Kundali Matching & Marriage

Matchmaking for marriage is an ancient practice to check the kundli of prospective bride and groom. It can explain the compatibility of two individuals. This article aims to give you an understanding of the importance of matchingmaking for marriage.

Kundali Matching & Marriage


The Role of Kundali Matching Before Marriage

Kundali Matching is the best way to find the perfect match for you. Vedic Astrology has given us Kundali Matching as a boon, so that we can understand the nature and characteristics of our partner.

An accurate prediction about your love compatibility can be arrived at only when certain parameters are studied, for which we require the exact birth details as mentioned in the form below.

How does Kundli Matching work?

Both you and your partner would belong to a particular Moon sign. Based on that Moon sign, your whole life can be predicted and your happiness and challenges can be analyzed on its basis.

Kundali matching is a very deep science, which analyzes how two different energies work together for a lifetime. With the analysis of two horoscopes (Kundali), we will have a road map through which we will be familiar with the entire upcoming event in our married life. Taking into account some parameters like the Nakshatra, malefic nature, benefic nature of the planets, and the Lord of the seventh house, we get a clue how the journey of married life will be.

Different Parameters in Kundali Matching:

There are three parameters, which are used while matching the Horoscope (Kundli) of two persons, which are – Guna Milan, Manglik Dosa, and the strength of Navamsa Kundli (Divisional chart 9-D9).

Guna Milan: The Guna stands for the characteristic based on the Moon sign in the horoscope related to the bride and groom together. This Guna Milan is a specific process known as the Ashtkoot Milan, where all the calculation works. The Ashtakoot stands for the mixture of eight important parameters including the Bride and Groom.

Based on this Astkoot Milan, you will have some points, and based on the their sequence, marks will be distributed for each.

Varna: Nowadays, the boy and the girl both need to work and be career oriented. Sometimes, it so happens that because of their individual careers, the couple do not able get spend time with each other, which will further aid in the circumstances leading towards an unsuccessful marriage. The Varna Milan will thus give you the perfect match for marriage. With Varna Milan, you will able to find your perfect match, and also have a stable and happy married life.

Vashya: The mutual attraction between the couple and having the different likes and dislikes are all part of the process. If you like to spend time with your partner, it would only happen when you have friendly matching Vashya with your spouse’s horoscope. If you have good marks in your Vashya Ashthakoot Milan, then there will be a beautiful mutual attraction between you and your partner.

Tara or Dina: Your married life will run smoothly if you have friendly Tara or Nakshatra in your and your partner’s horoscopes.

Yoni: A steady sex life plays a vital role in marriage; and not getting satisfaction will ultimately bring up the decision of divorce in a relationship. If you have a good number in your Yoni Milan, then you will have a good sex life in your marriage.

Graha Maitri: If you get good marks in the Graha Maitri, it will give you the perfect mental inclination with the same likes and dislikes, and also maintain the harmony between you and your partner.

Gana: Getting married to the person, who belongs to a different community from yours, will need to have the Gana Milan calculated. If the Gana Maitri has good points in Kundali matching, then your spouse will mingle very well with you and your family.

Bhakoot: Bhakoot Milan will bring an emotional bonding between you and your partner, which is very much required to have a good relationship for your entire lifetime.

Nadi: Children play a very important role in married life. The child will make the bond stronger between you and your partner. The Nadi Milan will give an analysis about what kind of children you would have.

Manglik Dosa: When Manglik Dosh occurs in the horoscope

If Mars is placed in the 12th, 1st, 4th, 7th, and 8th house from the natal Venus, Moon, and Ascendant, then Manglik Dosa will occur in your birth chart.

If Mars gets placed in all the houses from the Ascendant, Moon, and Venus, than it gives you High Manglik Dosh. This will give you a challenging married life.

Low Mangal Dosh, will be present if Mars is placed in 12th, 1st, 4th, 7th, and 8th house from any of the three mentioned parameters. Some problems in married life will come due to the low Mangal Dosa, but you can improve the situation with some remedies related to Manglik Dosa.

If you have found the Manglik Dosh in your horoscope, then you should do the remedies related to Mars. This will give a real right insight to understand what the Martian energy wants you to do. Remedies related to the planet will make you aligned with the energy of the planet, which will then make your life easy even in the tough circumstances.

Navamsa Kundali (Divisional chart 9-D9)

The ninth division of the Ascendant is known as the Navamsa. In the Vedic Astrology, the Navamsa defines your duty (The Dharma), which you have to follow in order to attain your goal. Marriage is one of the most important Dharmas and one of the important Sanskars in the Vedic culture.

If you have a strong seventh house, and if the seventh Lord placed in a good house in the Navamsa chart then you will have a happy married life.

If the Seventh Lord is afflicted in the main birth horoscope (Birth chart), but placed in a good position in the Navamsa, then you will have a good married life. You just need to do some remedies to have a good result from the placement of the planets.

The Imperative need of Kundali Matching:

These days’ people do not hesitate while having a Live-in relationship with their would-be partners, just to understand their partner before marriage. If the idea is executed successfully, then the couple moves ahead with bliss and if not, then they take different paths to search for another partner. However, sometimes, even after being in a Live-in relationship, some marriages gets end in divorce and partners are separated from each other.

If you have prepared yourself for a life long journey with your partner, with whom you have a good connection, then you can give the name of ‘marriage’ to your relationship. You must have made many preparations before marriage, and each and every work needs to be done minutely so that the day of marriage would be the best day of your life, to be remembered for your lifetime.

However, the actual story will anyways begin after marriage, and the journey of your married life will give you sweet and sour memories, which both you and your partner will share with each other. Sometimes you might feel the heavy weight of guilt if you start to hide something from your partner, or feel alone even in the presence of your partner.

So start preparing before marriage, by matching your horoscope with your partner, so that you know how and why your spouse will be like as he/she is in which situation and for you. Kundali matching will indeed work like a road map for the long life journey you are about to take with your special ‘one’.