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What is the Importance of Horoscope Matching in a Relationship?

What is the Importance of Horoscope Matching in a Relationship?

Isn’t it true that most of us are usually attracted to people who are very much, well…unlike us? Opposites attract, but does this idea make any sense in a place like India where arrange marriages have been practiced since ages? And that too when marriages in India are expected to last a lifetime, and even beyond. Ever wondered what is that thing that has made this sort of marital union, which is usually despised in western culture so successful here in India? It is the accurate Horoscope matching as per Indian Astrology.

While understanding and communion among couples depends largely on their own efforts, horoscope plays a very important role when you plan to be hitched to someone you are not familiar with. Horoscope indicates someone’s personality, behavioral patterns, nature and preferences, giving you an idea of what your partner will be like. The planetary position and transition of one partner also affects the other post marriage, consequently, it becomes important to study the compatibility of their stars. Thus, horoscope matching in line with Vedic Indian Astrology gives a very accurate idea of to what extent; two people are compatible to have a blissful conjugal life together.

There are eight different factors used to assess compatibility between partners as per Vedic Astrology. A total of 36 points are divided into 8 groups. It is believed that a minimum number of 18 points should match for a possible union. If lower, the marriage is either not recommended or some remedial measures are suggested to mitigate the problems. If the points matching exceed 27, it is thought of as a good match, more the score, the better. Here is what each of the 8 parameters stands for –

1.    Personal egos of the partners and their compatibility and comparison between basic skills and abilities of two individuals
2.    Similarity of preferences, interests, styles, and ability to adjust and compromise for each other.
3.    Sexual and biological compatibility, love and mutual attraction between the partners
4.    Compatibility in outlook, objectives and intellectual levels of two individuals. Progeny Prospects and mutual affection between them
5.    Temperaments and mutual behavior for everyday dealing between them
6.    Overall prosperity of the couple and growth of family and welfare
7.    Duration of married life
8.    Hereditary factors for the genetic compatibility of the couple

Success of any relationship is largely dependent upon those involved; however, Horoscope Matching can give you a sneak peek into the compatibility of two people helping you choose potential matches. You can even take expert services in Indian Astrology to make sure that the marriage is bestowed with happiness and stability.

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