Help your Love Life bloom with these Vedic Remedies

Analyzing love through your horoscope can help you deal with a lot of setbacks and also find the good periods for taking important decisions and actions. The best part is that the Vedic remedies can bring more love and excitement in your life.

Help your Love Life bloom with these Vedic Remedies


Love life and the Fifth house in the horoscope:

In Vedic Astrology, Love life can be analyzed with the Fifth house of your birth horoscope. The placement of the Fifth House Lord will play a major role in your love life. The Functional benefic planet in the fifth house, will bless you with the most amazing love partner, who will give you unconditional love. Lots of gifts like chocolates, souveniors, flowers, etc., will be offered to you, with the Functional benefic planet in the fifth house.

An accurate prediction about your love compatibility can be arrived at only when certain parameters are studied, for which we require the exact birth details as mentioned in the form below.

When should you propose someone to be your Love partner?

Whenever a benefic planet is placed in the fifth house or aspects the fifth house in transit, that time will be the right time to approach your partner.

If you are running the Dasa period of the fifth lord or the planet placed in the fifth house, then that time period will be favorable for love and romance.

If during transit, the fifth lord is placed in the first house or in the seventh house, this will give you the perfect chance to approach your partner and a successful love story will be in prospect for you.

Reasons for failure in Love Life:

If you are struggling to convert your love life into a relationship, or bond with your beloved permanently, then you need to analyze your horoscope to know the reason behind these challenges.

If you have the influence of Mercury in the fifth house, then your partner will behave like a child. The malefic effect on the Mercury in the fifth house will make you think how you could have a partner who is so very irresponsible and is not very serious about the relationship.

The malefic effect in the fifth house will give a situation of love triangle in your life. You may fall in love with someone who belongs to the different community from yours, and this would happen because the placement of Rahu would be in the fifth house of your horoscope.

The Dasa of the fifth house also plays a significant role in the success and failure in love life. If the planet which is in Yogyakarta Dasa (Natural benefic planets from your moon signs time period) is running, then you will have a good chance of success in your love life. The malefic planets’ Dasa period will make you struggle in your relationship, and you might have a distance love relationship as per your birth horoscope.

Venus is the real significator of love and romance. The good placement or exalted Venus in Pisces will help you find your perfect match and shower you with an awesome love life. If the seventh house lord in the horoscope is not friendly with the fifth house Lord, then there will be set backs in your love life.

You may have the mentality to not be committed in one relationship, and this may lead you to having an unsuccessful love life. The Rahu, Mars and Moon’s conjunction in the fifth house, can make this thing in your life.

Retrograde Planets in the fifth house or giving aspect to the fifth house will not give happiness from the love life.

Remedies to have success in love life:

Venus is the main planet which signifies love and romance, and Venus also signifies the female candidates or relatives in your life. If you have a good relationship with the females in your life, it means your Venus will be improved in your horoscope and it will start giving good results related to love life.

The Vedic mantra chanting has a certain high frequency which does not make the planet influence your intelligence in the wrong direction. Worship the planets with a Vedic mantra which is related to the fifth house, or the Dasa Lord related to the fifth house. Even chanting of the Vedic mantra will give you the ability to understand the situation you are in with your love partner, and you will be able to save your love relationship with the blessing of those planets.

Worshipping the Gods and receiving bounties

According to the Hindus, Worshiping Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati will give success in your love life. These two divine Gods signify the Sun and the Moon which are also related to the planet Sun and Moon in our horoscope. Worshipping them will strengthen the fifth house from the Sun and Moon, which will give you the success in love life.

Jupiter is the planet of marriage and the one who gives the right knowledge to choose the right partner. Worship the planet Jupiter with Vedic mantras or worship Lord Vishnu, who is the best form of planet Jupiter, and will thereby bless you with good love life.

Help widows, orphans and old people to have a successful love life. These remedies will amaze you how people can help you in your love and romance. Rahu and Ketu are the two most dreaded planets known for shock, cheating, sudden misshap in life, and also signifies widow, orphanage, and old people; so helping them will give you blessings from Rahu and Ketu to overcome from the challenges in your love life. You will not get separation from your partner if you donate money from your salary to these people.

The importance of Fasting and Chanting mantras

The fast related to the day of the fifth lord can give immense success in your love life. If your fifth lord is ruled by the planet Gemini, then Mercury will own your fifth house. This further means that Wednesday’s fast will be good for your love life.

Chant the Ganesha Atharvashirsha for the Retrograde planet in the Fifth house. This will give relief from the effect of the retrograde planet, and give you success in love life. You will also get divine bounties with the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Do the remedies mentioned above and chant the mantras given, to have a wishful love life with the help of Vedic Astrology.