Government Job Prediction by Date of Birth & Time

(Moon Sign Based)

A government job in a good position can secure your life, both financially and professionally. Some specific yogas determine the possibilities of getting a government job. This piece focusses on several, special planetary conjunctions for a career in the government sector.

Government Job Prediction by Date of Birth & Time


Getting a government job has always been the priority for many over a private job across the globe and especially in Asia. Moreover, most individuals try taking some sort of entrance examination at least once to bag a government job. The reason behind choosing a government job over a private job is nothing but the benefits, amenities, and royal feel that it offers.

Furthermore, individuals find government jobs more stable and peaceful which jobs in private sectors lack. No wonder, private jobs offer better compensation, yet they lack offering the mental peace and family life balance.

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Apart from Vedic astrology, according to the concept of numerology, the date and time of birth also help in predicting the job profile of a person. Planets have a set of numbers that are connected to individual planets. Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn play an important role in getting a government job as per numerology and Vedic astrology.

In this piece, we will discuss predictions related to government jobs by an individual’s date and time of birth.

Planet: Sun

Number allotted to Sun: 1

Birth date: 1, 10, 19, 28 or sum of birth date = 1

Such individuals have a higher chance of bagging a government job. Sun is a very well placed planet in the birth chart of such individuals. Sun represents authority, power, strength, the feeling of “I” or self, and ego. Therefore, government job will always favor individuals with a strong Sun. Those who are born between the time periods from the break of dawn up to the first half of the afternoon also have a strong chance to get a Government job.

Also if the sum of the birth date, month, and year equals ‘1’ there is a strong Sun in the individual’s chart and in Vedic astrology, a strong Sun means strong possibilities of getting a good government job.

Sun is known as the planet of prominence and has a strong connection with the 9th House (House of Fortune), 10th House (House of Career or Profession) and 11th House (House of Income). If in case, the Sun stands weak in the native’s birth chart, then one should immediately consult an extremely well qualified, experienced, and certified astrologer to accentuate its effects and powers. Also, one should take up few remedial solutions to strengthen Sun in one’s chart.

Planet: Saturn

Number allotted to Saturn: 8

Birth date:8, 17, 26 or sum of birth date = 8

Saturn is the second most important planet when it comes to predict the chances of getting a government job. It is the karaka or significator of career hence symbolizes service. Thus, it is mostly observed that individuals with well-reputed government job have a very well placed Saturn in their natal chart.

Saturn represents discipline, spirituality, friendliness, expansion, and wisdom. It stands for public, factory, and railways-related work. Saturn, when placed in a horoscope, will bring good luck and fortune. It has a strong connection with the 10th House (House of Career) which ensures that the individual gets a government job. Those born under the time periods between the break of dawn up to the first half of the afternoon are said to have a strong chance of getting a Government Job.

Saturn’s appropriate placement in the natal chart of an individual, brings a brighter future. It also increases the capabilities to make right choices regarding career to avoid sufferings.

Planet: Jupiter

Number allotted to Jupiter: 3

Birth date:3, 12, 21 or sum of birth date = 3

Such individuals possess a great chance of bagging a government job due to the well-placed Jupiter in their birth chart. Jupiter embodies wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, prosperity, success, fame, and good luck. Therefore, a government job for people with strong Jupiter in amalgamation with Saturn or Sun will for all time be advantageous for them. Those who are born between the time periods from the daybreak up to the first half of the afternoon also have strong prospects to get a Government job.

Jupiter is known to bring stability in every aspect of life. Along with this, if the total sums of the birth date of a person (including their month and the year in which they are born in) equals to the number assigned to Jupiter that is‘1’ then they show a strong Jupiter in the native’s chart and in Vedic astrology, a strong Jupiter refers to a strong likelihood that is most probably to favor high probabilities to receiving a good government job.

Jupiter has a strong connection with the 9th House (House of Fortune) and the 10th house (House of Career or Profession) which further indicate high chances for a native to grab a government job.


These are the few indications given by numerology which accounts for about 20-25 percent of the prediction for a government job. However, the major chunk of probabilities and assurance still come in the favor of Vedic Astrology as to whether a person will be able to ace or bag a Government job or not – which will majorly depend upon the various planetary positions (including the most important planets) in their birth chart along with their time of birth .

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