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Planets and the conditions for happy marital life

Unfortunate placement of the planets responsible for the harmony of your marriage can cause severe distress in life. Here is an astrological explanation of how the planets can cause unexpected trouble in your marital life that could drive you apart from your partner.

Planets and the conditions for happy marital life


People all around the world have concerns regarding their love life. There are people who don’t have a career, like housewives, but there would not be anyone who likes to sacrifice their love life. Even Celibates may also have some concerns regarding their love life. Our astrology chart is a map of our life. It shows the promises which we have to get in this life. It has everything in it. It has the details of all the factors in our life. There is no such area in our chart, which cannot be seen through astrology.

Love is an intense, yet soft feeling and it is represented by Venus. Venus is the sole planet responsible for love in astrology. It indicates love and so many other things connected with luxury and comfort. For males, females, and others, Venus indicates love, but in a female’s chart, her boyfriend is indicated by Mars and Husband is indicated by Jupiter. For males, Venus is the indicator for a lover as well as spouse. So, Venus holds multiple roles regarding the love life.

Venus rules the seventh house in the astrology chart. This house indicates marriage, spouse and sexual union. Looking at this house and Venus, we can get a lot of information regarding your spouse. For some people, their love will be always volatile. This volatility can be seen through the placement of Venus and the seventh house in their chart.

Case Study

This chart belongs to a person with a very complex marital life.

Venus, the planet which shows love and marriage is in the 3rd house, which is a Kama house, but in a debilitated mode. Venus is in Virgo, and in Virgo Venus loses its charm. Venus is conjunct with Mars, and the conjunction of Venus and Mars shows unhappiness in the love life

Case Study
Shah Rukh Khan

In this chart Venus is in the fifth house of his chart. The fifth house indicates past life credits, we can easily understand his spouse is the result of the good Karma he did in his past birth. We all know how his relationship with his wife is. He shared a good relationship with his spouse.

Hritik Roshan

Noone could ever imagine, Hritik will ever divorce his wife, who was his love interest since his teen ages. In his chart, Venus is in the 11th house, which is not a bad house but is conjunct with a debilitated Jupiter.

When Venus is in a bad mode, it doesn’t always land in divorce. Yet, it shows a complex love relationship.

What is the major planetary alignment for Divorces?

In the astrology chart, the seventh house indicates the marital life, so other than Venus, we need to closely look at the placement of the seventh house as well. The seventh house is a kama house ie, the house of sexual relationship. This house should be in good placement.

If the seventh house has any malefic planet, then that alone will not decide a bad marriage. There are many other parameters and that should be seen to understand the scope of divorce and separation. A malefic planet in the 7th house does not always support a bad love life.

Jupiter is the planet which represents the husband in a woman’s chart. If the Jupiter in a woman’s chart is complicated then, that shows complex man coming into her life. If your Jupiter is in a complex mode like debilitation, retrogression, or combustion, then, that indicates a tough love life.

Love relationship is generally Karmik relationship and it will come to you always. No one can escape from the karmic bond. If you are destined for a breakup, it will happen during the time reserved by the universe.

Relationships come up during the Maha dasa, and antardasa of the 5th, 7th, and 11th lord. During these timings, you are destined to think and act regarding your love life.

There are certain people who are not destined to have a love life.

Case Study
Lata Mangeshkar

In this chart, the seventh house of marriage is ruled by Jupiter and it is in the twelfth house of losses. So, this is an indication of issues regarding marriage. Saturn is in the 7th house, but without any positive aspect.

These are a few samples of charts, which shows the possibility of love life in astrology. Not everyone is destined to have a spouse or marriage. There are people who married multiple times, still unhappy in their life. For some people, their love life will be very much satisfactory, but for some, it will be very volatile. We need to be highly sacrificial in the relationships.

Recently we saw the ruler of UAE, was estranged by his 6th wife and she ran away to England.

Any planet rules the seventh house also should be seen as the indicator of the marriage.