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How to mend the broken heart of an Aries?

Aries zodiac may have a tough exterior, but deep down they are sentimental personalities. The article helps you to understand and process a heartbreak for an Aries zodiac.


The time has to completely focus on goals now.

Being an Aries, you must have known until now that you are passionate, motivated, courageous, adventurous, and like to initiate things. When in love, you love to charm and be charmed, and like the relationship to be independent yet very much attached. This being said, you always wanted to have the attention of your partner when together, and gave them the same importance and affection as well. However, being the independent soul you are, you will throughout your time together, also give your partner the needed space and freedom, and not control them. Also owing to your spontaneous nature, you tend to get attached to people very easily, but at the same time, are also capable of drifting yourself away from people and things that do not deserve your time and energy, and cause you pain. It would not be wrong to say that being an Arian, the pain of a heartbreak is bearable for you, and you would considerably succeed while healing your ailing heart, after losing out on the one you loved deeply. So try to make use of all of your strengths and emerge stronger and happier, after coming out of your break up phase.

The Aftermath of a break-up

The Aries folks might act as if the breakup did not affect them at all, and that they do not even care to think of it, or give it importance. But underneath that strong and independent nature that an Aries native has, is an underlying and hidden insecurity, that might be crumbling them from the inside, and making them think that they were left behind because were not good enough. Because of this, they would not say a word about their breakup or share it with their friends. They would rather prefer that their enthusiasm and efforts would help them with the optimism to do various other tasks and activities, which would help them forget about the break up, and focus on their own goals and interests, thus keeping them away from the despair of detachment.

We have some tips and tricks for the Aries in you, which can help you cope up with better after a bad break-up, or heal your aching heart. These ways can help you mend your broken heart, and make you understand how to handle yourself better.

  • Try to cool off your temper, and let those emotions out

For an Aries native, if the relationship they had was considered to be serious and they had hopes of a future, it is given that they would be more angry than sad after a breakup, thus plotting revenge. Though unfortunate, you would turn angry and the unprecedented events would make your blood boil. Maybe it is because you are a fiery sign and also the first sign of the zodiac, but it is true that when something goes really wrong you are unable to control yourself and grow angry and aggressive, unable to control your emotions. We suggest you to let off all the steam you have, and do everything possible to free yourself from the anger. If that needs you to yell, scream, or even cry, we suggest you to do it till you are satisfied. Impulsive as you are, just take care not to drop at your ex’s place and get aggressive and create a nuisance; choose a safe place to vent out your anger. If your anger subsides by burning all of their love letters and cards, and ripping off every memory you had with them, do it, with due anger and hatred. Even if it feels right to insult them publicly or even personally, try to avoid doing all of it, and keep a control on your explicit emotions. It is always better to take revenge in a way that elevates you to new heights; like being successful and making yourself understand that you trust yourself fully, and are way better. But whatever it is, consider yourself lucky, because once you have let out all that heat and exploded, you are sure to calm down, move in and find someone better for yourself!

  • Give flight to your wings and remind yourself of things you love doing

As an Aries, it would not be very ‘you’ to face rejection with the type of temper you have, and your unwillingness to make compromises. Yet, on the rough side, when things as a break-up happen, you are left with no choice other than moving ahead and accepting the fact that you are no longer in the relationship zone with your partner. It is only you who can make yourself understand that, this is the time when you need to take care of your broken heart. You have to heal it in the best way possible, and make yourself understand that you do not deserve to cry over something which no longer exists in your life. Involve yourself in things that you have always wanted to do, and loved doing, but were unable to continue because you never had the free time. You could join a cooking or baking class in town, or go for gardening, read motivational books, and motivate others, explore your photography skills, or even take up a course you have been thinking of joining since a long time, which might be anything like a designing course, or hair stylist, or even learning archery and sword fighting. Just do anything to keep your spirits high and overcome from the phase.

  • Rejuvenate by taking part in activities and hobbies of your liking

Being an Aries, you have tremendous energy in you, and like going out and enjoying life. At this point of time, when you are confused and sad as to what would make you bring back the older you back, try and focus on taking part in activities and hobbies that would build interest and keep you active lifestyle in sync. Doing this would also keep you busy, and not let your mind wander away to thoughts and memories, that would only sadden you. Since you are a lover of outdoor sports, maybe joining a regular sports club, or going for that jog every day in the morning would help. You could even join the neighborhood soccer team or cricket team, or any sport team in that case, and rejuvenate your mind as well as your body. Since partying and night outs make you happy too, you could even go out partying or take part in a game night at your friend’s place. You could go for movies, or shopping, on weekends or holidays, when you used to spend time with your partner, and remind yourself that going out alone or with friends is even better or the same, and there is no need for you to miss him/her.

  • Go out for an adventurous trip to satiate the thrill-lover in you

Known for their adventurous nature, Aries are lovers of excitement and thrill, and would love to experience thrill in every possible way. Left with a broken heart, an Aries would definitely be able to bounce back if they take a sabbatical from their mundane life, and move out of the city for an adventurous trip. All those who are indebted to not leave the city can also find their thrill station in the city itself, as nothing could compare to it for an Aries. Given the chance, an Aries would gladly choose an adventure sport like paragliding, bungee jumping, parasailing, surfing, rafting, and so on, as compared to a quaint getaway on the mountains in a far off village. The thrill of the adventure, would positively diffuse their sorrows, and help them recuperate their grieving heart, and make them look up to life in an optimistic way. Because, thrill is what they seek, and that can prove to be the best cure for a broken heart of an Aries.

Now that you know, why sulk and get angry over the one you have already left far behind. Just get up, pack your bags, go for that adrenaline rush and come back home happy! And for all who are still breathing heavy in anger, we guess we ordering a punching bag for yourself and venting out would be the best bet!