A Mentor’s Guide to Dating a Taurus Woman

A Mentor’s Guide to Dating a Taurus Woman


Are you among the ones who have wrestled innumerable questions in your mind, and still not found the definition of “Love”? Have you spent hours reminiscing every moment you spent with your beloved, and caress the precious moments with them in your heart often? If this feeling is very ‘you’, be rest assured that you are not alone. In fact, you belong to the majority of us commoners who are hopeless romantics at heart; and whose hearts pound real fast while taking a hundred leaps at just the thought of being with the one we are deeply in love.

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Being in Love

Love is a feeling that lets you immerse yourself in a plethora of emotions that no one but only you can understand. To let yourself be vulnerable and consumed with happiness, when you are with another person, is a privilege to say the least. It helps you open up to so much of joy that you would have not experienced otherwise. Love is in itself supportive, overwhelming, and inspiring and leads us all to a path of self-discovery. It passes through you and lets you flow along with mixed emotions of happiness, contentment, fear, possessiveness, and a lot more. There is no such feeling as love, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot let it go easily, just because you want to.

The purest form of love is unconditional. You cannot experience unconditional love, if you are tied by boundaries and restrictions and have a prescribed format on how to love. It needs to be extremely natural, and a feeling that comes from within.

Now that we have been talking about love, and all the magic it creates in our lives; we should also talk of the practical prospects it would have in real time. Falling in love might be one of the easiest steps in the entire chapter of lifelong togetherness. Once you realize that your heart beats for someone else as well, and you would like to take the next big step with that person, you should make yourself ready to give your best, so that you not only win your partner, but also in love.

Vedic Astrology to your rescue

In times as such when you might be nervous, or even curious to know how and when to take the steps for making your love life a beautiful one, you would obviously need a guide as your friend in disguise. For guidance in matters related to love, Vedic Astrology leaves no stone unturned to make you feel confident, fulfilled, and satisfied; as its boon of predictive Astrology helps in knowing about our future partner better, and know about their likes and dislikes. And when you already know what moon sign your would-be partner or current partner is, it would help you plan and understand her better and what kind of behavior would please her the most.

Being in love with a Taurus Woman

If you are in love with a Taurus woman, or are already committed to a Taurean woman, regard yourself to be lucky because you have one of the most loyal and dependable amongst all women, as yours. An embodiment of a Goddess in her human form, she would have a spontaneous glow, and the look in her eyes would make you fall in love with her every single time. She would be stable and patient, and thus would even give you time to rectify your mistakes, and wait for you to come up to her with reasons for the same. Since she has the thinking, which wants everything in her life to last long, she would want the same for relationships as well. She would give her everything to the one she thought it was worth her time and energy, but would take time to commit and choose him. Therefore, it is given that you cannot force a Taurus woman to fall in love with you. Give her time, and in due course if she falls in love with you, she would expect it to be forever.

How to pursue a Taurus Woman?

Taurus being the sign of the Venus would mean that Taurean women would be greatly interested in things of beauty, and appreciate art and beauty all along. She might be an independent girl who likes to do her work in her own terms, but in her heart she would be a very traditional girl, and happily let her partner take the lead when organizing a date. She would love a cozy romantic date and the concept of movie romance would excite her. She would love to be gifted flowers, and things of art, and that the gift presented to her had a lot of thought behind it. Try to be as much affectionate and romantic while trying to woo a Taurus woman, as such behavior would drool her completely, and impress her easily.

What NOT to do with a Taurus Woman?

Promise only what you can deliver to a Taurus woman. Try to praise her beauty and keep the compliments flowing, but do not go overboard and seem fake. She is also a freak when it comes to honesty and loyalty, so do not try to be someone you are not. She would accept and love you as you are, so don’t try to fake it and ruin it all.

A Taurus woman does not easily get angry, when she will, it would be better for you to stay put and listen. She might not like extreme surprises where she did not get a say, or did not have the idea of. Try to subtly mention any such surprises if you every plan to, so that you are not flabbergasted with her reaction. Like for e.g., if you wish to her take her for a weekend getaway, ask way before what her choice of place could be. Or when she insists on splitting the bill, be a gentleman, and let her have her way.

The perfect date for a Taurus Woman

Being a lover of beauty at heart, a Taurus woman would love to go on a romantic date or spend a surreal night under the starry sky, rather than going for an adventurous ride or trekking. A long walk along the beach in the evening followed by a candle light dinner would excite her more, and make her content. Even decorating your or her own comfort zone, i.e., house, and having a quiet dinner and cozy night afterwards, would satiate her mentally and physically.

Just take care to always be present when you are with her. Pay attention and make her feel special, and she will do more than that for you in return. She enjoys the finer things in life, and will even make you fall in love with them too, with her skills.


A Taurus Woman in love knows exactly how to behave. Since a Taurus woman seeks loyalty, stability, transparency, and security the most, amongst others, it is natural that she would be attracted to the Earthy signs more. But, as we know, opposites attract, therefore, an entertaining and colorful Virgo, or an passionate Capricorn would obviously spice up her life better than any Taurus man. If you are in a relationship with a Taurus woman, and belong to any other sign or the ones mentioned now, know how to use your qualities in the best way possible, so that she goes weak in her knees every time she hears your voice or sees you looking at her.

A Taurus Woman in Love

A Taurus woman in Love would be all radiant and shining in her own glow. It would be evident in her actions and the way her face would gleam in your presence. She would not be afraid to hide her love, and would in fact be upfront about her feelings, and would show you how she felt. You would very easily know when she passes on hints at you directly, and it would mean that she wants you to reciprocate and apprehend her actions. She would dress up well for you, choose a romantic place to go out for lunch or dinner, or might even host a dine-in at her place! You never know how she would surprise you. Just be ready to notice such actions, and be on your toes to act fast on them, as a Taurus woman would not like delays on matters as such. And definitely not when she is almost on the verge on making you her love partner for life!

Understanding a Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman has an impulsive side to herself and she might at times take decisions at the spur of the moment. Though she might appear to be calm and relaxed on the outside, yet, she might shudder suddenly and break down. But handle her with patience, love and calmness; and you will see her rise back to her original level. Since she loves to be surrounded by things of beauty, and aesthetically attractive things, you can easily calm her down with words of love, actions and even gifts that show love and are thoughtful. Just give her time and try your best to understand what she actually wants, as she would be surely hinting at what she wants from you. Her generous nature would get the better of her, and even after a fight, or quarrel, if she takes an extreme step, she would be ready to forgive you, and take another chance with you. Consider yourself lucky that a Taurus woman is not very hard to please!

How to choose a gift for your Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman is a lover of beauty and aesthetics. She needs beauty in all things around her, and sees luxury as a very definite need. If you are planning to gift something to a Taurean woman, be ready to choose the choicest of gifts for her, which would speak volumes for your choice. You can choose from clothes, shoes, luxury gifting, perfumes, bath essentials, grooming and beauty products, make up, quirky and trendy furniture, art pieces, paintings, and of course jeweler ranging from precious, semi-precious to trending. With such a wide variety to choose from, you can very well have the liberty to go and choose, provided you get her something as per your spending limit. Apart from them, this aesthetic lover would love a well-planned candle light dinner, or a quiet escape to the hills for the weekend, or even if you take them to an exhibition. Show off your best skills and best of your choices while dating a Taurus woman to woo her time and again and sweep her off her feet, every time you surprise her with gifts or a planned outing, so that she takes back memories to cherish and thinks highly of you.

With all these points to help you up your dating, you can now pave your way to that Taurus woman you have fallen for, and in love with. We believe love has the capability to surpass all kinds of obstacles, and so we hope that you get the girl of your dreams with persistence and love, and that you live a happily ever after life!