Venus in your Birth Chart: How does it affect your Love Life?

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure. It reflects the idea of how we express our emotions, affections, and admiration to the person we are in love with. Here is an astrological take on how the planet's presence in our horoscope can influence our love life.

Venus in your Birth Chart: How does it affect your Love Life?


Venus is known as the planet of Love, as per Vedic Astrology. When it comes to attraction, romance, beauty, love, sexual desires, recreation, rejuvenation, wealth, knowledge, prosperity, and all things that have an aesthetic appeal to them; Venus is the one that rules over them. Venus rules the two zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra. Generally speaking, if Venus is well placed in a native’s horoscope, it would give an abundance of wealth, beauty, prosperity and happiness; and if adversely placed, it would make the native lazy, act like a pervert, and stay aloof when not in the right state of mind.

An accurate prediction about your love compatibility can be arrived at only when certain parameters are studied, for which we require the exact birth details as mentioned in the form below.

The Planet Venus in Astrology

Venus is the only planet in the entire Solar System to be named after a female Goddess. The brightest planet among all, this glowing planet is also known as the evening star, as it does not twinkle in the night’s sky, but glows with all its beauty with a steady, silvery, light. Venus has many classically feminine traits, and knows how to govern our senses and refine our sensibilities, our abilities to move placed with ease for career growth, and the ability to learn, earn money, and value our own personalities and others’ as well. It is also indicative of the lazy nature in us, with likes to spend time without any productive work, or the time spent listening to music, relaxing, dancing, or simply being thoughtful. Venus also plays the role of balancing out our entire existence, and also maintain a perfect balanced approach in love.

Venus affects our love life in more ways than we know or think it would. Here we discuss the various influences that Venus can have on us, as per your birth chart Horoscope.

If Venus is the ruling planet of your Moon Sign, Sun Sign, or your Ascendant.

If Venus is the ruling planet of your Moon Sign, Sun Sign, or is in the 1st house of your Birth chart, it would influence your life directly, through your personality and emotions. This placement would mean that your moon sign, sun sign or your ascendant, must either be Taurus or Libra, as these are the two Zodiac signs which are ruled by Venus.

In the Libra aspect, Venus reveals its true hidden masculine traits as well, through the outward expression of our material urges, aesthetic preferences, and our romantic side. Libra is an expression of beauty and turn towards things and people that reflect the same, and thus its innate nature is always hungry for outer physical beauty,

When in Taurus, Venus would let us prefer luxury, beauty, choose classier options, ones that have aesthetic appeal, and build steady yet stable relationships. Affection, love, gestures, and physical touch, would be very important in this placement of Venus. Being practical and physical to the core, Taurus would want loyalty in love, and would always prefer a long lasting relationship, but also one that is filled with sensual desires, passion, creation, and realize that morals and obligation have nothing to do with love and passion or even creation. As a Taurus, you would always love to be the center of attraction, and gain the appreciation from your close circle, apart from gaining the interest of the opposite sex. You are the epitome of beauty, and love to be around things that are aesthetically pleasing. At times, Taureans might be impulsive when starting a relationship, and might jump into one without giving much thought.

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If Venus influences Libra directly, as per Astrological positions your partner might belong to a different community, caste, religion, country, or even caste. Yet, these differences would not matter much to you, and you will be in deep love with your partner, and vice versa, since Venus always gives an abundance of love, and it is evident that you will have a wonderful and happy married life ahead.

If Venus is in your or your partner’s 5th house, which is the House of marriage, your married life will be extremely blissful, and you would enjoy every little pleasure that the feeling of love, romance and togetherness brings about. You children would also be very beautiful and you would get enough reasons to be in love with your partner and enjoy the bounties of a married life, and being the soulmate of the one you love. Every desire will be fulfilled in love, be it emotional, or sensual, and you would be one of the blessed couples around.

The Nakshatras ruled by Venus, as per Vedic Astrology

Venus rules over three constellations or Nakshatras, namely, the Bharani, the Purva Phalguni, and the Purva Ashadha. These three Nakshatras give different results in different zodiac signs, but even then, the influence of Venus is evident.

If your zodiac sign is Aries, be it your moon sign or sun sign, then the essence of Venus would be given to you through this Bharani Nakshatra. Known as the ‘bearer’, the symbol for this Nakshatra is the ‘Yoni’, and thus it would mean that the nurturing qualities and reproducing life would be given to an Aries native through this Nakshatra. You will be the pain bearer in a relationship, and would always support, love, and nurture your partner even when you go through rough patches.

In the case of the Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, Venus will give its essence through it, for the zodiac sign Leo. Known as the ‘first reddish one’ , this would make a Leo really lucky in love relationships, and shower the native with an abundance of love, passion, romance, and shows that you would be generous towards your partner in love. Again, for the Purva Ashadha Nakshatra, the energy of this constellation would give the power of the creative Venus to a Sagittarius. Known as the ‘invincible one’, you will get the power of showing your creative side of Venus, and will therefore love small yet peculiar things done to show creativity in love.

Keep your innate desires in control, if your Horoscope has the conjunction of Venus and Rahu.

When Venus and Rahu are in conjunction in your Horoscope, take care to keep your desires in check, as Rahu inspires you to go to lengths without any limits and thus poses problems for you. Rahu would push you to explore a variety of options and not stop you from doing things that might disturb your normal life, especially when it comes to love and relationships. One might desire to be sexually active at all times, and would not even realize if he/she were just being used for someone’s physical desires. Since Rahu likes to stretch things out of their natural proportion, and does not get satisfied easily, owing to which, it would push the native to be involved in relationships very soon without thinking too much. This is because the desire to be in love and have a relationship when Venus is there in your Horoscope, is amplified manifolds by the planet of obsession, Rahu. So take care to keep your sensuous desires in check, and control your magnetic desires so that you do not have to face problems and can settle down peacefully in life with your soulmate.