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Vedic Remedies for a Happy and Stress-free Married Life

A new phase in life starts when one takes with the step of getting married. The transition in life occurs with the knot of Marriage, and we always want to have a strong foundation in order to move ahead in life with our partner. But no journey is without a single challenge, and since marriage is a very long journey of a lifetime, we come to know many new things about our partner which we do not notice before marriage. If you want to have a smooth journey in marriage, and don’t want to take the wrong side, turn  or get lost in the journey of marriage, then be ready with your personal landmark (The Dasa period) and with the signing starts (Nakshatra and birth sign) as your street light, to guide you, along  with due help from Vedic Astrology.

If you haven’t done Kundali Matching of your and your partner and are worried about your married life, then also Vedic astrology has solutions for you with various Vedic remedies. Remedies related to the planetary position based on the horoscope, will give you insights about how the planet wants you to work in your married life. With the help of Vedic astrology, you can know which planet is giving trouble in your married life and how to overcome that problem.

The combination which can give problems in married life:

There are certain combinations which might give a tough time in your married life, during which some couples get separated because of the planetary combinations as well. The harmony in married life will be affected because of the following reasons:

  • The malefic effect on the seventh house gives stress in married life.
  • There will be a lack of harmony in between the partner if the first and seventh house has inimical planet with them. Also, if malefic planet aspects the first and seventh house, there will quarrel in between the partners.
  • The eighth and twelfth house governs the sex and bed pleasures as per the placement of Saturn, Ketu, or Mars, and will give a bad result. The malefic planet will not give satisfaction in sex life.
  • When the seventh Lord is placed in the fifth or ninth house, there will be a break in the marriage. This combination will give disharmony in married life.
  • Venus and Mars conjunction will give tough times in a relationship. Extramarital affairs will cause a break in the marriage.
  • Seventh house lord placement in the sixth or in the eighth house will give separation from the spouse.
  • The debilitation of the seventh lord will not give happiness in married life.
  • The placement of a retrograde planet in the seventh house is not considered auspicious for married life.
  • The placement of the 6th, 8th or 12th house, will affect and give uncertainty in married life.
  • The sustenance of marriage will be affected if the Up-Pada lord and the second house from the Up-Pada lord are afflicted.
  • The presences of Mangal Dosa will give trouble in married life and there will more challenges come into life after marriage with Mangal Dosa.

Remedies to improve married life:

Being born in a specific moon sign with a particular Nakshatra, we all have a certain kind of energy within us. With the energy of the Planets and the Nakshatras, we implement our intelligence in a particular direction, which will lead us towards happiness or sorrows. Our relationship also gets affected if the time period is running related to the malefic planets in our horoscope. But with the Vedic remedies and Mantra, we can convert that negative energy related to that, so that we will able to understand the situation and save our precious relationship.

  • Understand the nature of the seventh lord and do the auspicious work related to that planet.
  • If the malefic aspect is in the seventh house or planet itself placed in the seventh house, then worship the lord connected to that planet.
  • If you know the Nakshatra lord of your seventh house lord, then have the image of that god and goddess in couple form.

For example, if your seventh house lord is Sun in the Ashlesha Nakshatra, whose deity is “the Serpent.” With this clue, you understand that donating in the snake habitat or saving the snakes will pacify the negative energy related to the seventh lord Sun.

  • The Mangal Dosa exists with a high amount of martial energy which signifies the anger, so you need to keep track your anger and avoid eating the spicy food which gives the boost to your anger.
  • Wearing Opal gemstone will improve the Venusians quality in your life and the malefic effect on your Venus will get reduced after wearing the Opal Gemstone.
  • Chanting the Vishnu Shastra Naam (Thousand names of Lord Vishnu) will give good results in marriage. Each syllable in the Vishnu Shastra Naam is connected to each quarter of the Nakshatra. If you chant this, all the malefic effects of the planet will nullify with the positive energy of the Nakshatra.
  • Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva signifies the Sun and Moon in the Vedic Astrology. Worshipping Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati, will give protection from the bad placement of planets in your seventh, eighth and twelfth houses.
  • Avoid the color of the planet which is giving affliction to your seventh house of married life. It will be good to donate the things related to the planet with that color.