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Banking and finance as a career for Scorpio moon sign

Determined and passionate are the words that define a Scorpio. This moon sign is ruled by Mars and is characterized by a distinctive sense of loyalty, a go-getter attitude and intensity that no other moon sign possess. As a working professional, Scorpio ascendants are both headstrong and charming. This makes them quite affable and desirable as co-workers.

They are happy working independently with limited instructions and have an eye for minute details. Thus, a career in banking and finance could be an ideal choice, for their inherent skills in research, rationality, intuitiveness and adaptability can be utilized in functions such as data analysis, financial research, auditing, financial advisory and wealth management.

Besides these skills, you need a strong placement of Jupiter (which signifies wisdom and money) in your birth chart along with some other significant planetary combinations and strengths, which include:

  • Strength of 2nd and 11th house (income source)
  • Strong moon (signifies prosperity)
  • Higher education prospects
  • Foreign connection
  • Strong 4th house (for people and masses)

Know the strength of your Jupiter to evaluate your wealth luck

Acccording to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter in is considered to be associated with luck, fortune and wealth. It also signifies wisdom. So, whatever you earn with Jupiter’s strength in your birth chart, it will be through your intelligence and education. And, since banking and finance does require both, a well-placed Jupiter can further your career graph in this domain. For Scorpio ascendants, in particular, Jupiter is the lord of the 2nd and 5th house, i.e., it influences your monetary wealth and public dealing skills.

  • In case, Jupiter occupies your 1st house, it empowers you with knowledge and high levels if intellect. A solid combination makes you someone who is action-oriented with a purpose. In the domain of banking and finance, this will help you do well in roles which require money transactions and public dealing.
  • If Jupiter is placed in your ascendant and aspects the 11th house or its lord or the 2nd house or its lord, and if Venus is exalted and strong with Mercury, chances of your success in the banking and finance field is high.

Moon and your prosperity in banking career need to mutually correlate

A positively placed Moon in your natal chart helps ascend your affluence. It also makes the native, mentally and emotionally strong, thus, boosting their concentration and relationship building skills. These qualities help the native excel in profile such as core accountancy, wealth management, financial consultants and sales and marketing profession as in the banking and finance sector.

For the Scorpio ascendant, Moon is the lord of the 9th house. This placement is highly favorable for success in jobs which require high level of intellect and astuteness. This also makes some of you an innovator and thus, you can do brilliantly in areas which require use of new and high-end technologies to promote banking operations. Additionally, if Moon is placed in your 6th house, which has the lordship of Mars, it can help augment your ambitious spirit to touch greater heights in your career.

Mars as your ruler will bestow you with the best of career gains

Mars is the ascendant Lord for Scorpio. It occupies your 1st and 6th house and influences your attitude, aptitude, education and travel prospects. If placed well it can send you abroad to pursue higher education or you may even settle abroad through your professional endeavors.

No career is however successful unless it supports your livelihood. A suitable placement of Mars in your birth chart will also help align income gains to your chosen field of work. If the placement is afflicted your hard work will not reap any monetary gains, in any given situation.

  • So, for Scorpio native to generate enough income from their career in banking and finance sector, they must have a strong Mars well-placed in the 10th house (the house of career) of their natal chart.
  • This placement will ensure that you get good career gains, as here Mars will aspects your 11th (of income) house from its position.

Sun’s strength will give you name and fame

While most of us can earn well through our career, not all of us get the public recognition, status and fame. There are some luck people who receive social accolades and become an inspiration for masses. Most of these people have the blessings of the divine planet Sun.

Sun gives a native the opportunity to achieve name, fame and status in life. It also gives the natives the leadership skills, optimism, resilience and resolve to fight any hurdle that comes in the way of their success. However, if the same Sun is afflicted it can lead to indecisiveness, low self-confidence and extreme aggression.

  • For Scorpio native, if Sun (as the lord of career house) is placed in its own sign and makes an association with Mars by the placement of Mars in the 10th house of career, it can foster their chances of getting a job in a government sector bank.
  • If Sun, Mars and Venus are well-placed together in your 10th house, then also you can make it to a government sectorbank. In fact, this placement is also suspicious for those who want to make a career in an intentional banking and finical institute. Moreover, it makes the native an exceptionally good banker.

Saturn and Mercury helps expand your work scope and horizon

Work-related foreign trips and abroad settlements have become a common thing these days. Most of the new generation workforce aspire to work on the global level, as they consider it a better option for income and lifestyle enhancement. If you also one of these people and born in the moon sign of Scorpio, you need to fulfill the below mentioned conditions to have a successful career abroad:

  • Saturn is the lord of the 3rd and 4th house in the birth chart of a Scorpio native. If this is placed in your 9th house, it can give you options to travel for work and study-related matters in the sphere of banking and finance. You can even pursue a career as a freelance financial consultant with this placement.
  • Saturn’s aspect on your 11th house ensures a good source of income from banking and finance sector.
  • Mercury is the lord of your 8th and 11th house and if it is placed in your 12th house you might just get some real good opportunities to earn good income from banking and finance sector, when you least expect them.
  • This placement of Mercury also connects well with your dream to travel/settle abroad, as it indicates change of place.

Besides, there are certain other combinations also which can support your career growth in the banking and finance domain. One of the highly significant of these combinations is the ‘Laxmi Yoga’, a very rare yoga, which is generally found in the birth chart of the people who own the banks. So, if you have a strong and well-connected 2nd and 9th house you are one lucky soul blessed with this auspicious yoga.

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