Your Moon Sign and Family Relations

(Moon Sign Based)

How each one of us turn up in life is an outcome of the circumstances under which we were born. That is why, all of us have different approach to our family relationships. Find out here, how your background and circumstances cause you to understand emotions about family relationships.

Your Moon Sign and Family Relations


All the moon signs have a different way of expressing their emotions and have differences in semblance of relationship in the nest of expressions called FAMILY. Family relations are like investments of emotional bonding and mutual coordination, understanding and having respect for each other’s individuality.

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The understanding of your Moon sign will give you a generalized perception of your personality to unlock your emotions in a better way in your daily routine life with your family and dear ones.



Aries moon sign natives are born to be dominant with good authority over children and they sometimes image themselves as dominant parents. The Aries moon sign children tend to grow up fast to become emotionally independent. As adults, they have quick, intense and spontaneous emotions over any matter but the intensity of their emotions is impulsive and cannot be handled by weak personalities. They may need a lot of attention from the people in their lives, especially from the people in their love bond.

Positive Attributes: Passionate, sensitive, mature, has clear direction

Negative Attributes: Demanding, tactless, too intense



Taurus natives are born in stable families where earthy emotions and attitude are appreciated at all levels. As children, they have regular schedules in their childhood and family members who are there for them to enhance all their activities to the best of their abilities. As adults, they look for stability in the same relationships – long term commitment in all family bonds. They are sensual and affectionate in their love spot and will be tender and strong with their partner in both physical and emotional proximity.

Positive Attributes: Committed, stable, able to take calculated risks

Negative attributes: Stubborn, inflexible about life choices, chooses material comfort over real purpose



Gemini native are born to emotionally balanced or overly intellectual mothers. Children connect with their emotional stability at a very early stage in life as it is a challenge for them. As adults, they have a good flair as debaters and philosophers but their close family members will depict them as shallow characters and not connected with the family. They should explore their inner core in little bits to embrace all emotions without contradicting its nature.

Positive Attributes: Great sense of humor, ability to feel everything but stay detached if needed, thought leader

Negative Attributes: Superficial, inconsistent, not connected to life and other



Cancer natives are born to mothers with whom they have strong bonds from previous lives with powerful karmic connection. The motherly emotional bonding will not give the children psychological independence from the mother. As adults they want to take care of their loved ones but the extra emotional tendency to give everyone the best at their own cost is not beneficial. So to overcome this tendency they must learn to respect each one's individuality and understand that it’s okay to have personal choices, thoughts and goals that differ from those of their loved ones.

Positive Attributes: The Great Mother – nurturing yet wild and independent

Negative Attributes: needy, calculating, self-doubting



Leo natives tend to be born to mothers who are concerned with outer beauty, outer looks and impressing others in their communities. As adults, they look for beautiful/handsome romantic partners who they can be proud of and even show off their personal charisma. Leo natives must learn to bridge the gap between pretended attitude of grandness and actual vulnerability, which will enhance their ability to be good human beings and have bonding with their loved ones.

Positive Attributes: Warm, all-accepting, successful, authentic

Negative Attributes: Proud, pretentious, and narcissistic



Virgo natives may have a knack of creating their own love triangles. As a child, they may have a much stronger bonding with one parent over the other. As adults, they find it difficult to express their intense love emotions but in their hearts they tend to stay in the relationship even after they have winded that up. They are in harmony with their loved ones in general and it would be good for them to find balance within their family bonding and in their love relationship in particular

Positive Attributes: Unconditional lover, supportive, loyal

Negative Attributes: Lonely, difficulty in relationships, disconnected



Libra natives tend to be born to mothers who are indifferent to their children’s emotional needs. Moon in Libra learns to put others’ needs first, without realizing they neglected their own emotions and this point, it may lead to some kind of depressive state, which is not fruitful. Libra natives must work to learn to be there for themselves, so they can be authentic in nature instead of investing their energy in pleasing others.

Positive Attributes: Authentic, honest, reliable, exhibits true self-expression

Negative Attributes: Dependent, has difficulty putting foot down, lacks strong sense of self



Scorpio natives tend to be born to challenging situations like where the mother is working from their early age, which defies the close bonding of mother and child due to her absence in their lives from an early age. This reveals the inbuilt wisdom at an early age to deal with every situation with a challenge. Scorpio should learn to trust intimacy in family and personal relationships as it is conveyed that every relationship has its own bonding and as an adult if their love relations do not work it is better to be flexible to let go of that relationship.

Positive Attributes: Loyal, deep, intense, truly present, powerful presence

Negative Attributes: consumed by doubt, controlling, distrustful



Sagittarius natives are born to mothers who have personality which is unique in its own way, away from the usual people of society like mothers who are too modern or very religious. As adults, Sagittarius natives have wavering minds all the time, which can make them flexible to adapt to any other culture or country but this will hinder their personal and family relations a lot. They must learn to develop family roots and a sense of belonging to their family and love commitments to create consistency in their relationships.

Positive Attributes: Accepting, understanding, stable, consistent

Negative Attributes: Unpredictable, flakes out, ungrounded



Capricorn natives tend to be born to environments that may be emotionally unstable or not very environmentally friendly, so they learn to protect themselves at a young age, sometimes by creating a defensive wall in their attitude. As adults, they don’t like being vulnerable in their family relationship and personal relations as they fail to take adverse situations in an accepting way. Capricorn natives must accept being vulnerable or having weak moments in life like a normal occurrence. On the other hand, it is essential to explore the treasures that come with the intimacy of a relationship by giving and receiving emotions to each other.

Positive Attributes: Committed, loving, protective, understanding

Negative Attributes: Distant, unloving, tough



Aquarius natives are born to mothers who offer conditional love to children. As adults, they are straight forward in their attitude in personal and family relations but they give an impression of being aloof in relations but they actually care for all their near and dear ones rather than expressing it. Aquarius people should learn to express their feelings and to receive reciprocal expressions of love and affection by others.

Positive Attributes: Open to all, nonjudgmental, can take humanity forward

Negative Attributes: Unreachable, inauthentic, offers conditional love



Pisces natives tend to be born to mothers who are too emotional and they may have difficulties in their relationships in life. As adults, Pisces natives may find it challenging to find a solid base in relationships as they have a large canvas of dreams but not enough initiative to make those relations work. They will run an extra emotional mile in relationships without reading other people’s intentions well, and feel let down in relationships. It would be beneficial to find a solid footing with stable relationships with a good money earning process for a balanced family and relationship quotient.

Positive Attributes: Strong and flexible at the same time, loving, intuitive

Negative Attributes: Wrong intuitions, poor boundaries, flighty


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