Planetary Remedies For Bad or Weak Mars

(Moon Sign Based)

Mars is the ruler of your logic, strength and fighting spirit. Thus it is one of the key planets. This article deals with the Vedic remedies for Mars. Read it to find how a weak Mars affects the life negatively.

Planetary Remedies For Bad or Weak Mars


Mangal or Mars signifies physical strength and confidence in an individual. It rules over the bone marrow, blood and muscles of a human body. When Mars is weak or malefic in nature in any of the charts it results in many malefic side-effects such as knee pain, eyesight problems, and may also cause anemia in a person.

On the off chance that Mars is afflicted in a natal chart or is placed in malefic houses such as the Sixth House or the Eighth House or the Twelfth House or has a conjunction with a malefic planet such as Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu or is debilitated in Cancer in any birth chart or natal chart or horoscope then native needs to go through various planetary remedies for the Graha Shanti process of Mars and its ill-effect on his or her life.

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Ill Effects of Weak Mars on the Native’s Life

When the Governor of Passion, Mars is placed in malefic houses such as the Sixth House or the Eighth House or the Twelfth House or is badly placed or is debilitated in Scorpio moon sign or has conjunction with any malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu, then the native may have to face problems such as:

Weak Decision-Making Ability: the malefic or weak Mars makes the native doubt his decisions as it affects strong decision-making skills. The native will make multiple decisions on the same issue but will never be able to come to a solid conclusion at the end of the day.

Lack of Courage and Confidence: A debilitated or wrongly-placed Mars may lead to the loss of confidence in oneself and also affects the courage factor of the person. The person starts being hesitant in public and may show symptoms of low self-confidence leading to lower self-esteem in him or her.

Dispute with Siblings: A badly placed Mars or a weak Mars creates a ridge or gap in the relationship native shares with his or her siblings. Unnecessary and unexpected arguments, disputes and quarrel become common and thus affect their bond negatively.

Low Physical Stamina: A malefic or Weak Mars when wrongly placed in malefic houses such as the Sixth House or the Eighth House or the Twelfth House or the planet has bad conjunction then the physical strength and stamina of the native decreases. He or she may experience lack of energy, fatigue and may get exhausted within a short duration of performing any physical activity.

Planetary Remedies for Mangal (Mars)

Graha Shanti of Mangal (Mars) with Chanting the Bija Mantra

The chanting of the Mangal Bija Mantra on Tuesday for 10000 times will help the native to strengthen his or her Mars thus reducing the malefic effects of the planet on their life. The native needs to start the chanting of the Bija Mantra early in the morning after taking a bath on an empty stomach or before having any breakfast. The native needs to sit still on a mat on the ground and meditate with full devotion while chanting the Bija Mantra for 11000 times.

Bija Mantra

Aum Kran Krin Kron seh Bhaumaaye Namah

It is suggested that the native starts practicing the remedy on a Tuesday. Also, one must note that completing the ‘Mantra Jaap’ of 10000 times of the Bija Mantra Chant will take more than a day. Therefore, it is better suggested to complete as many times as you can in one seating. Continue following the process as suggested above for coming few days till the ‘Mantra Jaap’ count is accomplished.

Once the Mantra Jaap is complete, try and donate red clothes or red products such as lentils (masoor dal), red vermillion, etc and other red food or usable products to the poor and needy on a Tuesday. The native can also go for a blood donation on Tuesdays as well.

Chanting or Reading Hanuman Chalisa

The person affected by a weak or malefic Mars should chant or at least read Hanuman Chalisa in the morning and evening for at least 40 days. If because of the busy schedule, just in case the affected individual is unable to do it both the time then doing it in the morning after taking a bath will also strengthen Mars in his or her chart. Reading the Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays is a must but it can be done on a daily basis as it helps to improve the positive qualities of the planet Mars thus improving the quality of life of the native.

The chanting or reading of Hanuman Chalisa enhances the decision making power and also gives the strength and courage to the native in order to face the life head-on.

Aushadhi Snana (Ayurvedic Bath) to Strengthen Moon

In order to strengthen a weak or malefic Mars, the native should take a bath with water infused with herbs such as Bilwa Chhal (Stone Apple or Bengal Quince’ bark), Hing (Asafetida), Jatamansi (Spikenard), Maulsari (Spanish Cherry or Bullet Wood or Medlar), Malkangani (Celastrus, Black-oil Plant or Climbing Staff Tree) and Gangajal (Holy Ganges Water). Taking a bath with this ayurvedic water for a minimum of 5 Tuesday (if you cannot make it a daily habit) will help the native to get rid of the malefic or bad effects of a weak or malefic Mars from their life and will help in strengthening the positive and good effects of the planet.

Besides the above-mentioned remedies, there are various other effective remedies that help strengthen the Moon of the native. They are:

  • Reciting Gayatri Mantra or worshipping Orange idol of Lord Ganesha is an effective remedy for weak or debilitated Mars.
  • Another great remedy for a bad or weak Mars is to plant pomegranate tree outside the boundary of home.
  • Feeding a monkey is also a potent way to tranquilize Malefic Mars in the natal chart.
  • Staying in a joint family will mitigate the harmful impact of a weak or malefic Mars.
  • Blood donation is one of the best remedies for Mars.
  • Donate sweets to religious places close by in order to get some relief from the bad effects of weak or malefic Mars.
  • Regularly pay a visit to holy places.
  • Giving gifts to your sisters (elder or younger) on their special occasion will also improve and strengthen your weak or malefic Mars.
  • Donate to farmers, military funds and law enforcement units.
  • Gifting copper-made objects to friends or any pottery is a beneficial thing to do.
  • Plant an Indian Lilac in your backyard or garden.


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