5 Things To Looks For In Relationship Compatibility in Astrology

An astrologer can predict the potential ups and downs of a love relationship by understanding the planetary energies of the natal charts. Here are the top 5 astrological ways to determine the compatibility of two individuals in a relationship.

5 Things To Looks For In Relationship Compatibility in Astrology

"Love always cures people – both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.-Karl Menninger

Relationships are like water; they flow away and retract. Whenever there is a high tide in the water bodies such as the ocean, it fills every moment of the life with sheer ecstasy joined in with harmony, prosperity, and laughter. But imagine what happens when these water bodies feel or go through a low tide or for that matter a hurricane; well, this is the time you need to use some of the much-needed consultations with highly qualified, experienced and certified genuine astrologer as nothing else can save one’s relationship better than the wisdom of the Vedic astrology.

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In Vedic astrology, there are numerous things that need to be considered in order to check the relationship compatibility. As well are completely aware that a true relationship is unbreakable but one may have to face multiple jitters and fluctuations during the ongoing process of being in a relation. However, Vedic Astrology can help evade such unfortunate events from appearing far ahead in future and this is only possible after deep analysis of the natal chart of both the partners by a certified, genuine, highly experienced astrologer through which one can dodge such misfortune or find a solution well in advance for the same.

In the following article, we will discuss 5 things an astrologer looks in for in relationship compatibility.


1. No Malefic Planet’s Aspect Present in the Marriage House

There should not be any aspect of any malefic planet on the Marriage House (the Seventh House) as these malefic planets are seen as the sworn enemies for the House. For example, if Rahu, Saturn, Mars, Sun, and Ketu have negative aspects of the Marriage House then the Couple will have to face problems both in love and conjugal life.


2. Naddi Dosha

Naddi Dosha plays a vital role in calculating the relationship compatibility of a couple via Vedic Astrology. If in any natal chart, a Naddi Dosha exists then the couple will have to face issues related to future children (issues such as delay in the process of conceiving, miscarriage, and abortion) in the marriage or relationship. One can get aid from Vedic astrology as deep and thorough analysis or reading of the natal chart of both the partners can help them avoid the situation that may lead to such issues well in advance.


3. The conjunction of Malefic Planet in the Marriage House

If either of the partners (in a marriage or relationship) has a conjunction of the malefic planet in the marriage House then the couple may have to suffer from various troubles. This may further bring aggravated situations such as separation, having multiple partners (lovers) at the same time, instability in a relationship as well as emotional turmoil. For case in point, wrong conjunction of planets in marriage house such as Mars with Saturn, Venus with Sun, Rahu with Mars, and many others. There are many such conjunctions existing in the natal chart of an individual that needs to be searched for or look for with a fine tooth comb of Vedic Astrology.


4. Placement of the Lord of the Seventh House

The Placement of the Lord of the Seventh House (House of Marriage) plays an important role in the natal chart of both of the partners (or couple). According to the Vedic Astrology, the Lord of the Seventh House should not be placed in a wrong House or bad aspects like in the case with Rahu and Ketu planets. These yogas are commonly known as the ‘Grahan Yogas’.


5. The Degrees of the Lord of the 7th House

If the degrees of the Lord of the Seventh House (House of Marriage) is imbalanced that is; it is either on the higher or lower end then this will have a negative impact on the love or married life of a couple.

Other factors such as astrological compatibility, mirrored aspects, other houses and moon signs, their effect on the ascendant of the couples individually and many more also have a huge role-play in calculating the relationship compatibility check done by an astrologer.

The 5 major points mentioned above have a crucial role to be played while considering the compatibility of both the partners in a relationship according to the Vedic Astrology. It will be difficult rather impossible to reach a concrete conclusion without considering them. Therefore, just in case if you need to get your compatibility checked, do not forget to get these five essentials checked as well for more precise results.

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