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The Reasons for Divorce from an Astrological Viewpoint

Planetary Combination that might lead to Divorce, along with Hidden Solutionsfor avoiding it

Marriage is that relationship, in which, you have the company of a person for an entire lifetime, no matter whether your personalities resemble each other’s or not. We have always heard about the phrase, ‘Opposites attract’, and for most of us—it’sexciting and mysterious too. Even if the partners have similar interests and might share similar thoughts, it might lead to a harmonius and beautifulrelationship, that lasts a lifetime. In fact, marriage can sustain well, depending on what level of compatibility and understanding both the partners have, and how well they can gel up with each other, so that they live a life full of happiness, togetherness, and in love. If your partner has the same personality as you, worry not, because with the zeal to be with each other and hanging on the love you have for each other, you will surely bypass any hurdle and strive to be together throughout.

The ‘opposite personality’ is the keyword which works in Vedic Astrology. This is the reason why the Seventh house in your Horoscope signifies your relationship. These signify how your spouse will be, and the placement of the seventh Lord playsa significant role in the long story of your marriage.

  • Emotion plays a role in everything around you,and sometimes it is visible beneath the ground. However, the presence of emotions is like the presence of air.The manifestation of your emotions will take a different form with different scenarios, and the toughest scenario is getting separation from your beloved.

    'Prevention is better than cure’, in the realm of the astral plane, while observing the natal planets and following the mysctic rules of Vedic Astrology. The planets in the astral plane are always in motion, and no matter whichever zodiac sign we belong to, the planets will always have a close connection, and impact the same, thus influencing our lives as well. The stars in our lives, the Nakshatras will also impact us through our signs.

    The meaning of the above proverb can be utilized if you understand the secret language of planets and also develop the consciousness to hear the message from your stars.
  • Divorce is the Manifestation of Negative Emotions of Planets, which makea certain combination in your Divorcecomes into the picturebecause you are not getting emotional support, joy, love, and contentment in your relationship. All thesecan be easily decoded with the planetary placement in your horoscope.

    Planets signifies the intelligence and emotions you have, and if that is not in a good position; then the self-criticism, fear, or rejection, and all other Negative emotions — like sadness, anger, loneliness, jealousy, will come towards youthrough the decision of divorce.

    Negative emotions are impossible to avoid though. Everyone feels every emotiontheyhave to live with. You might have heard that nothing can be changed, but you can learn how to facethe challenges and utilize it to your benefit.Your misfortunes can be changed to good fortune, if youtake precautions to remain away from troubles, and be happy with the proper utilization of your consciousness through the planetary positions. 

It isgood to know the Negative Placement of your Planets, so that you can know how to handle the heavy energy of some negative combinations in your Horoscope, which can further lead toSeparation and Challenges ofhandling Difficult Emotions.

  • Don’t be Stubborn and try to understand your Partner as well: To save your relationship even having the Rahu or Saturn as your Lagna in your first house, learn to be humble and give respect to your spouse, and try to understand them.
  • Venus is the planet of love and romance, and its placement playsan important role to give the Venusiansa blissful life in marriage. Presence of Venus in KrittikaNakshatra, gives very bad resultsand is most inauspicious for married life.

    If you or your spouse will have this above combination, then you both will struggle with your egos and due to this;you would have the attitude of tit for tat which could give rise to variusconflicts and ultimately divorce. Try to understand why your partner is having an issue with your behavior, and learn how to not feed your ego and handle the ego problem which your spouse is facing as well.

    Give the love and care whichKrittika Nakshatra wants from you in your relationship, and that can be shown throughappreciation and selfless love.

  • Seventh Lord in Retrograde motion and with the malefic aspect, and conjunction, signifies that there will be an argumentsbetween you and your spouse. All the malefic aspects and conjunctions signifies bad habit and company of the wrong people.

    To attain happiness in married life, even after having the above combination, you need be cautious that you should never ever take any decision in anger, and also avoid gossips and backbiting about your spouse in front of others.

  • Sex-Starved Marriage: The placement of malefic planets in the twelfth house will give ascenariowherein the person will not have contentment from their sex life.

    The best thing to do with this placement is to try and know the desires of your opposite partner, and avoid conflicts during your personal time.  Do not try to control your partner and start loving the different shades of your partner, that you might have not looked upto until now. With your own care and love, you will start having the bliss of sensual love in your relationship.

  • The Couples without childrenmight file for divorce more often than other couples who have a child. You might be unable to have children after marriage, and it might be the most critical challenge that might come in between married couples.

    The presence of malefic planets like Ketu and Saturn in the fifth house, will give this scenario.

    Every problem comes with a solution, and to have a look on one side of the coin, will be really dumb, as we are now living inthe 20th century. The presence of malefic planets signifies that you might not get the happiness from a child, but the scenario will change if you will come to know that the malefic planet also signifies the child might come late or through adoption.Such steps will be good for the child also who will get good parents and a nourishing house, and would no longer have to live his/her life as an orphan.

    Try to understand the message that you are getting from the planet, and don’tlose your spouse with some petty reason, as thiswill be more painful, and became a tough challenge in your life.

  • The placement of the Seventh Lord in the sixth house or in the twelfth house, shows separation or the onset of divorce. The reason and outcome might be having a long distance relationship, or a career in which both you and your partner should live away from each other.

    We all understand today’s scenario that everyoneis career oriented and wants to work, but we should also be aware that every aspect of life plays an importantrol in our lives. Try to plan ways and times tospend time together and never miss an important occasion to celebrate.

    Spend time with your spouse, and share your feelings with each other, so that both of you will understand each other. All these are small things in a relationshipand theenergies also revive the cosmic energy of the Nakshatra in which your seventh lord is placed.  With your praises and good deeds for your spouse, you will get a reward from the planets and your relationshipwill be blessed.

  • The relationship ofVenus with Rahu or Mars with close conjunction aspects in anyhouse, causes to form grounds for separation. Now, this scenario will manifest with extramarital affairs whichmight lead the marriage towards divorce.

    Don’t get stuck with the thought that you will not change yourself. This thought will make your mind stuck and alsocreate an aura which cannot help you be in contact with othersin love. Sometimes a little change works like a miracle, and mighalso save your relationship even after having the aspect of Rahu and Ketu.

  • Affliction to Jupiter with Rahu or Ketu will give you a judgmental personality, which will let you find problems in every action performed by your partner.

    No one can be right every time and try to accept that the new idea and suggestion can work given by the opposite person, then the above combination will not lead you towards divorce.

Planets and Divorce:

Divorce is the reason of Negative Emotions of Planets in your Horoscope, which will manifest in duecourse in a certain time periodof life.

All of the celestial beings, like the planets and Nakshatras, are guiding you through your horoscope, and it is upon you how and when to behave and respond with the right intelligent, for avoiding tough challenges like divorce, and also shows which steps you should take to protect your relationship.

  • Mangal & Ketuconjunction works like aseparation giver, but this conjunction wants to tell you to understand the spiritual and religious perspective of your spouse. Fight, quarrels, physical assaults, or even romantic talks at times, might results in quarrels which mightbe manifested with this combination. Therefore, you and your partner need to understand each other’s feelings, and have patience and give time to make things happen well in your relationship.

  • Saturn& Rahu are the planets which might pave the way for divorce, but if you understand the role of patience and are ready to accept changes in life, then these planets will bless you with happiness in a relationship, and will alsoprotect you from divorce as well.

Separation is not a cakewalk. There will be many more challengesthat might come,apart from the legal proceedings, not only in yourpractical life but also ones that will be challenging for your mind and emotions. Your intelligence and Emotional feelings are the important factors whichwill be able to give you the strength to fight back against any challenge,but because of divorce; you will be shattered along with your own strength.