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Will your love culminate into marriage?

Not all love affairs culminate into marriage. It is the game of astrology and planetary movements. Let us have a look at the astrological indications for love affair turning into marriage.

Will your love culminate into marriage?


Relationships have always been important in life and marriage is one of the most significant relationships that lasts a lifetime. As per traditional cultures, in olden times, people used to marry with their parent’s choice and thus arranged marriages were quite common at that time. However, in modern times, people prefer to be in a relationship with their partner before marriage. In fact, these days, love marriage lets you choose your life partner.

Falling in love and getting married to the love of your life are two different things. If you are destined to be together, nothing can drift you both apart. However, if you are not meant to be with someone, all your efforts for keeping you both together for years will go in vain.

Let us now emphasize some of the astrological factors, which indicate whether your relationship will turn into marriage or not.

To find out if your relationship will culminate into marriage, we need to inspect the houses and planets related to love and see their connection with the houses and planets signifying marriage in your Birth chart.

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The key planets involved in love, attraction, affair, and marriage:

  • Venus: The planet of beauty, love, romance, and physical intimacy reveals the details about your life partner in general. It shows how your life partner (wife) will be like.
  • Mars: This planet signifies courage, efforts, hard work, and sex drive.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter signifies wisdom and blessings in general. It shows how your life partner (husband) will look like.
  • Moon: Moon represents emotions and mental inclination.
  • Mercury: Mercury signifies intelligence and balanced approach
  • Rahu: Rahu highlights your unconventional and unorthodox approach

The fifth and seventh house in any Birth chart shows your relationship patterns.

Let us now have a look at some of the important characteristics of these houses-

Fifth house: This house represents emotions, creativity, and mindset and love feelings.

By looking at the various combinations, we can conclude that for any relationship to prosper, we need to look at the connection between the 5th house/ Lord and the ascendant/ Lord OR the placement , conjunction, aspect of love related planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Moon with 5th house/Lord.

The kind of love and passion in a relationship depends on the planets involved and their connection with other houses or Lord. For instance if Mars and Venus conjunct with the fifth and eighth house lord, then the sensual bond between two people will be very mysterious and passionate.

Similarly, you can know the characteristics of the relationship through planetary positions. For example, if Mercury is involved then it gives an intellectual affinity, if Moon is involved, it helps in creating an emotional bond, and if Mars and Venus are involved, then the relationship is all about on sexual satisfaction and looks.

Seventh house: Signifies partnership of every kind

The placement of the planets in the seventh house or their conjunction with the seventh house Lord shows the kind of marriage a person would do i.e. love or arranged marriage.

For example, if Rahu is present in your seventh house/ascendant or your seventh house lord is posited with Rahu, then there are strong chances that unconventional marriage may take place.

Similarly, by looking at the type of planets and houses involved, we can find out whether you will have love marriage or an arranged one.

Astro houses for love marriage:

In Vedic astrology, a formal relationship with legal agreement is seen easily through seventh house, while love is represented by the fifth house. Hence, a connection between the fifth and seventh house is essential for predicting a love marriage. This connection could be formed in various manners.

  • 5th house ruler conjoined with the 7th house ruler
  • 5th & 7th house rulers exchanged
  • 5th house ruler in mutual aspect with 7th house ruler
  • 5th house ruler in nakshtra ( constellation) of 7th house ruler and vice versa

Other than that, there are a few other astrological factors responsible for love marriage:

First house: The house of self-identity, shows the overall persona of the person

Second house: The house of immediate family

Third house: Represents the efforts, passion courage, and communication required to take the bold actions.

Fourth house: Signifies home comfort and inner values along with overall happiness.

Eighth house: Signifies mystery, unconventional and modern approach and physical intimacy

Ninth house: Shows the destiny and fortune which is important for the fulfillment of desires

Eleventh house: Represents friendship and social circle.

Twelfth house: The house of bed pleasures and sensual gratification

Some important planetary conjunctions for love marriage:

  • The conjunction of Venus and Mars is one of the most important planetary movements, which is to be seen for love marriage. Venus is the planet of love and romance whereas Mars represents passion and courage. The combination of Venus and Mars with any of the above-mentioned houses or their lords shows possibility of a love marriage in the Birth Chart.
  • The placement, aspect, or conjunction of Mars and Venus with ascendant / lord, 5th house/ lord or seventh house / lord suggests that you can have a love marriage.
  • The connection between the seventh house / lord and the ninth house / lord and the aspect of Jupiter indicates that the native will go for love marriage.
  • The conjunction of Ascendant/ lord and Venus in the fifth house/lord.
  • 5th lord conjoined with the 9th lord in the ascendant or in the 7th house
  • Moon and Venus conjoined in the seventh house or with the seventh lord in the ascendant or the ninth house.
  • 5th house lord placed, aspected or conjoined with the 11th house or its lord being blessed by Jupiter
  • Exalted Venus in the seventh house being aspected by the ninth lord and Jupiter.
  • Placement of Venus and Moon in the fifth house in a friendly sign.
  • 3rd house lord conjoined with 5th house lord in 11th house
  • 3rd house lord conjoined with 11th lord in 5th house
  • Fifth house lord placed in 3rd house with ascendant/ 11th/ 9th lord.

It is not necessary that one must have all of these combinations in their Birth chart for a love marriage. However, more the number of combinations, more bright are the chances of love marriage. Also, one must look for these combinations not only in the rashi chart (D1) but also in the Navamsha (D9) and in moon sign chart for further confirmation.

Marriage timing prediction in Vedic Astrology

The above-mentioned planetary combinations should be analyzed for finding out the exact time of your marriage.

Double transit of Saturn and Jupiter is considered as a very important astrological factor for predicting the timing of marriage. If Saturn and Jupiter are aspecting the fifth, seventh or ninth house, / lord at any time then the chances of getting married are much higher. If the dasha of these house lords is running, then the chances of tying the knot become quite high. The dasha of Venus or Jupiter is universally taken as the dasha of marriage.