Saturn results when it turns direct

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Saturn governs key areas of our life, such as profession, marriage, health, spirituality, state of mind, to name a few. The placement and movement of the planet can change our life quite drastically. In this article, we discuss the effects of Saturn when it goes direct in your birth chart.

Saturn results when it turns direct


The placement of Saturn in your birth chart can say a lot about the various aspects of your life especially your career, your love or married life, your spiritual orientation, your financial status, your health, and well-being. It also speaks a lot about the various lessons that one learns in life with the experiences gained.

Truth to be told, Saturn is the most powerful planet according to Vedic astrology which is why it is also wrongly famous as the most feared planet by people. If it favors you, he can turn ‘dust into gold’ and ‘rags to riches’ stories true.

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Saturn governs most of our key areas of life such as profession or career; married or love life; spiritual life; mental stability; debts; health and well-being, and abroad connections or relocations are to be named few amongst them. These areas play a very crucial and essential role in the life of human beings.

What is Saturn Direct Mean?

According to Vedic astrology, Saturn moves in two ways, in retrograde motion and when it turns direct. Both the movements are poles apart in their way of behavior and effects they cause of an individual.

When we say that the ‘Saturn is Direct’, it basically means that the planet Saturn is straight and on a faster pace. You may be able to get new advancement and development soon coming your way. Along with this, you may also have a spic and span plan of action to follow for the future. Saturn or Shani is mostly ‘Margi’ which means Direct.

When a planet is said to be retrograde it simply means that it is having an extremely slow and reverse movement in the native chart. This causes reverse effects of the planet to appear in your life causing multiple kinds of sufferings coming your way.

In the following article, we are covering reasons how a Saturn Direct the Six Key areas of Life.

  1. First Key Area: Career or Profession

The planet Saturn, in general, is said to rule or aspect the career or profession in the chart. If the placement of the Saturn is strong as per your birth chart, then Saturn is known to bestow special benefits such as stability, success, high or great achievements in life; brings you name and fame especially after 35 years of age.

Just in case, if the placement of Saturn is not good, then it will give negative effects such as delay in every field of work, huge failures, struggle, disappointment in career especially in business or high investment activities or projects.

  1. Second Key Area: Married Life

If the Saturn’s placement is good or strong or is the lord of or aspecting the Seventh House, then it is assured that your married life will remain peaceful, stable, prosperous and pleasant throughout.

But if the Saturn is either debilitated or retrograde Saturn in the Seventh House, it is believed to be the bearer of bad news only as separation is on the cards as it ruins the love or married life of the native. Sexual inabilities or weakness will also become a major issue with a retrograde Saturn.

  1. Third Key Area: Spiritual Life

A strong Saturn, especially in the 1st, 5th, and 12th House, indicates a great spiritual journey for the native. Saturn in the above-mentioned position of Saturn when it is Direct bestows the native with high spiritual knowledge and makes them highly interested in noble and charity work in life.

But, just in case, there is a malefic Saturn in any chart, it will keep you aloof from religious and spiritual activities. Such people tend to become aesthetic in nature in the long run.

  1. Fourth Key Area: Mental Stability

Strong Saturn or Saturn Direct gives good advisory powers and ability along with mental stability. It also bestows the native with a strong decision making power.

On the other hand, malefic Saturn brings confusion especially on special occasions in life.

  1. Fifth Key Area: Health

If the placement of Saturn is good then the native will remain in the ‘Pink of Health’. By this, we mean that you will not suffer from any long-term illness or sickness.

On the off chance that you may have a malefic Saturn in your charts then problems related to joints and low memory power (or in the worst cases, memory loss); long-term sickness or health issues will be a common factor in your life.

  1. Sixth Key Area: Abroad Connection or Relocation

If Saturn is strongly connected to the 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 12th Houses then the abroad connection will always prove to be good and in your favor. It will also grant a high possibility of permanent settlement which will prove beneficial in terms of career and financial growth in the long term.

If the Saturn is malefic in any of the above-mentioned houses or all of them; stability will become a major issue. You may have to face big challenges with your abroad connections or relations. Mostly travel and relocation will be unsuccessful and unfruitful for you.


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