How To Keep Things Exciting Between Same Sign Lovers??

Can two people with the same zodiac sign fall in love with each other? Will they share a compatible romantic relationship and marriage? This article addresses these two vital questions and shares the best ways to keep the relationship happy, stress free, and exciting for two individuals in love.

How To

Dealing with a broken heart and its consequences, and how to cope up according to your zodiac signs.

To quote Barbara De Angelis, “Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible- it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.” True to every word for many, Love is that one true governing force that can push us to do things we would have never thought of doing otherwise. Once invoked, Love can work miracles as it is one powerful healing force that fixes everything with a little magic and lot of our own efforts, as Love does give us strength to perform better.

Even after one is deceived or betrayed in life, he/she does gain enough courage to love again and take wing in its flight, though it does takes time to heal a wounded heart and be strong enough to give your heart again. Such is the power of love. It can move mountains, and weaken even the strongest of people. Intoxicating and addictive as it is, one who has once discovered love and experienced its magic, would never want to miss out on loving someone deeply and calling them their own.

Life is not always a bed of roses

Throughout life’s journey, we face a lot of happy, fulfilling, exciting, as well as difficult situations that leave us heart-broken and dejected, so much so that we feel we are not worthy of living a happy and contended life. Such tragic situations come in our love life as well, when we are at a loss of words how to express what we are feeling, and believe that no one would ever be able to understand the pain that we are going through. These hard and trying times are when we are drift apart from the one we have loved dearly, and imagined being together happily ever after. We think that it is as simple to be in love and be together ever after, just like the way it was when we fell in love with that special one.

To stop loving is not the right decision to take, as it would only hit us harder in the long run. When we lose someone we had given our heart and soul to, we are not able to absorb the rejection, or accept the loss that has come upon us. This can happen if we have had a break up, or a divorce with our partner, or even upon death. Each one of these situations would leave us alone, be it rejection, abandonment, or loss. It is given that we would have to feel a sense of disappointment for being left alone, which would also arouse a feeling of terror within us for the future, and leave us feeling deserted and stranded in life’s journey. We need to understand that though it is not easy to anticipate and believe, we have to make ourselves come to terms with our singlehood or situation, so that we know we have to pass through the grieving period and come out of its stronger and better. The entire process of going back from ‘we’ to ‘me’ would be difficult,  but once we make up our minds to not hold back any grief or grudges, we can surely overcome the pain and be restart life with a spark we thought we were not capable of having.

A broken heart makes you stronger

As ironic as it may sound, and however cliché it is, Love can crumble the strongest of souls and give the weakest of heart. Love is such that it is capable of towering our emotions over the highest mountains, and taking us deep down to the deepest of seas. Love, like every other emotion, is a feeling that might at times lose its ground, for situations unprecedented, or even when one of the partners might suddenly break a relationship for reasons the other one would find hard to understand. However, just because love comes with its own shortcomings, doesn’t mean that we should hold back from loving someone deeply and committing us totally into the relationship. It is rightly said that the pain that comes to us from deep love is ever more fruitful than other any other feeling in the world.

A broken heart can feel like the end of the world, especially if we never knew it coming, or do not know that we would have to face the consequences of a break up, be it at any stage in life. Moving on in life can seem to be pretty difficult and heart wrenching, and we might not be able to understand what would be the best possible way to handle ourselves. The break-up phase is one such time when we come to know of things about our own self, which we would not have known otherwise, thus making us stronger than ever after we come out of it. Being in love makes us addicted to the feeling it delivers and to the person we are crazily and deeply in love with, just like the way an addict is to drugs. Thus, it makes breaking up all the more difficult to deal with, and the phase after break-up is very similar to addiction withdrawal, in the literal sense. Just like an addict needs to fights against the urges to use drugs, those who are left with a broken heart, have to control their urges of thinking emotionally and getting weak repeatedly, and try to think rationally on how to overcome this crisis period.

Mending a broken heart

There are a number of things to ponder on when you are dealing with a broken heart, or just recently have had a break-up. It is very important to treat oneself really well during this period, regardless of who initiated the split; be it we ourselves, or our ex who put us at the receiving end, or an unavoidable situation. We can very well speed up the process of moving on in life by taking good care of our health and our mental well-being, and try to heal our emotional wounds, however long it takes. By making our own selves understand that we need to come to an understanding, or understand the real reason why our relationship has ended, we would allow ourselves to eradicate any hopes we might be having for reconciliation, and try to move forward in life.

It would not be wrong to say that almost every one of us must have experienced heartbreak or the pain of losing the one we loved, and end up with a broken heart, at least once in our life. Some of us might be entangled in our emotions, while others might pretend nothing happened and keep up a strong face in front of others, while crying themselves to sleep every day, when alone. Whatever way we might be handling a broken heart, it initially feels like it would never subside, and that we would never be able to get over it and recover. That being said, it is clear that each one of us deals with a broken heart differently. Vedic Astrology believes that it is because each one of us has different dominant personalities, as per our birth chart, zodiac signs, birth Nakshatra, and so on. To understand better, and help all those lost souls out there who need solace, we have discussed here how every zodiac sign copes up with a broken heart, and what can be done to mend a broken heart!

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