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An improved life through Astrology

Astrology is the knowledge of higher beings; it has a divine touch too. There are people who hate astrology, but all around the world, people depend on astrology to improve their life. Astrology has an interpretation for anything in your life despite who you are. You may be a busy IT tycoon in Silicon Valley or a poor farmer in India, who is worried about less rain and the falling price of crops. Astrology has a lot of things to guide you. There is nothing in your life is not mentioned in astrology. It is a fact.

The fundamentals of Astrology

An astrology chart has 12 divisions. These divisions are known as houses.

  1. The First House, Ascendant or Lagna

The Self (Atman),   childhood, health, vitality, attitude,  physiology,   innate nature, personality, character, temperament, ego  fame, splendour, general welfare,   status in society, health, complexion,     strength,  the physical body, character, the constitution, happiness, dreams and the skin.   Body parts: head, brain.

  1. The Second House

Family, face, speech, facial organs, food intake,  sources of income, valuable properties,    precious metals,   wealth, food,   movable property, ornaments, jewels,   vision, creative imagination, self-confidence,   education, career and  memory,   Body parts: eyes, right eye, face, mouth, tongue.

  1. The Third House

Intelligence, short travels, neighbors, relatives,   writings; courage,     motivation, interests, hobbies, sports, neighbors, short-term desires,   short contacts, telephonic contacts, correspondence,   strength, valor, courage,  computer skills, the death of parents.   Body parts: throat, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, the upper part of the chest, right ear.

  1. The Fourth House

Peace  , mind, heart,   happiness, close friends,  family members,  mother,  well-wishers, home, education, comforts, homeland,  landed   property, houses,   underground treasures, wells, agricultural products, vehicles,   holy places, moral virtues,   piety, righteous conduct, character, good name and reputation, education,    immovable/moveable property, good name,  change of residence,  generosity,  and maternal relatives.  Body parts: chest, lungs, heart.

  1. The Fifth House  

Creative Intelligence,   fame, position in life, past life credits, knowledge, education, memory,   skill,   initiation, talents,   discretion, advice,     knowledge of mantras, tantra  and mantras, virtues, ruling powers, royalty, authority, fall from position,   amusements, romance, children, disciples,   prosperity,   hospitality, scholarship, joy,   discriminating power, children, secrecy, ancient sciences and contentment.   Body parts: stomach area, heart.

  1. The Sixth House

Enemies, thieves, physical ailments,   sorrows and disappointments; debts,   maternal relatives, fight, diseases,   pets, fear,    and lower employees.         Body parts: navel area, intestines, digestive tract.

  1. The Seventh House

Spouse,   partner, lover, marriage, partnership,   marital happiness, sexual affairs, sexual diseases, contracts, share trading, diplomacy travels, sexual intercourse, loss,   conjugal happiness, prostitution, partnership breaks of journeys and luxuries.  Business partner, cooperation,   commerce, travel, journeys, living abroad, happiness from children.  Body parts: Waist area, colon, external and internal sexual organs.

  1. The Eight House

Longevity, excretory organ,  gifts, cause of death, wills, disgrace, defeat, insult, servants, impediments, lost articles,  volatility,   transformation,  mystical sciences, transcendence,   regeneration,  discontinuation, dangers, chronic ailments, inheritance, in-laws, and overseas journeys  Body parts: external sexual organs.

  1. The Ninth House

spirituality, adventure,  - the guru, grandchildren,  and metaphysical studies,   religious devotion and law, wealth,   philosophy, science, literature,  fame, leadership, charities, higher intelligence,  long journeys, foreign travels, father,   dharma, merits from past lives, fortunes, meditation, yoga, tapas,   philosophy, world view, faith, religion, worship,   higher education, professional training,   and  pilgrimages  Body parts: thighs, hips.

  1. The Tenth House

 profession, career, fame, honor,  prestige, success and status in society,  promotion, rank,   happiness, authority, royalty, the ruling class,   dignity,   commerce, trade, clothing.  Temporal honors, success, self-respect,   farming, distinction, self-control and grace. Body parts: knees, spine

  1. The Eleventh House

 gains, accomplishments, friends, assets and liabilities, elder brother and sisters, daughters, gains, profits, all articles,   wealth, prosperity, long-term desires, fulfilment of dreams and ambitions in life, good news,   Body parts: calves, ankles, left ear.

  1. The Twelfth House

misery, losses,  sympathy, moksha  worship,   enlightenment,  isolation,  renunciation,   disappointment,   hidden enemies, detachment, physical issues,  reincarnation ,  black magic, foreign stay,   donations, charity, journey to far off distant lands, confinement in prison, hospital or monastery, pleasures of the bed, secret enemies, and spies  Body parts: feet, left eye.

Looking at these facts, we will be able to understand, that there is nothing which is not mentioned in astrology.

There are various schools of astrology and all of them have a lot of great inputs to give you.

How does an Astrological prediction assist you?

If your career is sinking, then astrology has the power to show you the ideal domain. Yet, it depends upon your Mahadasa. If your Mahadasa is not supporting your career, then you have to wait until your Mahadasa supports a good career growth.

At the same time, astrology has to tell you some realities as well. There are certain things destined for us. Happiness and pains are also part of life. There are so many singles out there in the world and it shows not all are destined to have a partner.

The Astrological assurance

There are people who live in prison for so many years and they have banana yoga in their chart. There are people who get lottery for billions and they will have great dean yoga’s in their chart.

If a person’s life is going in a regressive mode, then astrology can show, until how long they have to go through this rough patch and they will be able to make practical decisions according to the inputs.

So, astrology is a great tool, which can be used to improve our lives. Since it is a divine subject, its role is to enlighten us.