How to mend the broken heart of a Taurus?

It is hard to overcome heartbreak, especially if someone has had a long relationship. When we talk about Taurus zodiacs, they are sentimental fools who cling to their past and take a lot of time to come out of their relationship. This article will help you understand how Taurus can heal their heart from an uncertain relationship.

How to mend the broken heart of a Taurus?


“This period would be best to improve your work-life balance.”

Among the many thing things that a Taurus native would hate, ‘change’ is one that tops their list. Taurus is known to be stable, steadfast, strong-willed, and stubborn; symbolic of their spirit animal, the bull. Being stubborn comes naturally to a Taurus, and if you are one, take it in a positive stride to think that it means you are undeterred by failure, and are thereby determined and persistent, which are both very important for scoring high in the professional as well as personal goals. That means you hate taking ‘no’ for an answer. This attribute of yours comes into its full action, after you have been rejected in love, or have recently faced a break up which left your heart broken. A feeling of emptiness and insecurity must have engulfed you, as you kept struggling inside your head to let go off the pain, and trying to believe that such an untoward incident has probably not happened with you.

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A Taurus in Heartbreak

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taureans take time to accept the bad things that happen to them and this at times makes them cling to relationships that possibly might not have a bright future. You are a sentimental fool when it comes to relationships, and like to believe in an everlasting love. You are hopeful of your partner and expect as much love, care, and support from them, as much as you give them. This leads to disappointments at times, and also hurts you many a times, and while you are finally left alone, or rejected, your pain knows no bounds. This also happens at times when you are not able to judge the actual character of a person and their motives, which often lands you at a sorry spot hurting you emotionally, and paining your heart.

Since you are facing a lot of emotional stress, and are trying to cope up with a heartbreak that has left you shattered, we have come up with some ides that would help you cope up better, heal your aching heart. These points would definitely help the Taurean in you get out of the trauma of breakup, and get back on life with a zeal hard to suppress!

  • Explore your creative and artistic side

Ruled by Venus, you are an innate lover of all things beautiful and creative. After having a bad break up, and when you are left with a broken heart, your mind would soothe if you let it wander away into the land of creativity. You could try to expand your skill sets, and use them to your advantage, and thus let your mind focus on working on various distractions that would heal your aching heart. You could join an art center, a painting school, or join courses like make up, artistry, take up a drama, or a creative writing course. Listening to music always soothes your soul, and when it is your favorite kind of music, it would be all the better. Owing to your love for beauty, even in your most heart-wrenching moments, you would seek beauty because you have always believed in the joy that comes from beauty, and how it makes you contended. You need to seek positivity in all things you do, and understand that a heartbreak is not the end of all good things.

  • Give your diverse personality the needed variety

Having diverse interests surely gets you to explore a wide range of options, and choose what best suits you, thus keeping your mind away from going back to your ex. Loving varied things come naturally to you, and holding judgment and not expressing it is not in your nature. Your zeal to feel the positivity around you, and seeking it, will help you when you have a heartbreak, or lose someone dear. You might love to go shopping, or indulge in luxurious experiences, as these would both satiate the Taurean in you, who loves opulence and beauty. You might even go for a movie night with your best friend or even family, or take a long drive along the riverside or mountains. On the other hand, you might even like to take up a DIY activity class, or learn a new cuisine, or even baking. And owing to your love for food, ditch the diet and eat to your heart’s content to feel happy.

  • Improve your work-life balance

Being a Taurus, a break up might leave you so devastated that in order to keep yourself from thinking about your ex repeatedly, and crying over him/her, you try to keep yourself busy in office and work. However easy an escape it might seem to be, this is not a solution and rather makes you weak internally, and indeed difficult to come out of the heartbreak. Rather than investing more than the required time at work, and missing life’s small yet memorable instances, you should focus on things that could give you real happiness and help you cope up with the break up easily. You could organize a house party for your close colleagues, or even take a weekend trip with your friends to rejuvenate. If you are one who has been planning a solo trip since long, this would be a good time to plan it and explore a new ‘you’ and a ‘place’ all by yourself, and come back with a refreshed spirit!

  • Help someone else in need

Because of your persistent nature, and your love to value relationships, when it comes to friendships, you always choose quality over quantity. Performing acts of kindness thus come naturally to you, as you are a keeper and love helping others. If you want to re-channel your love, it would be a great idea to reroute your feelings towards one who is in need of support, as it will entitle you to a feeling of being able to let your emotions free themselves, and realize you are more capable of doing more things than you think. As per psychologists, if you help others and try to give them support emotionally, when you yourself are in pain, it helps to a great extent to forget about yourself. In fact, for some time, you would even feel contended an =d realize that it is not just you who is in pain, and that every pain will subside with time.