vedas

Venus or Shukra is known as the guru of Asuras in the Vedas. Jupiter is the guru of Devas, who are the arch enemies of Asuras. When we check the Vedas, we will come to know that Venus is highly skilled than Jupiter. Venus knew the Sanjeevani Vidya, by which the dead are raised, and that was not known to Jupiter. Even Jupiter sent his Son to the ashram of Venus.

Venus has a healing nature as well, but it is not a planet which indicates healing. It has got that property which can bond two people, that is love. Nowadays, people are coming out in open regarding their sexual orientation. There are same-sex relationships are also getting legal recognition in many countries. Venus indicates love for your partner. It shows the sweet and tender love which is not aggressive if Venus is in a good mode.

What is a Good Venus?

Venus is a tender planet, so it doesn’t like to be in hard signs. It is a very sensitive planet, so when it is in hard signs like Virgo, and Scorpio it will find it little difficult to be stable and happy.

Venus gets weak in the sign of Virgo and it is known as the debilitation sign of Virgo. If you or your partner's chart has Venus in the sign of Virgo, then it shows you have to make a lot of adjustment in the marital life. Such people should not take any risk in the relationship. It will be always good for you to have a relationship with the consent of your elders. Such people should not jump into any such relationships.

When your Venus is in Scorpio, then there will be a lot of volatility on the relationship. Scorpio is the sign of ups and downs, so in the relationship, you may take more time for stability. Scorpio is a deep and troubling sign, so Venus doesn’t want to go through the challenges. That may bring a sense of instability in the relationships.

Venus is a planet which likes to enjoy the name and fame. So, it naturally likes to be in the first house. The first house in the chart indicates your personality and image. If Venus is here then you will naturally get attention from others. This is a good placement of the Venus is not in Virgo or Scorpio. When you or your partner has a Venus in Scorpio, then you or they can be mysterious as well.

Venus generally doesn’t like to be in the sixth house because it rules complex matters and Venus will lose its charm while dealing with debts, enemies and health issues. Despite the sign, Venus doesn’t like the sixth house. So, if your or your partners Venus are in the sixth house, then there are chances for continuity in the relationship with challenges. Provided there are other conditions as well. However, there are high chances for disruptions in the relationship.

Venus is not in friendship with the Sun and Moon. If it is in close conjunction with Sun, then Venus will be in the fire which is not a property of Venus, as Venus indicates a cool breeze of love. It loses its charm when it is closer to the Sun. That is a signal for a troubled relationship. If you see that conjunction in your chart, or your partner's chart, then you need to be very sacrificial.

Venus likes to be in Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. All these signs indicate socialization. Venus doesn’t like to be hiding, so when Venus is in these signs, it will be highly active and that may make the person a crowd puller. The same effect will be seen when Venus is in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th houses. Provided, the sign should not be Virgo or Scorpio.

Retrogression is another challenge for Venus. When Venus is in 5th, 6th or 7th houses in your chart, from the Sun, then Venus will be in a retrogression mode. That shows you may have to fight with the same issues in every relationship. This Venus will ask you to desire more, but you may get less happiness.

Is There any Remedy for Bad Venus?

There is a simple remedy; however, no remedy can erase the ill effects. So, you should not have any misconceptions. Before doing this remedy, you should make sure that you are doing this not to get beneficial results. That will take away the strength of the solution. You should find a girl, who is a single, preferably under 15 and sponsor her continuously for her upbringing. You can sponsor her studies or anything, but it should be continuous.