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What would your Next Relationship’s Fate Be?

Vedic astrology is an exceptional medium to understand some crucial aspects of life. In this article, we explain the essential trajectory of planets and their movements in the birth chart that can foretell the fate of your future relationship.

What would

The concept of being in Love and in a Relationship

The general concept of being in a relationship means finding peace and happiness in each other, and loving life together, while enjoying every moment of it. It is the privilege of being able to share our everyday life with someone we adore, love, and care for, and to get the same in return.

It is rightly said by John Updike, that, “ We are most alive when  we are in love”.

The emotional attachment we have with our partner can be compared to no other, and it is by being in a relationship that we come to know how to selflessly love someone, without having any blood relationship with them. This one person is the one we choose for ourselves to share life with, and build a family bonded with love, trust, and togetherness. Being together and sharing life with someone has its own challenges as well, but if we were with the right person, the entire journey would seem to be a cakewalk.

If humans had the inherent capability since birth, to be able to stay happy and contended in the company of their own self, every one of us would have had our own space, and the one who could afford, their own island. However, since we are the most evolved of all the species in the world, we have a lot of emotions and are mentally vulnerable as well, we need love and care. The need for these emotions is such that we cannot live without it, and it is one of our necessities to stay alive and be sane.

The Relationship Saga

During our lifetime, most of us have had at least one significant relationship, be it the one that can be counted as the "happily ever after" or not. The concept of being together and forever in love with one person, is a belief that each one of us strongly craves for and wishes to find, without trying very hard for it. No one wants to get into an intimate relationship with someone, if the chances of it being converted into a forever one are very low. The reason behind being, we are emotional beings.

It is not easy to cope up easily after a break up, and it is harder to stay put in a relationship, which is toxic, saddening, hurtful, and disastrous for our mental well-being. This is the reason why nowadays, with changing times and mentalities, people try their best to try and work things out among each other, before settling down with the 'one', and deciding on getting married or even giving a commitment. We might have realized how and when to decide who would be compatible for us, and our previous encounters might have also given us the experience and skills required to differentiate between people.

Time and experience surely helps in navigating through the future relationships, all thanks to the pas hiccups, and we would be able to judge relationships in a better way. It would be of immense help if amongst the plethora of events that lead us to a relationship, we are able to know what our future holds, and what we can expect out of our future relationship, so that we decide on how to take it forward. A little support would go a long way and would also help us understand ourselves and our would-be partners better.

Vedic Astrology can help us deduce what to expect from our future relationships, and also how to predict what our next relationship’s fate would be, as per our birth horoscope. Herein we have listed some points that can predict your future relationship, as per Vedic Astrology.

  • The 5th house and the 7th house in the Birth Chart
    The 5th house in your Birth Chart is an indicator of romance and love, and relationships that form out of love, and so looking at this house, one can predict what your future relationship would be. The 7th house stands for marriage and relations with your spouse, as well as long-term relationships, and thereby looking at this house would also mean that one can deduce what kind of future it would hold. The presence of benefic planets that are auspicious for relationships and love, in these two houses, would mean that your upcoming relationship would be blissful and harmonious. The presence of malefic planets in these houses would mean that your relationship would not be smooth, and you might have to face hardships or get hurt in your next relationship, as it might be fragile and leave you heart broken.
  • The planet period that is running in your Horoscope can predict your next relationship’s fate
    The success of your next relationship would also be dependent on the planet whose Time-Period/Mahadasha/Antardasha, is ruling over whichever zone of your horoscope, as per your zodiac moon sign. The 9(nine) planets which rule the zodiac signs would thereby give different results as they cast their influences over the different zodiac signs. We have discussed the results they would have below:


For the period of the Sun, your partner will appreciate your independence and self-reliance. As long as you would be attached to the ideals of love and romance, all good things would be possible. It seems like you would have a striving relationship, as you would also be able to work around problems and face difficult tasks together. Yet, you might face some disappointments initially for some reasons, and it might disturb you mentally. Expect some new love or relationship proposals to come to you, which would let you start a short-term relationship.


Moon is strongly linked to love. In Moon’s period, your love life will be very enjoyable. If you are looking for a new relationship, then this is the period where you can find new relations as well. An if you are already in any relationship, then your relationship with your partner will be stronger in this period. New relationships are possible during this period, and existing ones remain blissful. You will be able to spend a lot of time would your partner, and that would help you understand them better.


The period of Venus is very much favorable for finding a love relationship and getting married. Venus is a naturally significant planet for love, and it also indicates intimacy, loving relationships, love and harmony between a couple, physical attraction (desires), marriage and prosperity. In this period, you should behave in a very balanced way, and will be completely dedicated towards your relationship. You will be able to maintain harmony in your relationship, and love and romance will be a priority. It is possible that this could be your lasting relationship that will have all fun and frolic.


During this period, you will pay a lot of attention to and uses your intelligence to choose the right partner. Mercury would give you a partner who is intellectually superior and capable. In fact, you often fall for people who are sharp-minded, quick-witted, knowledgeable, and thought provoking. There is a strong need to communicate ideas and information with partner. Yours is likely to be an intellectually fulfilling relationship. You should keep your desire to criticize under control to have a more fulfilling relationship with partner. Mercury would also be very favorable for boosting your luck after marriage.


Since this planet is not a believer of rush, and does not quickly look for results, its actions are carefully planned and considered, and their long-term consequences are always kept in mind. Hence, during this period you will start taking relationships seriously. You would also need the commitment from your partner, and that would mean that you can decide on whether they too need the same of not. Overall, this period is considered to be full of emotions, where you want to be with your partner all the time.


Jupiter opens your hear, and is a spiritual planet. You would give abundance of love to whoever you have though to, and your generous spirit would be tempted with reality to avoid generosity and give what others would take. You would love to commit to someone who shares the same ideology, and your belief in love. Having such a mentality would attract you towards them, and also share a common viewpoint, thus making it easy to fall in love, and also plan for a blissful long-term relationship. Your optimistic nature would also be profitable for your relationship


When mars’ time period would be running, your social life will be active and you are likely to encounter your love interest. You would be happy during this period, and your efforts to start life afresh would also bring you closer to happy people. The prospects of finding love are high, but take care to control what you speak and avoid harsh communication. You both need to understand each other throughout as this will only make your relationship work. 


This period of Ketu generates feelings of affection and makes you feel supported by your partner. Being under this period, you will be blinded by love and will show immense love for the one who approaches you, and get bonded in a relationship. Subsequently this period will be highly rewarding when your strings of love will blow whistles in your ear. You will develop harmonious relationship with your partner, who approaches you during this period.


The period of Rahu acts as a catalyst for love, and therefore, the relationships established in this period begin quickly and may be passionate, but they do not last for a long time. You might become confused in the period of Rahu, and this might not help you choose who would be the best partner for you. However, if you have a sane mind, you would be able to choose the right partner who would give an abundance of love and happiness to you, and bond with you in an eternal relationship. 

  • The Transit of Planets
    The Transit of planets also capable of predicting what kind of a relationship you should be expecting in the future, and how it could be responsible for giving you a particular kind of relationship and partner. To explain in general, we could say that the benefic planets for love, would give harmonious results when they are in transit in our horoscope. This would mean that Venus transit would give Physical and Sensual love, Jupiter would give a soulful connect, Mercury would help you have an intellectual connect, and Moon would present you with an emotional security and connect. The planets Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn, when not placed well in the Horoscope, would give unpleasant results, through their malefic aspects, and during their times we would have to be more cautious, and choose our decisions wisely, so that we do not get hurt.

If you want a personalised report of the same, our Astrologers would be happy to help you out with their skills, and let you know who would you be best compatible with and what your love life holds for you in future. Click here to know more.


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