Which Type of A Sleeping Beauty Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

Which Type of A Sleeping Beauty Are You Based On Your Zodiac?


Sleep in a wonderful creation of God which gives us the time off to relax our mind, body, and soul. As the per the fairytale, we all have heard in our childhood of the “Sleeping Beauty”, in the real world we all are one on one or the other level just not cursed by a witch on the prick of a spindle.

Even though Science may prove and blame the various sleeping patterns of the people as the after-effects of genetic mutation on the cellular level but it has a far deeper meaning associated with it! Vedic astrology plays a major role in forming a sleep cycle of a person. It all depends on the various planetary positions and placements and other astrological factors that affect the sleep of a native belong to any of the 12 ascendants (zodiac sign).

Here, we will discuss in brief the various sleeping pattern of all the 12 ascendants (zodiac sign) in order to know what sort of a sleeping beauty are you.

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  1. Aries

Aries ascendants generally are the ‘early to bed, early to rise’ sort of humans. Ruled by Mars, they are hyperactive being and hence are also big-time fitness freaks who love to spend time over training their mind soul and especially their body and its strength. Laziness and lethargy can never come anywhere close to them given their physical fitness routines are never missed. They have a sound sleep and therefore when they go to bed, they are laying like a log in bed. But just in case something bothers them, they are unable to sleep at all on that night or unless issues are resolved.

As vivid as their character, Aries see vivid dreams connected to the things they have been pondering over or would have happened recently in real life especially when they are really stressed or tensed.

  1. Taurus

For the Taurus ascendant, they are the night crawlers and dwellers of the world; which means they are active at night and sleep during the daytime. Because of this habit against the natural sleeping habit of human anatomy, Taureans suffer from various problems related to their digestive system.

Taurus native needs a sleeping set-up before going for their beauty nap. In their bedrooms, there should be a clean and comfortable bed with soft pillows, dim light mild, subtle fragrance of oil diffusing lamps while sleeping. It is essential for them to switch off all of the gadgets including their phone, tabs, and laptop while sleeping (at least put them on silent or hibernate mode) so that there shall be no disturbance while they sleep.

  1. Gemini

Geminis are pretty lazy people and are heels over heels in love with their sleep. They spend most of their life while sleeping. They can sleep through every good and phase of their life. They might even look for reasons to go to sleep. Just in case you’re visiting them, be prepared to go to sleep at any hour of the day as they love their sleep and would do anything to keep it that way. They sleep late at night.

At times Gemini becomes restless while sleeping and that interferes with their sleeping habits. Just in case their sleep is compromised, they tend to become really cranky and frustrated. Therefore, they should try keeping their gadgets such as cell phones away from them and then try to sleep with an empty mind without a single thought about anyone at all.

  1. Cancer

Being a fitness freak, cancer ascendant prefers to follow a routine and prefer going to bed early and rising early in the morning. On the event that Moon is debilitated or is in a bad aspect with a malefic planet then the native may tend to have the problem in sleeping. He or she may sleep a lot or may not sleep at all.

  1. Leo

Leo ascendants are physically active people who love working out and getting involved in rigorous exercise and activities involving physical movements. They are health conscious people and try their best to maintain a healthy routine that involves a good sleep cycle. They prefer going early to bed so that they can wake up early in the next morning and have time to work out. They have a habit of sleeping on their back just as their symbolic animal Lion ‘the King of the Jungle”. Being royal, they need enough and comfortable space to sleep.

  1. Virgo

Mercury is the ruling Lord of the zodiac Virgo. Just in case, Mercury is debilitated or moves in a retrograde motion then they suffer from insomnia (lack of sleep). As a zodiac, you’re labeled as the worrier of all the 12 zodiacs signs. You are prone to worry about almost everything in the world which hinders your brain from relaxing and falling asleep. Generally, Virgos are known to be lazy.

  1. Libra

In the case of a Libra, they are very particular about their sleeping arrangement. They are not those who can adjust anywhere (either on a couch or on the floor). They need a proper comfort of a bed and the right environment to fall asleep in. they are in love with their bed and given a chance, they would not leave even for a minute of the day. They love a late night party and love nightlife.

  1. Scorpio

The fitness Freak Scorpio likes to go to sleep late at night. They are extremely health conscious but still, they cannot compromise on their sleep even if it hinders with their schedule for a healthier life. They love sleeping till late in the morning and needs a completely dark room with no hint of light entering their room from any corner at all. They dream a lot and are able to recall their dreams even while changing sides.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius natives are very particular about their sleep cycle as they believe in living a disciplined life. Neither do they like being late to sleep nor do they appreciate being a later riser in the morning. They are extremely punctual and well-disciplined and well-mannered people.

  1. Capricorn

Known for their extreme laziness, Capricorn native love their bed a lot. Whenever they get a chance on catching up on their nap, they won’t miss a single second and would immediately fall asleep and may also start snoring the moment their body touches the bed without even wasting a fraction of second.

  1. Aquarius

They hardly get any sleep yet are always active and high on the spirit. After Aquarius ascendant reached their middle age, ‘early to bed, early to rise’ becomes the daily mantra that they follow diligently. The reason behind their sleeplessness is their fear of forgetting and missing out something. It hinders their process to have a sound sleep. Therefore, it will be best if Aquarius went to bed without anything around (including gadgets and journals) along with an empty mind which has no worries of pending work or other stress.

  1. Pisces

Pisces ascendant prefers waking up and sleeping early every day but they are the lovers of life especially on the weekends. They love during the afternoon and even at work they definitely find out a way to get their afternoon powernap at their work front.

Each person has a unique identity and individuality and zodiac sign further add an additional personality trait to each one of us. The sleeping habit of a person depends on his or her personality and ascendant together.